Although I have not written for some time, I have been engaged in few activities to the benefit of people in search of freedom.

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I have been translating into Italian a very useful book written by an exceptional being to whom it goes all my admiration for the contribution to the spiritual world; David St Lawrence.

This man has made available in a very effective and simple form, a technique to handle inorganic being or spirit which affect our lives and bodies. Technique, the Church of $cientology has altered and made difficult to acquire and to apply freely for profit reason (It requires, if you are lucky, a minimum of $250 thousands, to get to this point).

Below is the link to his book, probably the best investment you can ever make.

Remember, the above technology, is just one of the tools you should have under your belt with all the others.

Second, I have been writing a book in my native language about boundaries.

Boundaries are not very popular into the Church of $cientology due to the fact that, as any psychopathic, abusive personality or group, boundaries are destroyed or perverted in order to get the person/member to sacrifice all and everything to the sole benefit of the group.

As part of my research, I came across an amazing guy who sums up in few words the basic problem of mis-ownership and, to my opinion, explains it in a much simpler and truthful manner than I have ever seen before. This is what it says:

♣ ··· ♣

“One of the reasons for the human dilemma, for the confusion that humans have felt about the meaning and purpose of life, is that more than one level of reality comes into play in the experience of being human. Trying to apply the Truth of one level to the experience of another has caused humans to become very confused and twisted in our perspective of the human experience. It is kind of like the difference between playing the one-dimensional chess that we are familiar with, and the three-dimensional chess played by the characters of Star Trek – they are two completely different games.

That is the human dilemma – we have been playing the game with the wrong set of rules. With rules that do not work. With rules that are dysfunctional.” “We are involved in a process, a journey, on multiple levels.

From -Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls- by Robert Burney

♣ ··· ♣

We all witnessed people arguing about the truth or falsehood of statements, without ever considering that, every statement or viewpoint at one level or another, in one plane or another it is true, while it is utter falsehood in others.

As you start “seeing” far beyond the human limited perceptions, you will fully understand what I’m talking about.


point of view 2


Till then, you will continue experience mis-feelings, guts feelings which seem not supported by any facts. You will continue to have this “inner fights” which are not always caused by the interfering of other entities, but can be stemming from our perceptions of other universes, dimensions, planes and states of existence within the duality zone or even beyond it.

It is true we can perceive thoughts and feelings of inorganic beings, or other living beings with a body, but what I’m talking about it goes a bit further than that. It touches other words, dimensions and states.

To give you an example I’ll like to tell you about one of my ‘dreams’: “I broke my phone and I told myself, “I’m pretty sure this is a dream and when I will wake up my phone will be fully functional.”

In the dream, I tried few things to prove myself I was dreaming but all seemed pretty real and normal. Despite the fact that everything seemed to confirm I was awake, I was not convinced… Something was telling me that life, for as real as it seemed, was just a dream. I held my ‘broken’ phone, while I was sure my phone was not broken.


Knowing there was not an explanation in that moment to make sense to what I was sensing, I decided to leave this thing alone…    Few minutes later I woke up, and yes, my phone was perfectly functional.

♣ ··· ♣

Now, if in that dream I would have gone around asserting to everyone the phone was not broken and if I would have tried to convince everyone of the truth of my statement, I would have looked mad and definitely created upset among whom, like me, could feel the truth of my statement, but was not ready to admit the existence of other dreams (planes of existence).

At one point, after having regained our ability to see at once all those different universes/dimensions, it will suddenly become clear how the person who says there-is-life-after-death and the person saying there-is-no-life-after-death are both right.

It will make sense the feeling of longing, of love and friendship who linger in a broken hearted lover. Someone in this plane could be pretty destructive to you as he or she could be your perfect soul mate on another perceivable plane.  And those two realities can exist at the same time.

“I know he/she loves me” and “he/she does not love me” are both a truth and a lie. Can you see that?


Therefore, aberration is mainly the action of applying the right perception in the wrong plane.

Think about it.

It is not only: Is this the right thing for which being? But could also be, for which plane or system of logic?

Quantum physics touches the infinite universe of possibilities. How many dreams /illusions are we experiencing at the same time?

From where I stand right now it does not really matter. But, for whom still tied to its mind and to the material/duality zone experience, to know there is more to it that meet the eyes, could bring much relief.

Here you have one more tool to add to the others.

Useful, till one reaches a much exterior prospective and a broader view where several movies are projected at the same time on a bunch of different screens.

Can we live more than one life at the same time? Yes and no.

The mind says: “Yes, you are living those lives!”, while the witness is fully aware those lives do not exist, they are just a bunch of projections on different screens.




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