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I was driving down the road. I was not alone.

The mind was hovering over me like a predator ready to catch his prey with its mighty claws.

A feeling of dismay and a great, deep sadness pervaded me just as a thick fog would permeate everything and all.

 “I’m so tired to be alone. I so wish I could have someone I can trust with all myself, someone who will never stub me on my back. Someone I can fall asleep with, feeling safe, and at peace.”  I felt tired.

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The claws of the mind were about to seize me when I saw the shadow of two of my worst enemies at my side, holding me in place right there: my self-pity and my self-importance.

I instinctively took distanced from everything and asked myself a question:

“What would I say to my ‘students’ if anyone of them would be in this situation? What I would do to help them?”

Suddenly, the mind unprepared from such strike, retrieved in a hurry.

“How could you possibly expect a “savior”, a “trusted friend”, in something which does not exist?

When you enter in a dream, when you sit in the middle of an illusion, you are creating upon invisible imputes, stimulus, a reality of a world. It could seem very real, but still it is all an illusion. And, in an illusion, the only real thing is you.

Not your appearance in the illusion, not you thoughts (the mind), but you.

download (32)So, if you are the only real thing, you are also the only one you can really trust and the only one who can set you free.

You better then; start taking care of yourself, as you are the only one you have got.”


I realized, I, as the majority of dreamers who have forgotten are dreaming, seek into others what they cannot be, what they do not know they could be.

We let our mind seeding fears and limitations and then, in our dreams we obey to them instead of setting other courses or paths.


What Are Lucid Dreams and How You Can Experience Them


Perhaps, being able to create your dream at will and as you pleased, could result in a great liability and carry a danger that could not be underestimated.

Too many, seat on their contentment once they think the power to change their dreams is achieved, and doing so forget there are not awake.

They forget it is just an induced dream.

And so, there are very few of us capable to achieve harmony and peace in their dreams and still remembering that the purpose is not to get comfortable, but to awaken to fight for an higher freedom.






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  1. A lot of good points here… I especially appreciate: “The claws of the mind were about to seize me when I saw the shadow of two of my worst enemies holding me in place right there at my sides: my self-pity and my self -importance.” So much can be unpacked from that statement.

    Also, I liked your idea of “one less cup of water in the flooded basement.” That’s progress and that’s hope.

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