The Gift


“Do you think you possess special abilities?” she asked with a challenging, wicked smile.

She knew I would say No, as saying Yes, would have been a statement of insanity… And indeed, only two categories of people might admit to have special abilities, the crazy ones and the great masters, the first asserting self-importance and the latter uttering truth.

But my counselor, a young woman with great emphatic abilities and a pure willingness to help, has surrendered her “seeing” to the indoctrination of a system enforcing a generic prescription of what it should be, to anyone, in the process of feeding a corrupted medical  system.

My answer to the above question, however, it was NO. I do not have special abilities. I have what every being was endowed with, at the start of the game; telepathy, empathy, the gift at times terrifying, to be other people.

It is not a special gift, it was something everybody had before they decided, through “experience”, it was too painful to feel the emotions of someone they kill for food or pleasure, or the desperation of the beings they betrayed and any other un-pleasant emotion they caused to another human or living being.

It took a while, life after life (game after game) to shut off those cells in the brain which were made to detect other living beings impulses-emotions-thoughts.

It took a lot of suffering, deception, losses and lies to oneself and to others to make what we have now; a soul identified with a “hologram”, a weak, coward being which believes the only safe way to exists is to assert his independence from others.


It is not a normal condition to be “blind” or “deaf”.

A population infested with a plague does not make that condition of sickness a normality. Do you follow me?

But it requires courage to ‘listen’, to ‘see’, to ‘feel’ especially at this stage of the game, where the majority of people hurt each other in the name of freedom, love and justice. They ‘torture’ one another (physically and/or psychologically) to get pleasure… to feel powerful and safe. Killing as a sport, deceiving and lying as a justified method of advancing in the society. This is what blind people do.

This is where we are.

I have been suffering of severe depression for years… this is what the society categorizes the result of seeing, feeling, and hearing the pain and agony of others. Their tried to numb my perceptions, to convince me it is better to shut it off.


Only by being blind you can avoid seen the slaughter, the abuses and be happy.

Only if you do not know how many beings you are hurting when you selfishly waste, steal, betray or lie to another…

And $cientology today, the way is delivered, is another of the very many numbing practices… which built the ego while promising success for the single being.

The weak, the coward and the un-aware seek power for him/herself and the few he/she think are aiding his survival…

where the strong knows true power and wisdom is the very enemy of the ‘I’ the ‘self’ and that synthetic happiness that can only been achieved by numbing ones knowingness and perceptions.



‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together

‘High tone’ and ‘OT’ do not always go together


 I belive many think that an OT (high powerful spiritual being) is naturally up tone, therefore responsible for others and choosing pro-survival activities for all.

The level of ARC (affinity, reality and communication)

of a being has little to do with how OT she is.

Since the very beginning we run into God’s cheating other Gods..

the good and the evil.

There are very intelligent suppressives and very stupid one.

And the same it goes for good intentioned people.

I personally don’t believe all spiritual beings are alike at the original state.

I belive they have different characteristics, potentials and personalities.

What LRH advance levels increases in a being is power.

Now, you can have a Ferrari.

 That is a lot of potential for this world in a car…

but what you do with all that power is up to you.

You can win competition or you can run over somebody on th street.

At the level where we are now… it i not easy to identify real suppressives.

 There is so much added-on to a spiritual being.

Many evil intentioned group, as the current Church of $cientology,

 restimulate powerful implants and throw people into painful incident

of which they are total effect.

This restimulates evil purposes.

Extremely destructive powerful impulses.

A High tone person naturally act to the benefit of the environment

 starting from himself.

 There is not feeling you must do this or that to be good.

 It is just naturally done.

They are aware of other spiritual beings. They are other spiritual beings.

Lying is  a very low tone form of creation.

A very degrading activity to both the originator and the recipient.

Lying is actually an overt on the 7th nd 8th dynamics

as it does invalidate knowigness.

You are telling that a perfectly valid perception is wrong.

As a form of alter-is lying or hiding truth

 is a game which this sick universe loves you to play…

People that are altering are nothing more than in treason to the spiritual world…

They might make it to OT if they are smart enough,

but they are going to be destructive power sources.

‘Truth is treason in an empire of lies’

I love this quote.

Truth in this universe has a very bad reputation as is very much connected to pain

this to teach us, and to warn us to not use it.

“I will hurt the guy/girl if I tell the truth.”, ‘I do not want to upset her-him”,

‘It is not necessary to be said”, She/he will not understand’

are all deeply implanted justifications associated with pain.

Physical pain and potential loss.

And here we are falling for another bad trick of this universe,

 while betraying our true goal: OT.

There is no reason to lie.


And there is always a way to tell truth in a way that does not hurt too bad.

Lies persist and are the real source of pain,

where truth makes things disappear or heal fast.

It take courage to as-is.

It the only way, not to OT,

but to a higher level of the tone scale.






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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



The difference between simply knowing and looking.

The difference between simply knowing and looking.




“Number 25 of this Axioms and definitions:

Affinity is a scale of attitude which falls away from the co-existence of Static, through the interposition of distance and energy to create identity, down to close proximity but mystery.”

“Total knowigness goes down to lookingness. You have to look to find out.

Well. That’s different than simply knowing with looking.

Now we go down to looking.

And now we go just a little bit lower than that-this is, by the way, an affinity scale- go in into e motion.  And look and then we no longer have knowledge by looking, we have knowledge by emotion. Do we like it, do we dislike it emotionally?”

“Now, if I have to feel it to know it’s there, I’ve gone immediately into effort. My affinity for something would be good if I could feel it and it would be no good at all if I can’t feel it.”

“Now, affinity is this scale. It goes down through effort. When a person gets down to effort, then he’s into a level where he’s got to work, everything has got to be work. He’s got to touch everything and feel everything before he can know anything.

A person in that band, by the way-as he gets to the lower part of the band-has facsimiles.”

“Well, now we go down from effort into thinking.

And we get our figure-figure-figure-figure-figure case.

Now, he’s a hard boy to get along with because he can’t work. He feels that-his thought, by the way, is a colloquialism. Life is not composed of space and action and al sorts of things.”

“Now, a person can postulate without thinking about it. If that’s what we mean by thought, that’s fine, but usually what people mean by thought is figure-figure-figure-figure.

20 August 1954,- “Axiom, Part II”

by L. Ron Hubbard


Knowigness does not need words

or a mind to compute.

It is an immediate no time no space action,

pretty close to a static natural state.

It is a no time activity skillfully invalidated by the Mest universe

and by all the humans that are deeply involved in the game of solidification.

It is quite an important basic for whom is looking to leave his game to join a much higher one.

What to audit?

Agreements, thoughts, minds, privacy, secrecy, willigness to not known or being known…

and so on.

Elizabeth Hamre is a genius on this.

She has been working on taking apart this universe for over 30 years.

And you can feel it when you are in her space.

Her space is like magic.

Masses get thin and disappear.

Elizabeth is  a skilled solo auditor and has a great grasp of the basics.

A good level of training is a must for successful soloing,

especially when after 7 you are on your own.





I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


You can dedicate your whole life to pursue an IMPLANTED GOAL thinking is your own.

You can dedicate your whole life to pursue an IMPLANTED GOAL thinking is your own.



I had quite a realization last night after several sessions

addressed to handle my feelings of loss and betrayal.

Some people, as normal operativity, run on others a have-cant’have

or others type of game conditions.

Their end product is to get others stuck

into an apparent survival goal.


It is an excellent way to minimize someone’s power.

“To help a family member no matter what.”

it has been one of the implanted goals restimulated on me.

The first lie it was that the person that restimulated it

was not a “family member” in the first place,

despite to what he had me believe.

He used this, to me attractive but synthetic goal,

to tied me up to something

he, in fact, did not believe existing.


Back down the track, and before we were shot into a new game,

we were given a series of implants

and a “memory card” with all the ‘suppose to’,

rules, agreements and lots of fake track of that game

(culture or civilization).

When somebody comes to you and restimulate one of this goals,

which are perfectly aligned with the moral of the synthetic track,

we might feel we are doing the right thing,

and we must do it

in order to be decent ‘human beings’.


The perfect job... the perfect wife...

We do an administrative scale and everything seems

to be what we want

and there, we give our agreement

and we sign our life away to that new lower game.


Trouble starts…

life becomes an endless fight.

What is wrong?

There is a lie.

While researching and auditing I have run into many implants,

many false data, many misconceptions.

I found that the starting of my last 2D was actually base on implanted goals.

To have a nice family, to be there and support my mate no matter what…

were sub purposes.

What is my true goal?

Spiritual growth, to move up to the next and the next level..

What it was his goal?

To play, as he told me many times…

and a family to him it was and it is nothing more than an accessory to his playing.

While I have contributed greatly to his expansion,

on my side, my spiritual growth stopped.

I had to deal with a person that used lies and words to cover his real intentions.

Obviously, that family goal was not getting me anywhere…

But when sitting down to do an administrative scale our goals seemed to match.

We ‘both’ seemed to loved each other, we both seemed to want a family,

we both wanted spiritual freedom.

In reality our vectors were opposing.

MEST deals with solidity, individualism,

threats, instability and bad control

while Theta tends to freedom, harmony and increases ARC

and responsibility all along the dynamics.

I have discovered that

when a being is actually working toward his basic goals…

life becomes magic.

Things align and no much effort is required.

As a being becomes more causative,

he get freer from the mechanics of this universe…


Implanted goals can be fascinating,

can give you the feeling of doing the right thing,


but require more and more effort and more and more agreement

with the MEST universe and many compromises.


They are there to confuse you,

to make you look into the wrong direction

and to keep you busy while at times giving you the idea

you are cause and you are moving in the right direction.

Theta is really cause.

Many times when we cannot make something go right,

at that point would  better be off looking at what WE really want…

because, we might not want that thing we are pursuing, despite what we think.

We might be going for broke for an implanted goal…

and we are just playing the game of our “old friends” the implanters…



training and auditing centers.


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If you are still in the church as staff or as public

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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



‘You have to be able to confront the world and the people in it…’ tech training film ‘How to set up a session’


You have to be able to confront the world


and the people in it…

Tech training film

‘How to set up a session and an e-meter’ supposedly by LRH

(at this point we are not sure of that)

Larry Andersons is an ex-Scientologist actor that has featured in many tech training films and in the Golden Age of Tech mandatory introductory film called ‘Orientation’. La latter, being nearly a 2 hours film, ending with an insult to whoever had decided to not join the $cientology religion. So much for respecting freedom of thoughts and beliefs.


Confront has been the key to any handling

as underlined in the most important philosophical movements and/or spiritual studies.

What is ‘confront’?

This word has been misunderstood in many ways. Of course at any level of the tone scale there is a particular viewpoint or interpretation of it.  For a 2.0 Confront might mean to have the “courage to fight back and destroy” Confront is intended as force applied and has more energy (solidity) connected to it as you descend the tone scale.

You will observe that confront on the tone level of sacrifice would mean being able to confront the pain as part of a learning process or advance…

Arnaud Desjardins in a book called “La via del cuore”

‘The path of the heart’ explains that before you can judge

if another person action is evil or good

you should understand his motivations and his heart.

This is a very good point, and definitely requires confront in the higher sense of the meaning.

What confront is?

To me confront is to be able to see ‘what it is’ for ‘what it is’.

I have been working very hard on this myself

and still have long ways to go.

When somebody attacks me I get hurt.

Being rejected or experiencing low ARC from a person I love

has created  deteriorating effects on me.

I know there is something I’m not confronting

as I take their action as an attack on me.

And in appearance could very well be.


But, as Mr. Smith says:

“Reality is always a lie”

“Truth is never an apparency”



“Confronting is the ability

to have Truth and Reality coincide.”


They are trying to solve a problem.

Looking back at all the times where I was lied to, or cheated…

the right answer would have been to ask the guy/girl:

‘By doing that

which problem are you trying to solve?’


CONFRONT, n. 1. an action of being able to face. (HCOB 4 Jan73) 2. the ability to be there comfortably and perceive. (HCOB 2Jun 71 I) 3. confront itself is a result and an end product. Ititself isn't a doingness, it's an ability. (SH Spec 21, 6106C27)-v. to face without flinching or avoiding. (HCOB 4 Jan 73) by L. Ron Hubbard


That would have been closer to truth than anything else.

A suppressive person is stuck in a moment of danger trying desperately to solve that problem.

In a smaller or greater degree, when we behave in an unethical way

and hurt intentionally or not another

we are being suppressive to the other person.

This universe is all set up in a very nice trap…

a loop a loop

where no matter what you do you never go anywhere

so you get introverted…

After few years in Scientology,

where you are made guilty of everything and more,

this level of introversion reaches states where the being

is actually creating mass and not-ising.

If someone out of the blue throws you a rock,

well indoctrinated and introverted by the Church of $cientology,

you instantly ask yourself:

What I have done?

You are instantly connecting with your bank…

Confronting had to do with looking outward…

naturally a static cannot look at himself unless he puts out something

(a viewpoint-valence) from which to look.

Still, he cannot look at himself because he is not the valence

and therefore he is ‘looking’ at himself from a lie.




The bottom story is:

Not allowing/preventing somebody to do you harm,

it is a necessary thing, but it can be done in a totally different way

if we understand that the being is acting

under a great inner pressure and stress,

or if we are doing it prompted by the upset that our past losses or invalidations

discharge on us restimulated by such behavior.

The question: ‘What problem is he/she trying to solve?’

will undisclosed more truth then we think…

This viewpoint alone will help us to help.

I recognize that my past upsets or grief to that, was nothing more

than a restimulation of my past losses.

And because I was not in present time

I was not able to observe the pressure or restimulation that prompted

the person to attack and therefore everything went to hell.


Naturally I’m talking to well-intentioned people,

not to these that loves to restimulate,

as they very well know the person fighting back

is just trying to stop them from suppressing.


We are talking about the other side…

A person with a peaceful heart

does not need or have the impulse

to suppress, invalidate or control others.

WELCOME to the New Independent



Clear /Solo1

After more than 27 years in the Church of $cientology

Tiziano Marzotto, as part of his thorough doubt condition announces

his official departure from the Church of $cientology,

exposing crimes, lies and abuses by him discovered.

He is today proudly part of the Independent Scientologists


‘It is not easy to leave the Church of Scientology after 27 years’, writes Tiziano;

‘You lose your best long time friends with which you had fought for your dreams.

I’m now starting from scratch in the Independent field, but it is worth it.

Truly, this is the greatest good for the greatest number of the dynamics.”

Lots of ARC
Tiziano Marzotto





An interview with Max Hauri from the Ron’s Org

where they are creating miracles every day!!

“Many people erroneously think the Ron`s Org,

are doing a different bridge, this is a false datum.

There is only one Bridge. The one LRH gave to us…”  by Dirk Hauri



Courseroom Laptop area 

The study area

The Courseroom

If you come to train to the Courseroom as an auditor



Jim Logan lead Supervisor:


Email :






The Life Improvement Center of Coeur d’Alene!

Frankie 214 578 1275

For OT -7’s and o8 contact Elizabeth Hamre






If you are still in the church as staff or as public

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if you just left and you need help,

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Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!





From regging cycles “Coffee Shop Auditing Style” to the HGC’s Out Tech.”


You probably would enjoy as much as I did

this little story from Mr. Smith.

As a note;

If you still in the church please educate

the staffs into using the proper  two-way comm cycle,

as reported in the below HCOBs.


Today if you refer a Staff member to a HCOB, he most likely will ask you what it is?...

Here is the story:

On day MR. Smith was asked to join Staff.

He politely responded with a ‘NO’.

Of course the recruiter couldn’t let go…

and so insisted and asked ‘WHY’?

MR. Smith, a well-trained auditor,

looked at the guy and with good TR’s answered him:



“You are not going to make me list a question

that does not read on me,

and you are NOT going to give me an item, either,

from a non reading listing question.”



Now, think of all the times you were told you were out-ethics

because you did not donate more,

or you did not contribute or agreed

or you were asked why you were in that situation,

or what did you do to pull it in…

This is, today standard in the Church of $cientology.


Knowing the tech






… wrong list reactions.

(…)  he blows up or goes into apathy. Or blows. Or attacks the auditor.

ALL of the more violent or bad reactions on the part of the pc

come from out-lists.

Nothing else produces such a sharp deterioration in a case or even illness.



Therefore, when one gets a sharp change in a case

(like lowered tone, violence, blows, (…) long notes from pcs, self-C/Sing, etc., etc.),


This outness can occur in regular sessions (…)

It can occur in “coffee shop” (out-of-session auditing of someone)

or (…) poorly trained or untrained staff members

or even in life.”


L. Ron Hubbard

HCOB 20 April 1972 Issue II C/S Series 78






By a “listing question” is meant any question

which directly or indirectly calls for items in the pc’s answer.

Use of “who,” “what,” “which,”

instantly turns a two-way comm into a listing question.


If you use a listing question accidentally in two-way comm,

you can get the same bad reactions from a pc

that you would get on a wrongly done list.



The reason for pc upsets in two-way comm is hidden,

as it is not apparently a listing process,

rarely gets the correction a bad list would get.

Asking “who” or “what” or “which” during a two-way comm

after the main question can also turn it into a listing and nulling process.

Two-way comm questions MUST be limited

to feelings, reactions, significances.

They must NEVER ask for terminals or locations.

EXAMPLE: “Who upset you?” in two-way comm

causes the pc to give items.

This is a LIST.

“What are you upset about?” does the same thing.

“Which town were you happiest in?”

is also a LISTING question,

NOT a two-way comm question.

Any of these result in the pc giving items.

They are not then nulled or correctly indicated.

The pc can get VERY upset just

as he would with a wrong list.

Yet the session is not a “listing session”

so never gets corrected.

EXAMPLE: “How are you doing lately?”

is an example of a correct two-way comm question.

It gets off charge and gets no list items.

“Are you better these days than you used to be?”

“How have you been since the last session?”

“What happened” is different than

“What illness,” “What person,” “What town,”

which are listing questions.



When other things fail to locate the upset of a pc

look into two-way comm processes in the folder

and treat them as L&N processes

where the pc has answered with items.

The relief is magical.









(Technical Dictionary)


the precise technology of a process

used to clarify data with another for the other.

It is not chatter.

It is governed by the rules of auditing.

It is used by supervisors to clear up blocks to a person’s progress in study,

on post, in life or in auditing. It is governed by the communication cycle as

discovered in Scn. (HCOB 19 Jun 71 111)


is an inquiry of the pc as to what

is going on and an invitation to him to look at it,

and that is all. (SH Spec 43, 6108C22)




a two-way cycle of communication would work as follows:

Joe, having originated a communication, and having completed it,

may then wait for Bill to originate a communication to Joe,

thus completing the remainder of the two-way cycle of communication.

Thus we get the normal cycle of a communication

between two terminals. (Dn 55!, p. 84)


the cycle is Cause, Distance, Effect,

with Effect then becoming Cause

and communicating across a distance to the original Source,

which is now Effect and this we call a two-way communication.

(Dn 55!, p. 64) Abbr. 2WC or TWC.)








If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!




Celebrating the regained family values!!




Today I wish to celebrate




A concept and reality that has been deteriorating slowly slowly

in the society and faster and faster amongst the $cientologists

as to give more space to the selfish ‘I’ in the normal society,

and as to give it all to the group as demanded openly and covertly

by the Church of Fear of $cientology .


We cheer to the many of us that have lost their families

by the very act to stand up to their rights and regaining that integrity

that was asked as exchange for freedom.


Well done!!

Well done!!

We cheer to those that despite having experienced

the dark pain of betrayal and degradation

made it out or are still fighting to not give up.


We cheer to these incredible people that were there to lend a hand to others

when needed. This out of pure desire to help, out of pure love.

We celebrate the regaining of value

of friendship and family.

The true group.

There is no way that anyone or any group who is asking  you to give up

or to sacrifice yourself or your family for the benefit of the group,

is sincere or truthful.

No one as the right, ever, to ask you to do that.

You are a better person and a better member of the group

only if you and your dear ones are winning and happy.

We have been cheated on believing otherwise,

but we have learned.

It feels good.

I want to share few posts that were written as a response

to the declaration of independent of Guido and Marisa Minelli…

Starting from their son Francesco:




Mom and Dad,

that day when I came back I did observe pretty well

and I took good care of this place in my little body

I had a purpose and one of the best helpers…

two of the most amazing parents that did let inherent myself determinism

flow free in their universes, while getting me familiar

with the virtue to  be able to differentiate between good and evil,

right from wrong.

You did let me err, you did help me to get up again

and at times you did allow mw to help you, just as a son should do.

My best acknowledgment to you, beside to welcoming you,

is by telling you that I LOVE YOU.

It has been a danger situation to me, the fact that I could have lost you,

the fact that I would have to hide to my kids

why their grandparents were no there for them.

But I guess I see the Postulate processing got the right EP

and you are here to cheer with us to an untouchable reality.

The INFINITY is in your hand.

Your son,

Francesco  MINELLI

27 December 2010 11:15 pm



27 December 2010 11:45 pm

Comment by Silvia Kusada

“Francesco your comm is wonderful.

Amongst the independents we are rediscovering family value.

After so much ‘cold’ we meet true friends,

ready to help each other without hidden motifs

I smile up to my ears thinking of your family all together.

Yesterday I spent Christmas with my father.

I did not see him since ’85 as he was declared SP.
It has been a simple Christmas.

But maybe is one of the richest in human values.

A very big hug to you!!”



28 December 2010 7:35 pm

comment by Martini

“Dear  Silvia,

my heart warms up listening to your words.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has contributed

to the INDIPENDENTOLOGO (Italian site for the IND);

the Lugli FAMILY, to which I wish to get back to be a united family very soon

while sending them a very special hug, the Minelli FAMILY

and all the others independents that with their stories

allowed me to understand many things until now unclear.

Question never answered by the “answering machine”, not spiritual at all,

which are the $cientologists.

The story told about Scientology-Italy has an historical value to me

and I look forward to the new chapters….

A special thank is going right to you Silvia,

and to who you know that had helped so much.

To be there with you that day it has been “revealing”

Thanks to you two I really understood the aspects and retrospectives

of this appearance of reality until now unnoticed.

I then wish to thank the Indipendentologo team for their ‘faith’.

To all of you I wish a 2011 full of ‘huge win’.



Minelli 28 Dec 2010 9:38 pm

Comment by Marisa & Guido

Thanks Silvia,

It is true, family it is very important to us.

We did witness in the last few years to the pressure exerted on the parishioners

to break families in the name of “the greatest good”.

We always believe that the second dynamics plays a fundamental role

into being and expanding into ‘the other dynamics’

We are very pleased you spent Christmas with your father, after so long.

We are pretty sure this has generated lots of theta

and that this theta is now flowing.



28 December 2010 1:32 am

comment by Guido Minelli (Francesco’s father)


Dear Francesco,

I was touched by your words. You are a very big being and your mother and I

knew since you were very young. …

(…) Our family is more united now, in bringing forward ideas of freedom

as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard that it has ever been.

You were a key point to our awakening.

You had the courage to search for truth

and to inform us of your discoveries.

Your integrity and honesty has been awarded.

I feel incredibly happy when we are together;

we generate a huge amount of theta,

while I feel sad for those that are still inside the Church.

They do not know what they are losing.

I love you too.
Your dad,


IND field





Happiness Rundown


I regained the same happiness and entusiasm for life

that I had when I was a child.

I understood the origin of an aberration that affected my life up to now.

Fortunately My Wife has been there to help me all along,

and thanks to her I’m now back on the road to truth and freedom.

Many thanks to my auditor Silvia Kusada

and to LRH tech.”






We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!



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