Pain: are you succumbing or are you in the process to re-born?

Pain: are you succumbing or are you in the process to re-born?


When I was a child my mother use to take away from me the very things I loved. She would cause me pain while telling me that pain was a necessary part of life. She wanted so badly to be a martyr, believing pain was a sort of redemption, she would lie to herself and hide to the view of others, when satisfying her fancies and enjoying her little pleasures. She was very deceitful, as in her mind she was not allowed to pursue pleasure and she had to disguise any of it in order to have it.

Unaware, unawakened people think they know best and take away others freedom, punishing and controlling in the name of love or peace. They create suffering where there could be peace, respect and harmony.


At the very bottom of the scale where pain and love are quite near; love is expressed with suffering, lies, confusion and agony.

And, at this level, pain has no purpose at all. Despite what we have been told, there is no reason to endure it either.

We have been so conditioned to  accept the unfairness of life, the pain which the love ones brings us (the love ones being God, a family member, a friend etc..), we silently accept, resign to it, as we accept having a heart.

But in truth, there is no reason to not walk away from any of it.

The only pain which is worth living, is the pain awakening brings about with the shocking discovery we have been lied to, we have been building and protecting a state of unconsciousness and an identity or identities that never existed.


“I am not the body,” to most people means simply this: “I am not my body.” But I am a part from my body especially those of us with a Christian Judaeo background.
We say, “My body is the temple for the living God and God resides within myself.”
This may be true to an extent, but it is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is exactly what it says, “I am not my body.” In other words, my body does not exist, but there are not two of us. There is not I-am and my body or there is not God and my body. There is not God residing in my body. There simply is no body. No body exists. Therefore I-am, is that I-am. You are consciousness just the way you are, but you are not the body. In other words what you think is the body, is consciousness. There is not the body and consciousness.
There’s the body as consciousness and the body does not exist the way it appears.
As an example: Take a movie theatre, you have the moving picture on the screen.
You do not see the screen because it’s covered by images and you do not even think of the screen. You have no idea there is a screen because you do not think about it. You’re thinking about the images. You become immersed in the movie, beginning, a middle and an end. But yet without the screen there would be no movie. So we can say the movie is not reality. The screen is the reality. And when the images cover the screen, the screen is still the reality. But the images give an appearance like reality.”
…”These are all cosmic images on the screen of consciousness, and that’s everything. You and I, the chairs, the couch, the sky, the moon, the universe are simply images, appearances, optical illusions.
The truth is that you are consciousness, but you can’t see yourself because of the maya, the grand illusion. So you believe that you are the body and you are the doer.”
“So you say, “Well how come I feel all these other things? How can I feel disease?
How can I feel hurt? How can I feel my problems?” The reason you feel these things is because of wrong identification. You’re not identifying with the screen, you’re identifying with the images. And as long as you believe that you’re an image like the movie, you’re going to suffer accordingly.
The secret is therefore to let go, and quiet your mind. Identifying with consciousness and not with the image which is called false imagination. But you may say to me, “Will I see my fellow man suffering? There’s a war to break out in Iraq. All kinds of man’s inhumanity to man is happening all around me. Is that false?” As long as you believe in it, then it’s real to you. Therefore I will not tell you it’s false because you believe in it.
Again it’s like the person in the movie. I tell them the screen is the reality, but they say, “No, the images are real, I can see them, can’t you see the person killing somebody else? And somebody dying of cancer? And a bomb falling on the city? How can you say that’s not real?” So I come and take away the screen and there’s nothing but a blur. This is what happens when you awaken. The human dream is over. It becomes nothing but a blur.”
Robert Adams Satsangs: The Collected Works
Transcript 12
I Am Not The Body!
28th September, 1990

With that, our loyalty, won by deception, leaded us to a cooperation onto solidify minds.

Yes, as many like to think venting their ego, we built this world.

Once well identified with this illusion we have become the very bricks which this prison is built with and kept standing. We have helped, by identifying with this illusion, to make this illusion more and more real, more and more solid.

We have become ponds, working to erase the pain by burying the truth, while making the pain of life/lies last. The reason: the pain of truth is presented by the minds as an unnecessary illusion while the pain of life, (which is in itself a solid agreement with the illusion) is viewed as real.


So, I stayed away for few years from anyone in the field of spiritual freedom, with their many attempts to make me feel wrong for experiencing pain, for my “depression”, for a deep sense of unhappiness and betrayal. Fortunately, I stopped listening to the know-bests, the “Standard Tech” ones, Scientologists or not in the field of freedom and pursued my own research.



As Castaneda suggested, I choose death as my best friend, and little by little started to work on the de-conditioning…. I knew the conditioning was real, but I have never expected to go as deep as I discovered going, very recently, when I advanced to a new state of awareness which goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. The conditioning goes deep and its roots are seated in the very core of our awareness. It is essentially everything we think we know, or we even imagine we are.

My last teaching came recently from a dream. I was facing a choice where I could just walk free or help what appeared, in the dream, to be my family. Of course, being trapped as most of us, in the dream I choose to help my family.

The feeling of failure attached to that struggle is what I woke up to. It was a dream, it was not real. Yet, I sacrificed my freedom for that illusion.  Exactly like most of us do every single day, when they choose to believe, the bodies we see, our families, kids, friends, pet or people in need, are the priority, and a reason to stay or to endure pain.

Our implanted mind will always make us to accept the pain of an illusion while taking us away from the pain leading to freedom. We prefer to succumb protecting a child which does not exist, than feeling the pain and guilt of having left a child even if deep down we know to be a projection of our mind.


Can you see? Can you see the cost of following the path of awareness, while being still connected to a mind?  Because the mind will blind you with pain, sense of guilt, terror, illusion of treason and sufferings.

The mind keeps you dreaming.

So, if you choose to follow your awareness, you will have to be strong enough to accept and survive through the torture of the mind…. for as long as you have it connected (by identification) and up to the point where the splitting occurs and you are now free of its grasp. Free of the fate of the body, the character on the movie you were assign to believe it was you.




When people say we are all connected, we are all one, they are telling a truth, even if they are not aware of the extent of it.

We, the program, is one, the codes, the projection we are watching is one. One, even if  in appearance presents itself with many different characters and minds. Brilliant isn’t it?

“A half-truth is even more dangerous than a lie. A lie, you can detect at some stage, but half a truth is sure to mislead you for long.”
― Anurag Shourie, Half A Shadow

“The most harmful lies and the most hurtful, always contain a grain of truth,” he said. “But nevertheless, lies they do remain.”
― Robin Jarvis, Whortle’s Hope

“The best lies stay close to the truth.”
― Cornelia Funke, Reckless

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.

The amount of work is the same.”
― Carlos Castaneda





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