The trap of emotions and the paraside energy of the mind: Dealing with different worlds.

Information overload, conceptual image

I have been researching on the field beyond the dual zone of consciousness, in the infinite universes and realities where we find somewhere at the lower levels the Narrative of the mind (ego) what Carlos Castaneda calls the ordinary-reality; the world of energy or non-ordinary reality and above those, but not at the top, the pure intent of the free infinite spirit.

Everyone of these universes have its own truth. Aplying the truth of one universe to the other creates conflicts, caos and more solidity.

We don’t know how an infinte soul got stuck into a world of energy, and even worse, got identified with the mind and its interpretation of particle of energy. What we know is we are here and that we were given and accepted so many wrong indications, false explanations, to bring about a total amnesia about who we really are.

It is so, a moltitude of infinite beings believe firmly into being a body. A mind.

In truth, I found out, we aren’t our body, we aren’t our mind and we aren’t even what we call the spirit, or that inhorganic form of life which has a position in space.  We are beyond anything which can fit or be described by a mind.

Therefore, we are not our emotions. There is nothing our in emotions, decisions, experiences or awareness. It is all part of the game of entrapment.

Ouspensky said: “First one must try to remember oneself and secondly remember that what is depressed is not oneself  but one imaginary picture of oneself.”

So, in some way we get into a system of energy and we are given a mind which traslates the energy into a movie…. this imaginary becomes so real we start thinking we ‘are- that image of our body. By doing that the 3 universes collaps. Now, by becoming the energy of that image we believe anything which happens to that energy/image happens to us.

We, therefore assume we are vulnerable as our body is vulnerable. and so we experience joy, pain, coflicts and all the rest.

And so, when the imaginary shows the loss of someone, we start feeling the loss, the pain even if in reality as spiritual beings we are always connected. We never meet or separate from anything. But of course, being guided by the mind, at this point, we are totally blind to the truth of our infinity and his higher perceptions.


How can we regain self awareness? How do we defeat the parasite mind?

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Robert Adams have given us some advices. Some peace of truth for the higher spiritual mind. Ouspensky has suggested to make it a way of life to be consciuss by remembering oneself.

We only imagine that we are awake. So when we try to remember ourselves it means only one thing—we try to awake. And we do awake for a moment…” by PD OUSPENSKY

“There must be complete cessation of all decision, of all the urge to get rid of something, chase away anything. Than I can look.” by Jiddu Krishnamurti

You need to want freedom no matter at what cost. Every single moment need to be saturated by that intent to remember. You need to learn to observe and put distance between you and the mind: its toughts, its judgments, opinions, sides, faults or qualities. You need, one step at the time, to regaing your true sight and to separate the three or more universes.

And if you do that, your true nature will emerge. It is what the mind calls magic.


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