She would probably not recognize you, – I was told –she does barely recognize her own children. Alzheimer has taken her away from all of us.




But when I walked in, her face turned to me. She did not say a word.

She does not ‘talk’ anymore. But her eyes, her eyes became instantly alive as they opened widely to embrace me.

A fearless wave of love penetrated me so deeply and with so much intensity to destroy any boundaries created by this human illusion.

No words could have achieved the same effect, no matter how sweet, caring and sincere could have been.

There we were, together beyond space and time, where the mind cannot travel and forbids anyone to go.

I silently cried and so did she.


She did not say anything, right?” he asked later.

No,- I answered –yet, this has been the most beautiful welcome I ever felt while inhabiting a human body.

I was asked why I spent money to go visit some people.

What they call people, I call family.

They are my home away from home.



The Gift


“Do you think you possess special abilities?” she asked with a challenging, wicked smile.

She knew I would say No, as saying Yes, would have been a statement of insanity… And indeed, only two categories of people might admit to have special abilities, the crazy ones and the great masters, the first asserting self-importance and the latter uttering truth.

But my counselor, a young woman with great emphatic abilities and a pure willingness to help, has surrendered her “seeing” to the indoctrination of a system enforcing a generic prescription of what it should be, to anyone, in the process of feeding a corrupted medical  system.

My answer to the above question, however, it was NO. I do not have special abilities. I have what every being was endowed with, at the start of the game; telepathy, empathy, the gift at times terrifying, to be other people.

It is not a special gift, it was something everybody had before they decided, through “experience”, it was too painful to feel the emotions of someone they kill for food or pleasure, or the desperation of the beings they betrayed and any other un-pleasant emotion they caused to another human or living being.

It took a while, life after life (game after game) to shut off those cells in the brain which were made to detect other living beings impulses-emotions-thoughts.

It took a lot of suffering, deception, losses and lies to oneself and to others to make what we have now; a soul identified with a “hologram”, a weak, coward being which believes the only safe way to exists is to assert his independence from others.


It is not a normal condition to be “blind” or “deaf”.

A population infested with a plague does not make that condition of sickness a normality. Do you follow me?

But it requires courage to ‘listen’, to ‘see’, to ‘feel’ especially at this stage of the game, where the majority of people hurt each other in the name of freedom, love and justice. They ‘torture’ one another (physically and/or psychologically) to get pleasure… to feel powerful and safe. Killing as a sport, deceiving and lying as a justified method of advancing in the society. This is what blind people do.

This is where we are.

I have been suffering of severe depression for years… this is what the society categorizes the result of seeing, feeling, and hearing the pain and agony of others. Their tried to numb my perceptions, to convince me it is better to shut it off.


Only by being blind you can avoid seen the slaughter, the abuses and be happy.

Only if you do not know how many beings you are hurting when you selfishly waste, steal, betray or lie to another…

And $cientology today, the way is delivered, is another of the very many numbing practices… which built the ego while promising success for the single being.

The weak, the coward and the un-aware seek power for him/herself and the few he/she think are aiding his survival…

where the strong knows true power and wisdom is the very enemy of the ‘I’ the ‘self’ and that synthetic happiness that can only been achieved by numbing ones knowingness and perceptions.


Shopping for bodies… or beings?

Shopping for bodies… or beings?


-I think I look good in that car… I meant to say: ‘with that girl!”-


I have mentioned before that whoever will actually

produce a true realistic human robot

will make a fortune.

I will definitely be one of the buyers.

May be I should audit-out giving up finding a mate.

I admit, I’m quite apathetic about it.

After few years of being single I decided to try one more time a single site.

I have done it 2-3 times… but after few days

I end up cancelling my subscription.

The only way I could be on one these programs longer than few days,

would be if I decide to write a book about dating.


I have to clarify that I do not believe into the so-called “womanhood” and “manhood”

I believe in spiritual being  inhabiting bodies and acquiring and using the configuration, data, the ‘suppost-to’

or ‘not-suppost-to’ of that culture or that bodies.

So even if this post will mention men…

 it is actually about men and women.


I have gone out with few guys… actually I would better say

I have gone out with many valences…

they are in too much fear to come out at the open.

When you read their profiles you read the description

of the most amazing perfect guys every woman would want to have.

A good 80% of the ones that promote themselves to have an income above $150.000 thoudands, are people who suddenly have  ‘lost’ their job or lost the majority of their clients the day before they go out with you. Right!

Some others have moneys, they are too scared to reach for the blond ‘russian’ or the ‘too actractive’, and decide to go for something they can still kind of proud of to bring around (BRING), but they feel safer to not get screwed.

The so-called safe option.

Others are definitely wealthy but they do not know what manners are.

Or they think they do, because they buy you an expensive dinner,

they make sure you see they have spent $300 for that expensive wine

or they invite you in their house (what they call it ‘mansion’)

and they tell you to feel home, when they really mean:

‘If you stay with me you see what you can use?’

And you look at them, realizing

they do not have a clue of who you really are

and who they really are.



They are making their business deal.

My money, the use of my properties for your body…

if you make me look good and you shut up when I do not wish to talk.


I think if all this would be openly expressed

I would have more appreciation for the guys.

I grew up in a country where manners were very important.

And I still think they are.

They are a form of respect and care.

To say good night before going to sleep, to open the door to a woman,

to ask what she would like to eat or if there is anything you could do to make the person feel better or more confortable…

Manners are nothing more than a way to say:

‘I see you are here and I like it.’

I remember when I was teenager, a very beautiful friend of mine

slept with a guy just because he went to her

and told her she looked like a princess.

And he really treated her like one.

Wasn’t a big deal to sleep around but there was care,

it wasn’t a cold use of each other.

We were friends “forever” (kind of) after that.

I believe in love. I believe in honestly and loyalty.

But most of all I believe that when somebody really sees who you are,

if that is love, it does not ask himself what you can do for him,

it does not care of your past or your future,

he is not worried about his properties or the time he is investing.

Nothing of this counts.

And if it is pure love, an high tone one it will last forever.

A honeymoon can last a life time…

The question most people in fear ask themselves

women or men indistinctly is:

‘What he or she can do for me?”

But this is an incomplete question…

the second part should say… “and what does she /he needs ?

Can I deliver that to him/her?”

Two first dynamics

do not make a second dynamics.

They simply remain 2 first dynamics,

even if in appearance there is an illusion of a group.

The coexistence and the fusion of 2 first dynamics,

with a common goal

and a basic postulate of survival as a group

will make one.

You do not lose your individuality…

you just expanding into more space and more beigness,

that been the one of your teammate.

And you sit there with this super cool “well mannered guy”,

that just ate all the fish you supposed to share,

he did not even ask you if you wanted to try it,

he did not even think there is another person in front of him…

You sit there and wonder.

You well know this guy is not going to do anything for you,

unless it brings any benefit to hinself.

You are just one of the cars he wish to drive..

and he really does not care if he gets you or a yellow one,

as long as he gets a car.

It is a first dynamic activity.

There was a guy that thanked me for having accepted his invitation

where no women have had.

I wouldn’t have gone too if wasn’t for a misunderstanding,

but I was surely glad to be there, and I would have rather spent my time

with him that with the others Mr Right.

He was the only one to be really there…

A OT, to make it short, cannot play the meat body game

without going down..

he has to start lying to himself and justifying and saying good-bye to his awareness, abilities and  Code of Honor…

It is true that for a being anything is better than nothing…

but that is true for a being that is already pretty enmeshed with the lies 

in this universe… and have already lost the sense of truth

and his own integrity…

Compromises and justifications are the very essence of this universe.

and after a while they make you lose sight of what you really want

and of who you really are.

It is priceless to have spiritual friends. 😀


‘THE ELEMENTS with stress on how to run matched terminals

25 March 1953 by L. Ron Hubbard

“Any thinker in any age, any one of the great teachers has recognized this very clearly: that Man’s only smaller chance of bailing himself out of what he was in-the only chance he had of bailing out had to do with Man respecting Man and letting people get up off their knees. 

And the six great teachers have each-has each one of them tried to make this point clear to Man.

Then a bunch of mad hatters rush in and they get down-you see, there can be one level at 40.0 where you really do get the universal solvent: admiration, affinity.

And for every point on the upper scale, there is an echo: mockery point on the lower scale.

For instance, true friendship could only exist from about, oh, maybe 2.8 up. And yet your friends at that level never say, “I’m your friend.”

That’s left for the fellows around 1.1.”

“People come along and they say “love”. (…)

“What is this stuff called love?”

“Everybody knows that men and women are in love with each other.

Oh, yeah? I know they have compulsive drive toward each other that’s very emotionally upsetting, … Well, maybe once in a while they do.

And when they do, do you see a tremendous successful marriage.”

“And as an auditor you are going to be confronted with this, time after time, because you are going to say, “Well, that’s odd.

This fellow was in love with this girl and then this happened and… “get that first word that he used. “I was in love.”

Right at that moment, take your choice.

It’s down here below 2.0 on the Tone Scale or it was way up.

And if it was way up, he wouldn’t be sitting there talking to you. 

You get that? “

He wouldn’t be there if it was up, so what’s he talking about?

He’s talking to you about something which exists below 2.0 on the Tone Scale. (…)

Because there’s always something below 2.0 on the Tone Scale which is a mockery and a mimicry and a pretended agreement with something actual, high on the Tone Scale.

For instance, there-fear is a sort of enthusiasm.

You can watch somebody exhibiting enthusiasm and he’s coming out that way, you see?

Well, a person doing fear is really doing some sort of a level like that and you can very easily get a person who is continually in fear mixed up with a person who is enthusiastic.

You are dealing with somebody who’s about 1.0 on the Tone Scale and you think you’re dealing with a person who has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.

Only, all this person is trying to do that has all this enthusiasm, he’s just trying to hold everything off of him. With what?

By being afraid of it, see? 

Push out that outflow, push out that outflow and that will hold them all off. And you-this person very often will mistake this for enthusiasm.

And it’s merely this: it’s, if he can put it out fast enough and hard enough and acceptably enough, he drives them off hard enough.

So sometimes he’s more scared than others. “

“Love is a compound emotion. “

“If you want the preclear to turn on the emotion called “love,” get him to turn on sympathy and admiration in sequence.

Get him to turn on sympathy for something, then admiration for something, then sympathy for something, then admiration for something.

And if he gets that going, all of a sudden the sympathy and admiration will merge as an emotion and you’ll get what’s known as love.

And he will feel that and he’ll say,

“My God, I haven’t felt that since I was fifteen.”

That’s real love.”

“Of course, most people are so scared of this commodity that you probably wouldn’t be able to get them to admit it if they did feel it- if you get somebody, when you got him up the Tone Scale a little bit and try the test.

And what people misinterpret as love below 2.0 on the Tone Scale is a very low-tone agreement with.

It’s actually a sort of pity, feel sorry for, sympathize with.

In other words, it’s the sympathy.

It is the sympathy element in love.

And so you get it way down at the bottom of the tone scale.”

“It’s quite powerful. It doesn’t have the other ingredient in it: admiration. “

We talk about ARC and we’re always talking about affinity.

What’s affinity? Affinity is co-beigness.

And co-beigness is only possible in the presence of admiration and sympathy.

Now, it has to fall away from perfect co-beigness in order to pick up individual characteristics.

The universal solvent is affinity.”

The lower it is on the scale, the less co-beigness is possible.

So how do you get a preclear out of his body and able to be a lorry and able to be a soapbox and able to be anything he wants to be?

Well, boy, he’d better have affinity in unbounded quantities. “

“But if affinity was co-beigness, you wouldn’t need much space.

You really wouldn’t if you had affinity.

You wouldn’t have to be able to make very much space.

It wouldn’t be very important.

“We don’t have affinity creating a boundless quantity of space, but we have no-affinity with a tremendous insistence on lots of space.

And when a person says, “I don’t like,” he means, “I want to put space between me and it.”

“What’s communication?

Communication will be the ability to translate sympathy or some component of sympathy from one terminal to another terminal.

That would be communication. And the most perfect communication would be communication.

That would be the most perfect communication, you see.

You’d be in the same space as the other person, thinking the same thought, and that’s as perfect as communicating is going to get.

And the most perfect affinity you could possibly be with anybody was to be the body. Be them. That would be perfect affinity, you see?

But you’d really have to have perfect affinity in order to have perfect communication and yet…

All right. And then, then we’ve got reality. What’s perfect reality?

 We’d have perfect reality as agreement, just like we’ve said all along, because the most perfect agreement would be to be in the same space with, thinking the same thought as and feeling the same emotion as somebody else. And then you and somebody else would be actually, basically, the same person.

But there is a position on the Tone Scale where you and somebody else could be the same person and then simply on determinism be different people?

You know, be the same person, then be other people?

And then be the same person and then be two people?”

“Could you do this?

Yup. Way up. Way up on the Tone Scale. That’s the way you do it.”

“So way up on the Tone Scale, there is no such thing as a hidden communication or a hidden influence.

You have co-beigness, co-communication, co-agreement, winding up in a reality with a tremendous flexibility of beigness and determinism, tremendous loose flexibility.

A person is as happy as he can be his entire environment, saying, “I’m not going to be that, I’m not going to be that,” you’ve got the stimulus-response mechanism which, to know more about, you should study in Book One.

by L. Ron Hubbard







I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 






If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:




Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.



You can dedicate your whole life to pursue an IMPLANTED GOAL thinking is your own.

You can dedicate your whole life to pursue an IMPLANTED GOAL thinking is your own.



I had quite a realization last night after several sessions

addressed to handle my feelings of loss and betrayal.

Some people, as normal operativity, run on others a have-cant’have

or others type of game conditions.

Their end product is to get others stuck

into an apparent survival goal.


It is an excellent way to minimize someone’s power.

“To help a family member no matter what.”

it has been one of the implanted goals restimulated on me.

The first lie it was that the person that restimulated it

was not a “family member” in the first place,

despite to what he had me believe.

He used this, to me attractive but synthetic goal,

to tied me up to something

he, in fact, did not believe existing.


Back down the track, and before we were shot into a new game,

we were given a series of implants

and a “memory card” with all the ‘suppose to’,

rules, agreements and lots of fake track of that game

(culture or civilization).

When somebody comes to you and restimulate one of this goals,

which are perfectly aligned with the moral of the synthetic track,

we might feel we are doing the right thing,

and we must do it

in order to be decent ‘human beings’.


The perfect job... the perfect wife...

We do an administrative scale and everything seems

to be what we want

and there, we give our agreement

and we sign our life away to that new lower game.


Trouble starts…

life becomes an endless fight.

What is wrong?

There is a lie.

While researching and auditing I have run into many implants,

many false data, many misconceptions.

I found that the starting of my last 2D was actually base on implanted goals.

To have a nice family, to be there and support my mate no matter what…

were sub purposes.

What is my true goal?

Spiritual growth, to move up to the next and the next level..

What it was his goal?

To play, as he told me many times…

and a family to him it was and it is nothing more than an accessory to his playing.

While I have contributed greatly to his expansion,

on my side, my spiritual growth stopped.

I had to deal with a person that used lies and words to cover his real intentions.

Obviously, that family goal was not getting me anywhere…

But when sitting down to do an administrative scale our goals seemed to match.

We ‘both’ seemed to loved each other, we both seemed to want a family,

we both wanted spiritual freedom.

In reality our vectors were opposing.

MEST deals with solidity, individualism,

threats, instability and bad control

while Theta tends to freedom, harmony and increases ARC

and responsibility all along the dynamics.

I have discovered that

when a being is actually working toward his basic goals…

life becomes magic.

Things align and no much effort is required.

As a being becomes more causative,

he get freer from the mechanics of this universe…


Implanted goals can be fascinating,

can give you the feeling of doing the right thing,


but require more and more effort and more and more agreement

with the MEST universe and many compromises.


They are there to confuse you,

to make you look into the wrong direction

and to keep you busy while at times giving you the idea

you are cause and you are moving in the right direction.

Theta is really cause.

Many times when we cannot make something go right,

at that point would  better be off looking at what WE really want…

because, we might not want that thing we are pursuing, despite what we think.

We might be going for broke for an implanted goal…

and we are just playing the game of our “old friends” the implanters…



training and auditing centers.


For the list go to:




we are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!





It is a crime to invalidate the State of Clear…



Lecture of 8 Nov 1959 by L. Ron Hubbard



So auditing exists in areas of free communication.

And in the absence of free and optimum communication

you get very slow progress.

Scientology will still do the job, but it’s very, very slow progress

compared to the progress that you get when communication is free, …

… If you do that, you got lots of Clears,

and if you don’t do that why, poor show. …


If you want a happy environment,



well you’ll just have to have an environment

that you can be in communication with.

So it works not only in sessions, but in life.











“It is a crime to invalidate the State of Clear

– see to it that you don’t do this in your conduct as a Clear,

particularly as regards yourself.”






“Of course I did have my own thoughts of being Clear.

But being acknowledged being Clear is so important.

All the defenses to myself regarding my state as a being are gone

because I do not need it anymore.

I do not need anymore putting all the thoughts about Clear in a Corner with a wall before.

The effort regarding Clear is totally blown away.

All doubts are gone.

The uncertainty has gone. All feels now just easy and weightless.

+plus all the suppressions during my time in the Organization

and through the Organization is gone. Have as-ised it.


While getting audited from Silvia it was a real journey back on the bridge.

The interest to carry on with the bridge has risen 100 percent

because it is not hard anymore going up the bridge.

It is there and it is not as complicated as it is laid out in this Organization

which calls itself Church.

The Tech personal there is treated so badly

and they are also refused having the wins from their work.

I´m so happy Silvia came here.



I kind was sure of what was going to happen but on the other hand I wasn´t.

It was an adventure as I did not know what would come out.

I also experienced that it is just so nice and smooth teamwork between Auditor, PC and C/S.

And I have to say, I had no considerations about the C/S and the c/sing

which I had earlier in the Organization as all the actions what I should do in Auditing

where the right thing to do at the right time.

And Silvia, I like it so much being audited from you.

You are such a caring lovely person with such a biiiig heart.


Anna Margareta Schultz (Clear) and Silvia Kusada (OT8)


Kiss and hug you all including LRH, wherever he is.

so many love to you all



Life repair



It’s unbelievable, what a release it is !

You can talk about years and years of being degraded to nothing in a Org, of being  not-ised as a husband from Org terminals, not-ised as an active Scientologist as someone with so many commendations and awards, as someone with high IQ, with so many abilities and self determinism. It is such a relief to go up the bridge without the org staff trying to sell you other things: IAS-T-shirts and hopes of religion recognition instead of helping you to go up the bridge!

I do not need to be not-ised anymore in the hope of going up the bridge. I’m and I help and I receive help that is supporting my goals, not just support stats of a Staff member!!

The one you do not know yet 😀

auditor Silvia Kusada Class 6 – OT8






For OT on OT7 or OT 8 contact Elizabeth Hamre



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Silvia Kusada Class 6- Class IV C/S – OT8

write to:


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The Life Improvement Center of  Coeur d’Alene.

Frankie 214 578 1275





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



A little ‘sign’ will appear saying: CONGRATUTATION!! You won! WELCOME to the next level!!

The next level.

Optimisms and delusions when prompted by non-confront

can be deteriorating on a case.


Often I hear people talking about OT 8 as a level where “you are done”

…no more case.



It make me wonder 1) how much training these people have under their belt and

2) where their confront level of this universe could be.


My pc, Adri, which is fairly at the beginning of the bridge, has amazing perceptions

and recently came up with quite a cognition;

cognition that very few OT’s and/or scientologists,

even if long time in the “business’, did not yet have.


When you attest OT 7 or OT 8

A little ‘sign’ will appear saying:


WELCOME to the next level!!’




And who of you knows something about video games,

is well aware that the next level requires better skills,

more confront and it is indeed tougher.


Having gotten at the level where I stand now,

where the MEST universe has gotten VERY thin,

I’m debating with few choices I need to take;

1)      I can forget everything I know and go back to the normal life, into the ‘matrix’

2)      Leave this boring and degraded game

3)      Find the dimension where I can still preserving my awareness and growing toward more truth while “playing” without being sucked into this deceiving illusion.

Theoretically this choice should give me the bonus to be able to connect to others

at this level, otherwise, only seen outside the ‘matrix’.




The last choice is the only one that I’m truly interested in pursuing,

even if recognizing the magnitude of dedication, effort and courage required…


The only question at the moment is:

How do I do that?…


Sorry to disappoint who expects that by reaching the upper levels

all turn into magic and sweet.

If you willing to die for truth, it is not going to be a walk on the clouds.

More power, bigger games, bigger barriers…

it is just another level.

And be ready to not be seen.


Many of you are waiting that somebody comes

and tell them what to do, for somebody to believe.


Ignazio Tidu elected himself as the ‘RTC’ for the Italian independents (sad but true),

and got great support from the many.

But the truth is, he can only tell you his own truth or understanding of things,

and he cannot substitute you own observation or knowingness.

You should never give that up, as Scientology is nothing more than a diving board…

at one point when you will truly and honestly be up there,

YOU are going to be the one to dive

and you better look around, because there could be much much more

then you ever expected to see.



You have to get trained, you have to read of other philosophies

and get the full understanding of what is going on…


As for my experience I do strongly advice people

to walk the path laid out from LRH up to OT7…

from there on, there are different ways to tackle your spiritual progress,

and they all works on the same basic principles.

You should get the full data and find the one that works better for you.


If you get accused to be a squirrel because you look

in order to obtain more knowledge and to find answers more suitable and real to you,

be aware of the fact that that very person that is accusing you to be a squirrel is violating the basic tenets of Scientology and he could be “the “squirrel him/herself

having basic misunderstoods.


Trying to take away from you the so hard achieved ability to inspect

and your own awareness it is a suppressive act.

The Conservative tone, even if it is placed above 2.0 on the tone scale,

still a tone where the STOPs are a modus operandi.

It is not a theta place to be.

Protecting a Status Quo is enough of a lie

and does not get you anywhere, spiritually speaking.


Fix ideas are the bars of which an OT jail is made.




But this of course if you are looking for something more than just a piece of paper

conferring you a “status” of OT.


There are very good auditors all around the world,

If you need one in Italy and/or in Europe drop me an e-mail at:

skusada2010@gmail .com

and I will definitely refer you to one.


Flourish and prosper

but most of all, if you believe in the Tech, listen to LRH:

Get auditing hoppin!!





“So a lot of data has been amassed and aligned.

It is not necessarily true that this data is new,

but it certainly is true that this data is evaluated.

Better values can still be put on some of this data.

Those are workable truths.

Also into this field some religious practices fall.

They are workable. Somebody comes in and he feels sad.

He is told that he is forgiven and he feels good. He is not sad now.

That as far as a practice is concerned is workable.

What part of religion is above that, I do not know.

(And by the way, anybody who misquotes me and says “Well, Hubbard is an atheist”

or something — they are full of malarkey. They are probably atheists themselves.

They don’t believe in themselves, obviously.)

So here is this triangle, this pyramid.

Right at its peak we have the entering point of knowledge.

From this point down we know some things which are relatively workable,

Useful and true. And above this point, for our purposes, we know nothing.

That doesn’t mean we can’t find some things out



A lecture given on 7 January 1952 Search and Discovery Series by L. Ron Hubbard


And a note from the times where helping people (auditing)

was very easy and considered a priority….



You look at an individual’s eyes — the pupils of his eyes —

and if the pupils of his eyes rapidly dilate and contract,

this individual is not under sufficiently heavy sedation to influence the case under auditing. That should tell you quite a bit.

It is a very simple test: you just take a match (careful not to stick it in his eye!)

and you strike it and bring it from the back of his head around

to the front of his head and watch the pupil of his eye.

If the pupil of his eye does not contract swiftly, this individual is under sedation.

Now, sedation can be administered to a person up to a point where this will still take place,

And it is a good safe auditing margin.

It has to be beyond that, that auditing under sedation is bad.

The roughest deal I know is auditing people under the influence of alcohol.

It is very, very rough. You should not audit preclears when they are very drunk.

A drink or two doesn’t matter much, but if you are auditing somebody

who is inclined to be an alcoholic, there is no reason why you should knock off processing just because he comes in with a “morning after.”

Another attitude these days is you take reasonable precautions with your preclear:

you get your preclear enough food and enough rest.

These are reasonable precautions.

But if he just happens to be slightly unstable

or maybe he has not eaten for only a day or something like that,

go ahead, audit him.

There isn’t any reason, in short, to hold up auditing,


except deep sedation where the pupils of the eyes won’t react,

chronic sleeplessness, bad malnutrition and, of course, heavy drunkenness.


A lecture given on 7 January 1952 Search and Discovery Series by L. Ron Hubbard





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