The 2 basic programs of this illusion; visual vs HTML

When we enter/are placed in this illusion we are given a mind, many minds in truth, and right there we are faced with our first choice:  going visual or continue to use the HTML (energy-coding vision)?

The very majority of us settles for visual vision offered by the mind(s) with its pictures, interpretations, taste, colors, and all the senses and emotions programmed to delineate and consolidate what we end up believing is us.


The dramatic feeling of been totally lost, is then partially relieved by the sensation of gaining a position in space which gives us some sort of delusional security.

The majority of people spend their whole life creating effects on others in the attempt of proving to themselves they are “alive”, they really “exist”.

I, too, choose the Vision-mode. Thought, for a while, Silvia was me. Struggled to fit in and, too, I was tricked, as the majority of fictitious, materialistic groups disguised as spiritual does, into believing being causative is equal to power.

Fortunately,  I always aimed toward truth, never really cared about power, about competing or challenging others… and I say fortunately, because your true intent is what guides you and lays the stones to your path.

I have always been quite perceptive, but it wasn’t of any help when dealing with psychopaths or psychotic organizations. They have a way to present themselves so as to match your perceptions and ideals. It is all a pretense, an exterior outfit but never the less good enough to cloud ones judgment.

It was only recently with regaining the ability to read energy (the HTML program), I realized what we see with the body eyes, what the mind offers us, is most of the time very different from what it truly is.

When you read a code you can see all the components, the element which constitute the appearance and the one who are prompting its action. A beautiful flower seen by the mind as such, will reveal its poisoning properties to whom is able to read its energy and codes.

I started to work on this. I was puzzled to see how, quite often, the beautiful, genuine smile, convincing words of someone, would ‘read’ on its energy formation as untrustworthy.

So many times I battled with the mind(s) “it cannot be possible” but at last, I became strong enough, to trust my new mode of vision.

The other day, reading a post by David St Lawrence, a man who I admire deeply for his constant help, on effectively enabling people to advance spiritually in freedom, I realized… ‘seeing’ is not something you develop with time but is something we have all along, something we surrender when we choose to let the mind “see” for us.

At the very moment we choose the body eyes as the primary-eyes, our
spiritual sight disappears in the background like a foggy undefined

When I read the energy is always spot on.
Again, where the ‘eyes’ of the mind see a beautiful person, event or
situation and the spiritual mind reading the energy, says exactly the opposite. I know the latter is the one to trust.

We entered a different plateau. Let’s keep in mind that, when you read a code, there can be a very early command which changes all the rest of the code and although the spiritual mind is way more accurate, by belonging to the material universe is still affected by its rules, lies and imperfection.

On the positive side, the reading of energy will give you a much broader vision, unlabeled, of the different flows. Please do realize that a this point there is no roads, mother, cat, sea, sky or any form as we have left the visual-mode.

All you see at this stage is the energy moving; no labels or judgments. And, if you make it close enough to the no-judgment, no-labeling zone, you have also gained a detachment from the mind and you are somewhat exterior to the whole material game of illusion with its duality.

As per the first graph below created and designed by David St Lawrence, the familiarization with the Spiritual world is a VERY necessary step. Only when it became a way of life, to you, to perceive and deal with other inorganic beings, your next door will unlock.

NOTE: All Inorganic beings, spirits, ghosts of a less dense, but still material (energy) form and the mind(s) itself belong to the game of illusion ordinarily called Reality.


Original Graph by David St Lawrence (above)


I modified the original graph by David St Lawrence to add another field and notes.

David St Lawrence Silvia version


For who of you is ready to make the necessary arrangements and to take the necessary steps to enter the spiritual world, I strongly advise to contact David St Lawrence…

He can give you the tools, to get to the door of Awareness.

Of course, there is no place for dilettantism, you are required to work hard and to bring out all the courage you can possibly can… You are the only one who can walk the path.

I think is worth it.




The Gift


“Do you think you possess special abilities?” she asked with a challenging, wicked smile.

She knew I would say No, as saying Yes, would have been a statement of insanity… And indeed, only two categories of people might admit to have special abilities, the crazy ones and the great masters, the first asserting self-importance and the latter uttering truth.

But my counselor, a young woman with great emphatic abilities and a pure willingness to help, has surrendered her “seeing” to the indoctrination of a system enforcing a generic prescription of what it should be, to anyone, in the process of feeding a corrupted medical  system.

My answer to the above question, however, it was NO. I do not have special abilities. I have what every being was endowed with, at the start of the game; telepathy, empathy, the gift at times terrifying, to be other people.

It is not a special gift, it was something everybody had before they decided, through “experience”, it was too painful to feel the emotions of someone they kill for food or pleasure, or the desperation of the beings they betrayed and any other un-pleasant emotion they caused to another human or living being.

It took a while, life after life (game after game) to shut off those cells in the brain which were made to detect other living beings impulses-emotions-thoughts.

It took a lot of suffering, deception, losses and lies to oneself and to others to make what we have now; a soul identified with a “hologram”, a weak, coward being which believes the only safe way to exists is to assert his independence from others.


It is not a normal condition to be “blind” or “deaf”.

A population infested with a plague does not make that condition of sickness a normality. Do you follow me?

But it requires courage to ‘listen’, to ‘see’, to ‘feel’ especially at this stage of the game, where the majority of people hurt each other in the name of freedom, love and justice. They ‘torture’ one another (physically and/or psychologically) to get pleasure… to feel powerful and safe. Killing as a sport, deceiving and lying as a justified method of advancing in the society. This is what blind people do.

This is where we are.

I have been suffering of severe depression for years… this is what the society categorizes the result of seeing, feeling, and hearing the pain and agony of others. Their tried to numb my perceptions, to convince me it is better to shut it off.


Only by being blind you can avoid seen the slaughter, the abuses and be happy.

Only if you do not know how many beings you are hurting when you selfishly waste, steal, betray or lie to another…

And $cientology today, the way is delivered, is another of the very many numbing practices… which built the ego while promising success for the single being.

The weak, the coward and the un-aware seek power for him/herself and the few he/she think are aiding his survival…

where the strong knows true power and wisdom is the very enemy of the ‘I’ the ‘self’ and that synthetic happiness that can only been achieved by numbing ones knowingness and perceptions.


PRISON… what type of a seeker are you?

We are not all the same…

given a house, some will turn it into a castle where others into a dumpster.




Day 3: WE did it!!

Day 3: WE did it!!

Today I woke up and felt good.

I have being soloing and auditing agreements,

ARC/ks and implants on the genetic entity line as a main target.



For the first time in years I got up, and I wanted to get up.

Thoughts about my ex were hitting me like rain

but this time they were bouncing away as on an umbrella

instead of hurting me as they usually do.

They did not find the same fertile ground to thrive and spread negativity and pain.

HUGE improvement.

I feel I’m ready to work again.


It is important to me to acknowledge the many friends I have.

Feeling and sharing love

I had so much positive energy and love

flowed to me in the last few days!

They are more than friends to me,

they are my spiritual family:

starting from Aida and David Thomas, Mr Smith, Maurice Pascal, Tory Christman, Nancy Many, Sinar, Jackson M., David St Lawrence, Michele Federici, Leone, Lupo, Claudia,  MaryJo and Tony, Alessandra D’Agostino, Tom Tazanillo, Dominique, Anne S., Kay, Candice and John Aaron, Jim Logan and the many others.

Please do not be upset if I forgot to mention your name.

In the last years or so I have made more good friends

then I ever had in few lifetimes.

 They are not just friends, they are what I consider a spiritual family.

I appreciate incredibly the many offers to help.

It would not be appropriate from me to leave a succesful ‘self improvement spiritual path’ (solo action) at this time.

I’m aware that depression is a continue ups and downs.

It is the way it is.

But like my friend Tory says, ‘You have to look at the trend’..

And despite the lows it is an up-trend.


 I have few people who are checking on me on my spiritual journey (soloing).

I’m aware of the fact that you need to work as a team.
However, I would love if you have any viewpoint or advice to share.

Please do.

We all have blind spots and others can help us to see where we cannot.

Thus the importance of a good (guide) C/S, or two.


I feel very lucky to have your friendship,

I wish you to know that,

even if I do not write personally to all of you.

I have felt a huge amount of love and care flowing from all of you,

and when I say I feel better I wish to say:

WE DID IT!! Thank you!


This is the world of Advances spiritual beings (OT’s) the handling of spiritual (theta) universes,

the group postulating toward a common goal

in the direction of helping each other.


At the same time I’m here for any of you.

And if you need my spiritual support just e-mail me.

Powerful Spiritual being (OTs) together make miracles happen.

Miracles ar nothing more than an OT normal routine.

This is what the Ron’s Org have really duplicate and do.

In this wise they are an amazing group.

About a month ago something very interesting happen.

I fully blew the $cientology history

 and all the agreements connected to that lies (GPM/implant),

called the Church of $cientology.

I felt like before I ever knew $cintology existed,

but with the benefit of all the knowledge.


Many of you have left, but still obeying or been subjected by the past agreements.

Many out there feel they have to hide when they are sick,

or if they have a little accident, or their kids are in trouble.

You re not allowed to have bad news in $cientology.

Many on the spiritual path, ex-scientologists are in a constant hiding, because the have body pains or because their life is not going happily as they wish or others expect.

And by now they have learned that pretecnce (PR) and appearance are THE important thing.

This is crazy.

When you see this smiling happy people in the Church of $cientology (up the stage at Flag)

or on the Freewinds attesting highesr levels (OT7 or 8)

and saying that everything is perfect,

you know they are in total denial of reality.

It is actually suppressive from the Church of $cientology

 to demand that you bend and force yourself

to believe all is sweetness and light in order to attest.

That is not being awakened or aware (OT7- or OT 8) .

That is pretending perfection

where does not exist and is mocking up a lie.

An OT going on stage and saying that all his life is now perfect, that he is causing what he likes and that he is nothing more than happy, is scary.

First of all he still leaving in the biggest trap,

on one of the most insane universe/illusion

where he does not have any ability to leave his body

or getting back into it at will.

He does not have any power to stop others (IAS, MAA’s)

 from telling him what to do.

He is unable to go home and fix the house

or pay off right away the huge amount of debts.

And he knows it.


So, he goes back home with a huge heavy lie on his back (miss-withhold).


Think of the times this withhold gets restimulated

and how hard he has to work every day to keep up to his lie.

The definition of OT in the Church is a lie.

It is nothing more than an Hidden Standard.

(As a reminder, an hidden standard is cousin to an evil purpose… see the trap?)


The regaining of ones OT abilities

does not have anything to do with being happy or not,

healthy or sick.

The ability to make the right choices, ethic. truth

and the level of integrity is the road to happiness.

When a NEW OT 8 is ashame to go to the org because she is in pain,

you realize you are dealing with a system of enslavement, not freedom.

It is a “society” that cuts communications and beigness,

 it does not free them.

I know for a fact that many, many of you out there

are experiencing this phenomena,

many of you are not communicating

because you think your life suck,

you are not making money

or are not healthy enough to meet others people expectation

of what is right or wrong.

It is also an Hidden standards.


-“OMG!! Is that an OT?”-


Privacy” to many times is nothing more

that a common agreement to withhold.

It is also called ‘Mutual outruds’.


When I write about my private life on the net,

I’m trying to make a point also to myself.

First, I never liked secrecy and I do not have anything to hide.

This is who I’m.

Yes,  I do not do well with conservative people!!


Second, I wish people to be free,

I wish for them to start looking at each other for who they really are:

beautiful spiritual beings, and not been seen

for what the own or how they look.

I wish people to differentiate between the material universe

and the spiritual one.

No one can tell you how an enlighted being is (OT) is or should look like.

An OT dog. (He! He! I’m Joking)


An OT is an OT because he lives as such.

And it is the most ridiculous thing to award an OT status

by the mest universe standards..

that is what we can ironically call a MEST OT.

Sadly enough, a MEST OT is one of the most confused,

enslaved  but “smiling and happy” spiritual being.

When an OT tells you his/her life is perfect, you should know something.

He or she is not living. He or She is in denial.


In this universe, in this game call material world there is no perfection.

Losing and winning, create and destroy are just part of the rules.


You are OT when you trust and use your knowigness,

 when you stops listening and obeying thoughts,

when you stop play by the rules

of the cannot-have-or-do of this universe,

when you believe in magic and freedom.

You are OT when you do not evaluate yourself

or others by what your eyes see, but by what they are.

When you realize that any time you lie,

you are invalidating the knowigness of a spiritual being.

OT is a state of mind, is living truth, is you.

And the less additives to the ‘you’…

the more OT is there.

Let’s start communicating!

How do you feel? Good! Cheers!!

Like shit! That is OK.

Just say it out loud!

It is your right to be sad or happy!!

If we can do anything for you we do it,

one thing we can do for sure is directing our posotive energy, love and care to you

and if you let us know your goal

we can make it happen as a group.

Love (Theta) is the real stuff.

The image, appearances, the social lies

belong to the mest not to a spiritual being (OT).

Do not play that game.



If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together

‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together


 I belive many think that an OT (high powerful spiritual being) is naturally up tone, therefore responsible for others and choosing pro-survival activities for all.

The level of ARC (affinity, reality and communication)

of a being has little to do with how OT she is.

Since the very beginning we run into God’s cheating other Gods..

the good and the evil.

There are very intelligent suppressives and very stupid one.

And the same it goes for good intentioned people.

I personally don’t believe all spiritual beings are alike at the original state.

I belive they have different characteristics, potentials and personalities.

What LRH advance levels increases in a being is power.

Now, you can have a Ferrari.

 That is a lot of potential for this world in a car…

but what you do with all that power is up to you.

You can win competition or you can run over somebody on th street.

At the level where we are now… it i not easy to identify real suppressives.

 There is so much added-on to a spiritual being.

Many evil intentioned group, as the current Church of $cientology,

 restimulate powerful implants and throw people into painful incident

of which they are total effect.

This restimulates evil purposes.

Extremely destructive powerful impulses.

A High tone person naturally act to the benefit of the environment

 starting from himself.

 There is not feeling you must do this or that to be good.

 It is just naturally done.

They are aware of other spiritual beings. They are other spiritual beings.

Lying is  a very low tone form of creation.

A very degrading activity to both the originator and the recipient.

Lying is actually an overt on the 7th nd 8th dynamics

as it does invalidate knowigness.

You are telling that a perfectly valid perception is wrong.

As a form of alter-is lying or hiding truth

 is a game which this sick universe loves you to play…

People that are altering are nothing more than in treason to the spiritual world…

They might make it to OT if they are smart enough,

but they are going to be destructive power sources.

‘Truth is treason in an empire of lies’

I love this quote.

Truth in this universe has a very bad reputation as is very much connected to pain

this to teach us, and to warn us to not use it.

“I will hurt the guy/girl if I tell the truth.”, ‘I do not want to upset her-him”,

‘It is not necessary to be said”, She/he will not understand’

are all deeply implanted justifications associated with pain.

Physical pain and potential loss.

And here we are falling for another bad trick of this universe,

 while betraying our true goal: OT.

There is no reason to lie.


And there is always a way to tell truth in a way that does not hurt too bad.

Lies persist and are the real source of pain,

where truth makes things disappear or heal fast.

It take courage to as-is.

It the only way, not to OT,

but to a higher level of the tone scale.






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



How an OT (spirit) acquires knowledge.

How an OT could acquire knowledge

Changing the base of operation...

It is not true what people have been telling us that pain,

suffering and/or bad luck

are necessary to learn from life.

It is just another way to trap you and keep you down

or…  going down even further.

If counter survival activities brings you down,

if those suck life energy from you

how could they possibly be survival?

May be, and I say may be, at the time of the loss,

the pain can be so deep and strong that the body does not recover,

it dies in a sort of way, impinging the losses and the lingering pains and suffering on the being.

What the being is more likely to do?

Tired and confused  by a never-ending unexplained pain,

which does not in fact belong to him,

the spirit tries to solve his problem by letting go of the body.


This could be a good starting point.

The realization of not being a body,

the awareness of how much a body could affect ones and keep a spirit into an old game.

It could be a good point if the being, having a natural high tone,

has enough courage to start working on the theta universe.

After all, all you have to do is to let go (no matter on which harmonic)

of the “must have of the body”.

Not necessarely of the body, but of the “must have” of one.


A spiritual being at a certain spiritual awareness

does not have to obey to the laws of this universe

(and indeed, he better not).

It is actually advisable that he starts getting unaccustomed

to the use of this rudimental technique.

He can actually learn about things by inspection.


He is able to know by pervasion.

Why suffering a personal loss, a failure,

when it could be just enough to get the same or better data

by looking at somebody elses one?

or to their mock ups? or by pervading the person’s space?


This blog it is not anymore about the sad Church of $cientology or the INDies.

There are plenty of people engaged in that crusade.

My writing is moving into the realm of OT researches,

gains and discoveries.

I treasure the incredible knowledge  and gains I acquired

by studying and applying LRH materials without which

I couldn’t make it up to where I’m now.

I spent few thousand years in spiritual researches.

Time to bridge into the next step… free from any group.

Friend of those who are true seekers of truth and knowledge.


Beings that, despite of all the suppression and false data given,

are still able to dream.


We enter “the realm of magic”.

Quite a normal world from the view point of a spiritual being,

but pretty “magic” from a body viepoint.

Many are going to read about this new world

and dream it would be real.

This is the first step.

And if they will not let go they will get there too.

Many others will regard me as crazy…

 but that it is a compliment at this time.


Here, there is no better or worse,

there is no teacher or student.

We learn from each other.

We take what we like and we make it ours if we see if it works for us.

My sister Elizabeth has and is playing a big role on my spiritual freedom,

she, like me, believes in pure magic and have touched the other side.

She told me once…;

-“The truth Silvia, is that you are not ‘human’.-

She is right.

After many lives we finally have reconnected.

I’m sure there are many of us.

We are gong to reunite… the many of us.

The best way to be happy

is to be where you belong

even if, for some of us, encompass recognizing

we do not belong anywhere while being everywhere…


20 August 1954,- “Axiom, Part II”

“Number 25 of this Axioms and definitions:

Affinity is a scale of attitude which falls away from the co-existence of Static,

through the interposition of distance and energy

to create identity, down to close proximity but mistery.”

“Total knowigness goes down to lookingness.

You have to look to find out. Well.

That’s different than simply knowing with looking.

Now we go down to looking.

And now we go just a little bit lower than that-this is,

by the way, an affinity scale- go in into e motion. 

And look and then we no longer have knowledge by looking,

we have knowledge by emotion.

Do we like it, do we dislike it emotionally?”

“Now, if I have to feel it to know it’s there, I’ve gone immediately into effort.

My affinity for something would be good if I could feel it

and it would be no good at all if I can’t feel it.”

“Now, affinity is this scale. It goes down through effort.

When a person gets down to effort, then he’s into a level where he’s got to work,

everything has got to be work.

He’s got to touch everything and feel everything

before he can know anything.

A person in that band, by the way-as he gets to the lower part of the band-has facsimiles.”

“Well, now we go down from effort into thinking.

And we get our figure-figure-figure-figure-figure case.

Now, he’s a hard boy to get along with because he can’t work.

He feels that-his thought, by the way, is a colloquialism.

Life is not composed of space and action and al sorts of things.”

“Now, a person can postulate without thinking about it.

If that’s what we mean by thought, that’s fine,

but usually what people mean by thought is figure-figure-figure-figure.

20 August 1954,- “Axiom, Part II”

by L. Ron Hubbard




I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


And they get obedience. Now, “obedience” is Faith.

And they get obedience. Now, “obedience” is Faith.


-Just do what I say... and you will get your eligibility to the upper levels...-


Electroshocked zombies, $cientologists and psychopaths…

are all alike ranging at the top levels of the worse-off.

Many $cientologists might not appear so dangerous at first

as they have learned to be diplomatic and acceptable.

They are masters in PRs, but on the inside

they carry the worst charge you could ever imagine.

They have been heavily restimulated by the use of Black Dianetics and Black $cientology. 

They are experiencing an awful amount of bypassed charge, pressure and misemotions.

Losing It. - 'Head exploding by Lilian Burgler

 They are scared, upset and many of them

are in a state of constant confusion and psychological pain.

The funny thing is that they are convinced to be self-determined…

and they are self determined, but from their past postulates

 of which they are not aware to have made.


“Statics and Motions and Axioms 1-14 – 9 October 1951

by L. Ron Hubbard”

“Now, the way you “train” on of these organisms,

is you beat it and you put it in jail and lock it up in closets

and you slow its motion down any way you can and after a while it gets obedient.

Now, “obedience” is Faith, it’s belief- that’s obedience..”.

“… it goes into Apathy and hands its own identity over to the counter-effort… (…)

Hence, you get valences.


When you self-detemine non-survival activities,

you are, at that moment, becoming an Effect of your own causes.

You postulate, you say, “I’m now going to…” or “From this moment on, I decided that…”

(…).Now, here he is as Cause – he’s postulating a cause.

Now he steps forward in time and becomes the effect of his own cause.”

” There is almost no limit to what a human being can do

as long as he doesn’t have this variety of stuff thrown at him in the guise of Affinity, Communication and Reality.

 People are postulating new realities for him.

And every time he accepts one of these new realities, he’s sort of sunk.”

“He goes out of valence, he ceases to be alive.”

“People come along and they say, “But I don’t understand why it is that Mohammedanism

 and Buddhism and Christianity are so much alike and yet they had all these fights and…”

He might as well save his breath.

He’s talking about Faith and there’s no understanding on the subject requires-that’s that!.”


 Today,  amongst the top of the worst-offthere are actually the $cientologists.

Unfortunately their basic implants have been restimulated

and with that a case of great magnitude is now taking charge.

They have become dangerous beings as they have lost their self-determinism.

They have sold their soul to the ‘group’ (Cof$), they lost themselves,

their integrity and their sense of responsibility.

They have become I-determined (their case is telling them what to do).

Of course they do not know, they just obey.

Only high-tech psychological violence and abuses (at the level of electroshock)

can match the amount of damage the current Church of $ is causing.

We need to unite forces and support every single group that helps mankind to survive and win.

Fighting is just part of the implant.







My name is Mike Roiger and I’m announcing y official disconnection from the Church f Scientology after 18 years of which 14 as staff (12 as Senior Case Supervisor at Cincinnati ORG.)

I’m a Grad VA C/S (XDN Specialist), CCRD C/S (2006), FPRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, etc (all GAT). I have completed more than 580 courses in several academies including AOSH UK and Flag.



Elma group: HELPING PEOPLE with great products!!


Right to left Raymond J. Krenik, Jr.  He is the E.D. of our Elma group. 

He would be considered an “old-timer”.  In the early 70’s he volunteered to help out at Celebrity Center, and was the first person to put on an ad for Dianetics on TV. Later he did over 1,000 hours of first book auditing at the Seattle org.  Currently receiving Audited NOTs.

Patricia Krenik, a/k/a Pat.  Founding Scientologist 1951. 

A few years of book co-auditing.  HCA in 1956. Helped build the Seattle Org.  Trained under LRH in 1958.  Ran a mission in 1959-60 in Seattle with her then husband, Ron Arnold.  Completed the SHSBC in 1968-70. O.E.C. Grad.   Did the original OT levels at AO.  Worked at the Riverside Mission, Delphi, Asho as a F.E.Ser.  LA Staff 1978.  Ethics Specialist Course Grad.  Currently O.E.S. at Elma, delivering all grades including NOTs.  OT VIII.

In the back is Roy Selby, Grad IV auditor with OK’s to audit upper levels.  He was E.D. of SF org when they had 120 staff, and was CO Pac after that.  He is an F.E.B.C graduate, and a Professional Course Supervisor.  He said all he really wanted to do was be and auditor, so he is here in Elma WA and available to audit anyone on anything.  OT VII on the original bridge, receiving audited NOTs.

Fourth over toward the left is John Loftus who has just “come out of retirement” to help out and exchange with Elma personnel.  He was the SHSBC Supervisor, and had supped a Class VIII course.  He is auditor trained and currently receiving NOTs repair.

Ed Clarkson is a SHSBC grad, and just visiting Elma the day this was taken.



by Frank Davis
Midwest Tech Center

Integrity Processing


Thank you so much for everything!
You are unleashed me on second dynamic today. This entire “Chinese wall” on whole time track fall down…, dust settling down and I am still under impression and nothing now holding me, nothing.
I never even can imagine this feeling.
I feel total freedom now on 2D, just by gaining my Thetan’s Rights back.
I don’t feel any barriers or rules existing for me anymore on 2D. I am myself now.
This was so powerful!
Looking forward to having more adventure on other dynamics
Progress on OT 3 Expanded
One thing I have noticed is that my handwriting, which used to be quite shaky and illegible, is now much better, without really trying. Also, the body feels noticeably younger and agile.
The skin is smoother and clearer all over, I feel more energetic, and the mind is sharper.
This physically verifies for me that the Upper Levels are the root of most, if not all body issues and perception.  I feel VVG about this.
My knowingness has improved, memory is better, life runs smoother, and body condition has improved,






I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


No liabilities for an empty body…



No aware spirits allowed in a body

in this Universe.

No wisdom, no passion for truth, no integrity

or courage to disagree are ALLOWED.

Empty bodies are OK…

Wanted dead bodies to build an orderly obedient society...

“…the only crime that you could possibly commit is being there.

I don’t care where.

That is the only crime that you could commit.”

20 August 1954 – Axioms, part IV (Phoenix Lectures)

by L. Ron Hubbard



If you wish to take ownership of your body

please make sure

you do not let anyone notice it.

As long as average people think that the body and the deteriorated being living inside

can be controlled, you are going to be fine.

But in the moment they feel there is an independent being

they cannot control in that body,

you are going to become their worse target ever.

The physical universe itself will fight you.


No matter how much you help, how good you are, how caring... they will see you as an enemy!


It is not always true, that people attack you

because you “pulled that in“,

that is what ill intentioned people wish you to believe.

They attack you because they know

you are aware of what they are up to,

because you are able to look beyond their lies.

Because you could wake up others…

So, when you walk the path to OT,

while you expand and coexist with others

you are going to be more and more able to listen to their thoughts

and they know it…

For that only, you are going to find yourself

surrounded by the worse enemies,

attacked in the most unusual ways and with the lamest excuses.

They are going to accuse you of crimes you never committed.

LRH said that a OT cannot make it alone…

it could, but it can be quite challenging.

While walking the path of truth, while regaining the ability to pervade,

while rediscovering the beauty of knowigness…


be sure you have near you loyal friends you can trust no matter what.

Do not engage into the battle of life, no matter how tempting it could be

or how right you feel about it.

It is nothing but a trap.

Remember, your spiritual freedom is your only battle,

if is there you are walking to.





I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


I’m glad you are here…

I’m glad you are here…

There was a place where a great spiritual master lived.


Hundreds of people were travelling from all over the land to meet him.

No one was allowed to his presence without bringing a gift.

I have heard that kings and important governors have been there.  I was seriously nervous despite being told that he never denied audience to anyone.  I had fear to be rejected…

I did not know what to offer him. I wasn’t a man of big means at the time and I couldn’t find anything that I thought would be of enough value for that occasion.

I spent 4 days searching and finally I decided to give him the thing I considered of the most value to me. It was a hand crafted metal holster my father left me at his death.

I was now ready to meet him.

While walking to him on the outside of the temple  I noticed a huge pile of gold vases, silk  drapes… gorgeous carvings….

I thought that the temple must have been already filled up by precious stuff, but to my surprise, once inside,  I found myself into a clean empty space.

I was then told by the servant to leave my gift just inside the temple. There were very few objects there. So I did.

A very beautiful silk carpet was covering the  bare floor.

At the very end the spiritual master was sitting on a huge cushion nodding his head to me as to indicate he was pleased to see me and that I was welcome to his presence.

I had so many questions to ask, but suddenly my mind was totally blank…

I couldn’t think of one.

I stood silent in his presence for few minutes almost in embarrassment.

Suddenly I heard a voice saying:

Do not worry, you have already learned the answer to all your questions.”.

I looked at him but his mouth was closed… just an accent of a smile on his face.

I felt a bit confused… and to hide my embarrassment I started to look

at a bunch of pebbles laid down on the floor, just in front of the master.


I couldn’t get my eyes off of one. One of the most perfect rounded stones I ever saw.

I felt the space warming up.

The master looked at the stone and told me that that was one of the best gift he has ever had.

A man, a very poor man,”- he said – “searched for 2 years for that stone…

he gave up two years of his life to find the perfect gift for me.

The perfect gift to me is that which has in it, part of the giver.

It comes from your heart.

The care, the love, the dedication and the sharing of ones own life to others.

He said: “Only when he was able to be me, he then found the perfect gift.

That it was the greatest value in it,

where all the gold and precious gifts from the riches had nothing of it.”

He added: “...the riches brought ‘nothing’ and left with ‘nothing’.

They came as self and they left as such.

You cannot get unless you have given,

and to give you have to become the person you give to,

and by becoming the person you are giving to,

you are acquiring awareness, space and power.

Power to serve others.

You cannot serve others if you are unable to be them.

A great leader“,- he said, -“is nothing more than a servant of his own people.

He is his people.


I do not know what really did happen there…

I do not remember the master’s voice, I do not recall his face…

I do not remember ever seeing his mouth moving or my voice ever coming out.

What I know is that, when I left,

I felt I was the richest person in this world.


“28 July 1954 ARC, As-Isness”

by L. Ron Hubbard

“You see, we’ve raised affinity so high that all points could coincide with all points and then we would have nothing left in term of a distance.

And, therefore, we would have no agreement because we’d all be on the same consideration and so we wouldn’t have anything even vaguely resembling-well, we’d have some serenity, may be, with no space or location or anything else. That’s the top-top of the ARC Triangle.

But in the finite living is quite useful as a triangle and we see individuals depressing on this triangle. We see an individual who is cutting communication line. You walk in, you say, “Hello. How are you?”


Where is A? It’s right there with that silence. Where is his agreement? Where’s that reality? Boy, he doesn’t have much reality. He’s liable to think the strangest things about you. He’s just got through looking at you and now he’s sure that you are wearing a gray flannel suit with long pants. You’re a girl, you were wearing an evening gown.

And there’s where hallucination comes in. He doesn’t communicate, so he can’t duplicate, so there’s no agreement. See? “

“If a person is very,very mean to you, the chances are they don’t know you.

That’s the best chance in the world that they don’t know you. They’re very mean to you.

How could you guarantee they don’t know you? Well, that’s very, very obvious, for the excellent reason that A-R-C added up together comprise knowingness.

And out of affinity, reality and communication, you can actually derive- I wont’ bother to do this for you, but you could actually derive every mathematics there is.

And this is understanding which expands and expands and expands

and becomes more knowing and more knowing and more knowing.

You can be further and further from things and know what they’re all about, in other words.

More knowing and more knowing and what not and total affinity and brotherhood with the universe-what universe? See, right there.”

“Of course they wouldn’t understand you if they were mean to you. It demonstrates that this tree things, when depressed very low, certainly down to the level of resentment or antagonisms and so forth, contain very little understanding.

And the least understanding there is, is when all three points-really, just the two points of source-point and receipt-point- have dwindled and deteriorated down to this minute distance which can’t close to zero.

And that’s stupidity to end all stupidity. It takes place right there. This fellow will know nothing.

Don’t worry about people who are mean to you or who get mad at you.

There’s no reason to worry about them at all.

They’re not even getting mad at you.

They don’t know where you are, who you are, 

or anything else.

That is people going around trying to be understood.

Why try to be understood?

Why not try to fix up people so they can understand?”


I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:






Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



Social responses are not two-way communication…

By giving up all your considerations

and agreements with this universe

you are losing your right to be here.”


You have transitioned from a human to an OT,

to a powerful free spirit.

Your communication will be pure and sincere and you will be punished for that.

Your love great and powerful and you will naturally pervade worlds and people.

They will not like to be seen and they will fight you to no end.

Your reality will rise above everything that is permitted to be known and understood and they will get you out of the way by calling you a fool, evil or a mad man.

Free people are not to belong to this universe.

You should know, when you walk the path of knowledge and truth,

that there will be a time you will be alone.

You should know that you are NOT alone, that is nothing more then a feeling of loss.

Wish yourself to have one of you kind at your side

to help you in the transition,

and in that emptiness you will soon discover real life.

In that silence you will find the most beautiful music,

in that dark the most magnificent colors.

In that emptiness the pure beauty of magic.


“(…) it is very aberrative to communicate. This he’s certain of. Now, he may have lots of other certainties, but that one he’s actually very certain of.

And we discover that the only thing that the only thing that is punishable in this universe is communication.

Noncommunication is not punishable. We discover that the inanimate object is not guilty.

It was the animate object which was guilty. We discover that the driver who was going faster than the other driver was always to blame.”

“So we discover as we look over this problem, that our preclear is certain that if he communicates he will be punished. He has communicated in the past. He tried to talk to people.”

“So that is the basic lesson that anybody learns in this universe. They learn to keep their mouth shut and it’s the wrong lesson. When in doubt, talk.

When in doubt, communicate. When in doubt, shoot.

And you’ll be very successful all the way along the line if you remember that.

There is no compromising with this. A thetan is as well off as he can communicate and he’s no better off.  And when a restraint comes upon his communication line, then he starts to wind up and finish up and that is the end of him.”

“Well, these are social responses and that is not two-way communication, is it?

It’s not a two-way communication. That’s a two-way communication between you and a circuit maybe, or between you and a machine, but it’s not a two-way communication (…).

Two-way communication and present time problem (Phoenix Lecture 26 July 1954) by L. Ron Hubbard


“We also discover that we have to communicate with a certain amount of affinity. We can’t put up a bunch of barriers. We can’t communicate defensively, because we won’t communicate.”

ARC, as-isness  (Phoenix Lecture 28 July 1954) by L. Ron Hubbard


------------ SILVIA KUSADA (OT8) with ELIZABETH HAMRE (OT8+) ----------- “By giving up all you considerations and agreements with this universe you are losing your right to be here.” -- Elizabeth Hamre.



6 CLEARS MADE from the Ron’S ORG Bern

and 4 from Helmuth Flash Group in Los Angeles.

“We just retourned from our two week training camp in Moscow, Russia. We have had a wonderful time there. We could cause a lot of positiv things and had over 200 participants in our camp. The atmosphere was awesome and everything went smoothly. We had 79 completions including six Clears!” says Max Hauri co of the Bern Ron’s org. (In the picture with wife during Graduation)


For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



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