Tools: learning to communicate in the spiritual world.

I want to introduce you a great man. Many of you already know him.

His name is David St Lawrence and he is the founder of a group called Spiritual Rescue Technology.

soul touch

The reason I think of him as an exceptional being is:

  •  David has simplified and made available for a very little initial cost, to everyone on a spiritual quest, an ancient technology, altered by Mr. Hubbard and delivered in the Church of $cientology for hundred of thousands of dollars.

The interesting thing is, once in the hands of the Church of $cientology, this very old technology has been labelled as ‘level of NEW OT7’, altered to minimize its powerful effect, delivered under heavy monitoring, conditioning, control and huge mandatory fees (it cost a minimum of $200.000 to get to it for a new adept) and turned into a secret activity.

The Level of NEW OT 7, it is not a status of power and control over people and things as many adept believe and as it is sold by the Cult of $cientology, but a state of mind whereas you “see” and interact with a  world of spirits (inorganic beings, ghosts) not quite visible by a body sight.

For who of you interested in the activities of this Physical universe which includes, visible and not-visible to the human eyes manifestations and life-forms, David St Lawrence offers a priceless tool. He teaches how to use it on your own as part of life, just like you  breath.

Remember, there are many tools and they all work if used at the right time, depending on the situations and our level of awareness at the moment. The more tools you have under your belt the better it is.


“Welcome newcomers to an extraordinary opportunity

Spiritual Rescue Technology will change your life to the extent that you learn to communicate with the spirits surrounding you.

Some of you may be content to receive messages from your spirit guides, while others may concentrate on identifying and handling the upset spirits who make your life a struggle.

Those of you who get counseling or do solo sessions will eventually start working with the spiritual companions who make up the actual components of your personality and influence your daily life. When you get to this point, you will find that life becomes much easier because you now have others adding their intentions to yours.

I have created a graphic which illustrates the levels of ability you can reach by studying and using Spiritual Rescue Technology. We already have people operating at the higher levels.”

If you interested in knowing more about this tool

Here are some book links:



  1. Dear Silvia, you are a dear friend and true spiritual companion!
    You bring a welcome light of truth to a doubting and fearful world>

    May you always walk serenely in the knowledge that you are helping other beings to awaken and participate in a great expansion of consciousness.

    Rock on!

  2. Thank you Silvia   !     Denis

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