Wrong battles and energy spills

In the past few years I have been working in the area of non-duality.

“So we are asking, as at the beginning, can the mind come to that extraordinary seeing, not from the periphery, from the outside, from the boundary, but come upon it without any seeking? And to come upon it without seeking is the only way to find it. Because in coming upon it unknowingly, there is no effort, no seeking, no experience; and there is the total denial of all the normal practices to come into that center, to that flowering. So the mind is highly sharpened, highly awake, and is no longer dependent upon any experience to keep itself awake. When one asks oneself, one may ask verbally; for most people, naturally, it must be verbal. And one has to realize that the word is not the thing—like the word “tree,” is not the tree, is not the actual fact. The actual fact is when one touches it, not through the word but when one actually comes into contact with it. Then it is an actuality—which means the word has lost its power to mesmerize people. For example, the word God is so loaded and it has mesmerized people so much that they will accept or deny, and function like a squirrel in a cage! So the word and the symbol must be set aside.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Book of Life, May 19, HarperSanFrancisco, 1995

It is a path full of wonders and one of the abilities I have re-gained is the sight of energy.

99% of the times what the body eyes tells you you see, it is not what it is.

The mind has been given to all of us in order to keep us busy into living a life fighting for battles, principles and goals which solidify our state of identification with this dream.

Once you silence your mind (by literally quieting it or stop identifying with the thoughts) you will understand why the best way to get out of this game of illusion is by stop playing it.

To stop engaging in wars and battles which, although as suggested by the mind of good aims and principles, do not benefit you or anyone else.

The best thing we can do, it is to increase our awareness as to be able to look beyond words or appearance and to perceive the true intention of people.

Unethical/ unaware people use unstated common agreements, to lead you to believe they are working toward a common goal while their true intention, is of a very different nature.

An agreement, many times and especially when we dealing with customs and traditional behaviors, does not have to be stated verbally and ill intentioned beings know it.

They know that is an agreement is stated or written on stone or not, at the end, does not make any difference.

Con-artists and empaths have their way to gain your trust, to mirror telepathically the ideal scene you always wanted.

Even when you can “see” energy, at times, they are able to block your view, and in order to maintain your sight, you need to distance yourself from them.

This is to say, the only way to solve a wrongdoing it is not to waste time into ‘Justice’ wars, but to make yourself stronger and able to perceive what is beyond body sight or cleverly suggested by the mind.

You need to be able to see their hidden motives, their underlining intention to break the ‘deal’ and those stated or unstated rules/agreements.

Broken expectations steam from non-confront of the fact that this is a dual universe. Trust and betrayal, good or bad, love and hate and so forth do co-exist.

A Sufi story says: “One day the Devil found a piece of truth and brought it to mankind so it could be organized.”

I found the only way to know the truth, which is not 100% but still pretty close, is by looking at energy behind the view of the eyes.

The same thing does apply in dealing with inorganic beings or spirits as many of them have the ability to project deceitful pictures and intentions to the person they deal with.

By recognizing you are not the thinker, you can re-gain the ability to truly “see”.

The body eyes are not there to give you the gift of sight but to blind you from truth.

Robert Adams Satsangs: The Collected Works -“What do you do with your life everyday? How do you live your life? This doesn’t mean that you have to sit home and meditate all day long. It means you can go about your business. You can work. You cannot work. You can go to a movie. You can watch TV. You can do whatever you like, but never identify with the object! Never identify with what the body is doing. Let the body do whatever it came here to do, but you keep the mind and yourself on your heart, on the light, on consciousness. Quiet your mind any way you want, whatever method you use. Become the witness to your thoughts. Use atma-vichara, self-inquiry, whatever method you have to use, do it, but do it all day long, that’s the secret. Not just when you come here, not just an hour a day, but all during the day. “ Page 292

Until people understand fully the true enemy is not visible to the body eyes and cannot be heard with the body ears… they will waste time in wrong battles, exactly as planned by “the implanters”.

If the house is on fire, would you really stop and argue about who spilled the milk on the floor?

When people do not see their true enemy, they waste time fighting all those who wronged them instead of running out the door in a hurry, which is, dedicating their energy to became stronger and to set a positive path for others.

Those are my thoughts.

You will find many people who have been hurt and damaged by the wrongdoings of others… many of them, will get lost in endless war. Some other will recognize the only war worth to fight, is the war of self-discovery and improvements.

When you throw a rock into the pool of energy… the ripples go long ways.

In that way we are all connected and, once you have regained the gift of spiritual sight, you know that to be true.

This post is dedicated to the many who have been severely betrayed, hurt, cheated and are now devoting their lives to assert their rightness under the label of “bringing justice.”

They need to realize there is nothing you gain from a fight, in fact a free spirit is not even interested in fighting. The EGO is.


Here is another version of the Sufi’s story mentioned above:

“The devil was talking to his friends when they noticed a man walking along a road. They watched him pass and saw that he bent down to pick something up.

“What did he find?” asked one of the friends.

“A piece of Truth,” answered the devil.

The friends were very concerned. After all, a piece of Truth might save that man’s soul – one less in Hell. But the devil remained unmoved, gazing at the view.

“Aren’t you worried?” said one of his companions. “He found a piece of Truth!”

“I’m not worried,” answered the devil.

“Do you know what he’ll do with the piece?”

The devil replied, “as usual, he’ll create a new religion. And he’ll succeed in distancing even more people from the whole Truth.”


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