Silvia please tell me or write something about the “Implanters” who or what are they?

First thing I would like to remind you, every truth as it enters the world of duality turns into a lie.

Therefore, do not believe anything I say, listen the “energy” beyond words and in the silence of the mind you will get your answer.

ROBERT ADAMS: “As long as there is something, it’s not that. There’s no thing whatsoever. It’s beyond words and thoughts. … There’s nothing. But nothing is beyond the senses, so it sounds stupid. When your mind is quiet and peaceful, and you sit in the silence, then you become that you’re referring to and that’s none other than your Self. But don’t try to explain the Self. Once you try to explain it, it’s not it. That’s what I mean when I always tell you, just be your Self, be your Self and you will be safe. Don’t be this and don’t be that, but be yourself. Don’t be a woman, don’t be a man, don’t be anything. … Robert Adams Satsang

How the static enters into a dream, is unclear. But it does, and once into this illusion he get absorbed into different dreams like a molasses smoothly drops from one container into another.

Every time you enter in what we call a dream, the rules change, but as we promptly identify with the character in that “play” it becomes reality.

Castaneda, during his ‘conscious dreaming’ mentions that the moment you enter in a dream and you start interacting and accepting it as reality, you become trapped.

That dream becomes as real as this one.

What is an implant?

An implant is anything which puts you asleep and lessen or erases your native awareness.

At the very moment you start using a mind, thinking it is yours, by the very act of thinking and reorienting yourself in the dream the mind calls life, you are giving power to the implant.

Life itself is an implant.

Every single act performed in this dream, which reinforce the dream, as a parent does with his kids, or as society does in a much broader scale is contributing to the deep sleep. It reinforce the amnesia.

Robert Adams Satsangs: The Collected Works “But you have to realize that you are nothing first and if you’re confounded with all kinds of material things you can’t see that yet.”


Life dramatizes higher truth.

People devote their life trying to save or help others. Indeed we are in a “prison”. And we need help to escape, but escape is not what we thing, it is not the escape from poverty, from hunger, from a world of violence… it is the waking up from a state of unconsciousness.

The first step of the implant is to get you to identify with a program called mind or self which thinks for you. Once you accept it as you, you are done for it!

Not only that, but everything the mind will have you to do and think, is in the direction of fortifying the implant on yourself and anyone you come in contact to.

We so became an essential part of its enslavement wheel, (truly we are creating this illusion but not as God as the minds make us believe) but as ponds.

Fighting the mind will produce a unlimited sort of uncomfortable feelings and physical pains which deters weak people from ever getting close to the truth.

The mind or the self are the same thing.

Any action in the physical universe, any thought, any consideration about the presence, existence and survival of the self or any self is part of the implant and will give it force.

L.Ron Hubbard mentioned that every item is a wrong item.

Everything a mind can think of is a wrong item for a static. How could a static possibly have items not having a position in space, no form or wavelength?

At the same time Mr. Hubbard has developed and created with $cientology a technology which continuously give items to its followers, false goals, estensive planning (admin scale), and an illusion of power. Scientology one of the many activities implementing the implant called life.

Do you want to awaken?

There is a way, you need to stop playing this game.

Stop ask why, stop setting goals, stop seeking for acknowledgment or reward. Realize desires are what will bring you back to the dream, over and over.

Re-read the definition of static, and ask yourself, how something with no mass, no wavelength, no space is so fixated on having, being, and doing? Who is the one wanting having, being and doing?

The mind.

Remind yourself that every day.

Gurdijeff and Ouspensky call it Self-remember, Castaneda talks about the non-ordinary reality, Robert Adams and his lineage use the question: To whom does this world appear?

First step. Realizing you are asleep. Second step constant alertness of who you truly are.

It is a 24 hours a day work. Intention is the key.

Intention will get you over the enemy of knowledge: Fear, Wisdom, Power and old age.

Intention will bring you to experiment in first person the freedom which a mind hides and try to destroy successfully with your help.


So Ramana’s first line of instruction was often to invite the seeker to share his vision: Ýou are Shiva as you are. Why change? Why do sadhana? Just understand who you are, be who you are’.

This was an invitation to anupaya.Only after the bewildered seeker demonstrated that he did not understand this instruction would Ramana go down an upaya or two and ask them to inquire,’Who am I’or say a mantra.

Though you could scarecely call Ramana a Shaivite-both his personality and the tone of his teaching were intensely Vedantic-in this one thin,Ramana was being a Shaivite since he followed the method of offering the highest upaya first.

Ramana’s method gives a clear understanding about the way the upayas work.Imagine a Shaivite sage being approached by a seeker who asks to be taught. The sage,like Ramana says,’Remain as you are.You are Shiva. There is nothing wrong’,offering anupaya.

The seeker says, ‘I can’t do that, I need practice’.


Okay, focus on pure awareness.Use your will to stay present to Consciousness Itself. Now he is offering shambhavopya.

The seeker says, ‘I can’t do that’.

The sage says,’Why not?

Seeker: My mind keeps coming in and pulling me away.


Okay Purify your mind.Focus in the thought Í am Consciousness’,repeat the mantra.Now he is offering shaktopaya

Seeker: I can’t do that either.


Why not?

Seeker: I am obsessed by sex and money and wordly ambition


Okay.get married.Get a job. Give some money to the ashram. Do hatha yoga,do breathing exercises and meditate on the form of your Guru or deity. Now he is offering anavopya.

Each upaya solves the difficulty the seeker has with the one above it.

-Swami Lakshmanjoo


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