A message from HOME

I want to share something some of you might find interesting, as I have spent many hours listening to the Mind, trying to find reasons why the people I loved the most have left me not without a great deal of intentionally caused sufferings.


Yesterday, I had a chat with my teacher and he told me a story; his story.

“When I was a man, -he told me- I loved many women. I was half awakened and my love was pure and big, I loved with my body and my soul. Yes, I had a ‘mind’ trying to complicate things, but my reality and connection with the non-ordinary world was so strong, the mind could not kill what I knew and what I felt for them.

One after the other, those women, enjoyed the attention, the deep loyalty as they all felt enriched, at first, of something very foreign to this world. They all felt blessed, free, powerful and rejuvenate by the energy of pure love. They felt seen for the first time.

They did not need to be this or that, do or have… they knew I was home to them no matter what and that made them feel strong and invincible.

But with time, they also felt seen in their weakness, and by identifying with them, driven by their ‘mind’, they grew very uncomfortable.

Their solution was to make me more like them, more human so as to feel more comfortable in their position. That it was what their mind (Matrix) was telling them to do and not having enough spiritual power, that it was what they ended up doing.

And so, as they were failing in their attempts to justify their inability to exchange pure love, the ‘mind’ started to create reasons to fund a war. Where, at first, there was a sense of security it grew insecurity, where there was affection grew resentment and where there was loyalty they saw ground for deception.

That very light that at the beginning was giving them strength was now making them feel weak and small. I became their target to which the Matrix threw its best weapons.

They left and went to find someone more human so to feel big, and by mirroring their “shortcomings”, feel safe.

The disloyalty in others, the lack of pure love, the limitations that comes from average interactions, was to them familiar ground. The mutual ruling of their ‘minds’ made it easier for their EGO, as they were not worried any longer about fighting it. The EGO/mind was safely at a place of command.

And so they went back to their human life, feeling a little surprised when they lost the power they thought they now owned. That boost of energy pure love flows disappeared.

In truth, the Power of Love, as it is for Awareness, are something you cannot steal or buy.

You have to be IT in order to own it.

woman-with-the-face-cover For me, I, at first experienced a lot of pain, I was in the dark for quite a while, till, and it wasn’t easy to realize, I saw them to be a mirror of my own fears to let completely go of the “dream” called Matrix.

Although I left in them the seed of pure love, which, with time and at their own pace, will guide them to awakening, they were the one helping me, to come back home, in the between dream area where I belong.








  1. Thanks  Silvia ! You message is vey interesting  ! Posting a comment didn’t work , sorry   ! Denis

  2. . . .
    the “between dream area” is my favorite space to be . . .
    so don’t be scared – seeing me there . . .


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