What is love?


Love is freedom, is truth, is the timeless pure connection of two souls touching.


This is love and it is unconditional.

When it is anything less than that, loves becomes a trap, a selfish activity where someone seek, knowingly or not, to own another soul.

When it is anything less than that, love loses the freedom and turns into a chain. And so most people confuse love with a prison.

The latter stage is where you find most people, and that is the reason why the words LOVE has gained such a bad reputation. It is connected with fear, betrayal, pain. It is connceted with temporary joy of owning the attention or the body of another.

But pure love is freedom.

It does not ask you to change, at the contrary, it sets you free.

Free to discover who you really are, free to follow your deepseated dreams. Free to walk you path and to choose your ways wherever they might take you.

In unconditional love the ‘I’ (ego) has no voice nor power.



  • December 2021
    M T W T F S S
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