The Gift


“Do you think you possess special abilities?” she asked with a challenging, wicked smile.

She knew I would say No, as saying Yes, would have been a statement of insanity… And indeed, only two categories of people might admit to have special abilities, the crazy ones and the great masters, the first asserting self-importance and the latter uttering truth.

But my counselor, a young woman with great emphatic abilities and a pure willingness to help, has surrendered her “seeing” to the indoctrination of a system enforcing a generic prescription of what it should be, to anyone, in the process of feeding a corrupted medical  system.

My answer to the above question, however, it was NO. I do not have special abilities. I have what every being was endowed with, at the start of the game; telepathy, empathy, the gift at times terrifying, to be other people.

It is not a special gift, it was something everybody had before they decided, through “experience”, it was too painful to feel the emotions of someone they kill for food or pleasure, or the desperation of the beings they betrayed and any other un-pleasant emotion they caused to another human or living being.

It took a while, life after life (game after game) to shut off those cells in the brain which were made to detect other living beings impulses-emotions-thoughts.

It took a lot of suffering, deception, losses and lies to oneself and to others to make what we have now; a soul identified with a “hologram”, a weak, coward being which believes the only safe way to exists is to assert his independence from others.


It is not a normal condition to be “blind” or “deaf”.

A population infested with a plague does not make that condition of sickness a normality. Do you follow me?

But it requires courage to ‘listen’, to ‘see’, to ‘feel’ especially at this stage of the game, where the majority of people hurt each other in the name of freedom, love and justice. They ‘torture’ one another (physically and/or psychologically) to get pleasure… to feel powerful and safe. Killing as a sport, deceiving and lying as a justified method of advancing in the society. This is what blind people do.

This is where we are.

I have been suffering of severe depression for years… this is what the society categorizes the result of seeing, feeling, and hearing the pain and agony of others. Their tried to numb my perceptions, to convince me it is better to shut it off.


Only by being blind you can avoid seen the slaughter, the abuses and be happy.

Only if you do not know how many beings you are hurting when you selfishly waste, steal, betray or lie to another…

And $cientology today, the way is delivered, is another of the very many numbing practices… which built the ego while promising success for the single being.

The weak, the coward and the un-aware seek power for him/herself and the few he/she think are aiding his survival…

where the strong knows true power and wisdom is the very enemy of the ‘I’ the ‘self’ and that synthetic happiness that can only been achieved by numbing ones knowingness and perceptions.



Getting ready…

How many of us have someone who are not ready to leave?

May be more than just one, may two or three,

kids, husbands or wives, best friends…

And what are we doing about it?

They drop the body or we do, and all is gone.

"Imagine the frustration of someone who has just lost the body and it is watching his family crying without any means to communicate to them. They were together a life time and never learned to communicate. "


I remember a very dear friend I met in Sand Castle.

She was from Mexico.

Since her daughter was born she started to training her into developing theta perceptions…

They would drill every day into perceiving each other thoughts

and locating each other with their eyes closed.

I thought it was fantastic.


When I met JT during a Christmas party

I advised him to do the Briefing Course.

I could see the heavy grief and suffering he was still in,

after over a year from his son’s death.

Jet with his father John. Travolta

I thought it was really criminal on the Church of $ side,

not to help him spiritually.

I remember mentioning to JT that LRH talked about

helping/auditing your teammate

if you find him in the middle of nowhere into space or something…

JT was so interested in founding out how to get in comm

with his son Jet.

Here we have a man with all the money

anyone would dream of,

with a life that many envy,

which is totally helpless when it comes to reconnect with his son.

On the other side you have these amazing

mexican mother and daughter

able to communicate to each other without their bodies.


What a wonderful connection.

Now, if the Church of $cientology would have truly been

about spiritual awareness

instead of playing the role of a corporation, they would have helped him.

Unfortunately none of the hundreds staff,

auditors and C/Ses could find that datum for him…

no one helped him into that spiritual reconnection.

He has been OT3 since the early 90’s.


What did I learned from all this

and from my last few years of agony?

I have learned that there are very few rich people on this planet.

I have learned that on a beautiful yacht, in elegant fancy parties

there are may be a bunch of “smiling” bodies,

but very few “alive” spiritual beings.

I have learned that the best school you can give to your child

is the school to the knowledge and awareness

of his (not of his body) own abilities

and the skills to use of them.

I have learned about priorities of life…

and confusion.


Answer this question.

Then analyze briefly your day and

look how many of your daily activities are body (this lifetime) oriented

and how many are really for you.


Now, ask yourself again the question…

Do I really wish to go OT?

If you answer is ‘Yes’,

I’m pretty sure you will have some re-organizing to do.

This universe is too good on steering us

and keeping us busy on the wrong track!

This is one of the reason we need each other!!


Reorganize… 😀




I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.

Where are my keys?

Where are my keys?

The hard way to find your keys…

when an elf hides them under the couch

or moves them about in your purse,

is to look for it.


The easier way is to know where they are.


After a bunch of solo auditing, where apparently,

I couldn’t feel much gains…

I suddently realized that in that nothingness I had actually expanded

and regained a huge amount of knowigness.


I always had a great ability to find things where people thought they had lost them.

I can always find anything, except my keys.

Many times I had to literally empty my purse to find my keys.

Well, not long ago, while I was considering

that my keys disappeared again I tried a different approach.

I closed my eyes and I looked where the keys were.

I put my hand back into the purse and there they were.


Found them!!!


I have for too long played the wrong game and used the wrong rules.

It has quite an invalidative-introverting effect for an OT

to play by the laws of this universe.

It does not work for him.

He is pretending to not being able to run, and tries to walk…

he is actually stopping himself and putting counter efforts

to his impulse to run so to be able to just walk.

He is so accustomed to this that all his counter efforts

to stop his abilities are almost in automatic.

It takes some work to

1) locate and

2) strip off these counter-efforts.

It is a re-educational process to the OT life.

A steady exercise of your knowigness.


Many times you will feel you are making mistakes,

you will doubt yourself.

But, please do not stop.

After a while you will start separating your knowigness

from the one of others

(that’s where the ‘mistakes’ or wrong answers come from.).

I would like to invite you to try…


To be OT starts from having the right state of mind.

Not from the mind.

Send me your successes please!


About a year ago  I met a great guy at one of Tory Christman parties,

he gave me a book he wrote which I think it expresses a very interesting viewpoint.

I promised him I would have post it on my blog but I never did.

I apologize to him for the long delay. Here it is.

The Queen of Heaven:
The origin of the Universe and the Masonic Pyramid by Jeffrey Augustine
IBSN 1-4116- 5906-6
Send direct inquires to:
Author Augustine
The Queen of Heaven: The origin of the Universe and the Masonic Pyramid by Jeffrey Augustine – Send direct inquires: – 




I do believe the lower bridge as LRH laid it out

is the right gradient to upper levels.

I have put my spiritual search and progress as the priority.


However, I’m available to get to Clear and OT  ONLY, I underline,

ONLY those that are truly determined to make it out.

(those only can contact me at:


All the others can avail of the many great people

and great auditors available in the field of earth. 





For the list go to:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


Guess how long will the Church of $ last?

Please read carefully.

You can now easily predict how long the Church of $cientology

and the low ARC users, will last.

If we want to create something prosurvival

we should really understand the power behind ARC.



January 1951, by L. Ron Hubbard




Group repair is actually a study of the Tone Scale

and mental equipment of the leader of a group.

A group is no more ethical than its system of ethics.

Ethics are a direct measure of a position on the Tone Scale.

A system for measuring the ethic of any individual or group

could be devised from tests measuring the communication,

affinity and reality factors of the individual.

Likewise a system of measuring the ethic of a group

could be devised from a study of its communication,

affinity and reality factors.

Theta is as pure as it has truth in it.

The amount of theta in a pure state in an individual or group

measures the life potential and energy of the group.

We study, in theta, not only reason and ideals,

but also the dynamic-the energy and longevity-of survival.

Thus when we say “amount of theta”

we could also say “amount of reason”

and “abundance of energy expended toward survival.”

Ethics are distinct from morals.

Ethics are the factors of survival as they reasonably

and currently apply to the problem.

Honesty, derivably, is the highest level of survival.

Potential of survival can also be measured, in other words,

in terms of the amount of truth discovered

and applied to given problems and situations.

Morals have only to do with habits

and customs and are to a large degree reactive, not reasonable.




On the Tone Scale it can be seen that survival potential drops lower and

lower as communication, affinity and reality drop lower and lower.

Death is no affinity, no communication, no reality and no survival.

As one spots a group or an individual on the Tone Scale

he can spot exact and precise reactions of ARC for that individual.

Around 2, as for communications, the individual will censor communications.

Around 2 he has overt hostility for his affinity.

Around 2 he has challenge, interruption for his agreement.

Lower, around 1.5, he deals with perversion of communications,

hatred for his affinity and utter disagreement for his agreement (reality).

Around 1.0 he has cut off for communications,

covert hostility for his affinity and contradiction for his agreement.




As an individual is upon the Tone Scale so will he inevitably handle ARC.

As a group exists on a Tone Scale, so will it inevitably handle ARC.

Below 2.0, whatever his expressed intentions, the individual works as entheta

and enMEST and as the tone sinks to 1.0 will actually kill himself and other

individuals or groups.

He talks of death and emergencies.

He advises powerful remedies for “potential death” situations.

And although he may seem to work hard

to “remedy” the situations he postulates,

he will yet produce only reduced survival or death for himself,

his associates or his group.

He may seem to be working with the highest effectiveness,

he may believe he is doing his very best

and yet the end product of his endeavor

will be reduced survival or death.

…Entheta, once in action, contagious its turbulence into other

theta and organized MEST and, when enough can be generated,

death can take place and another cycle can be begun,

a new individual, a new group.

The death of an individual or the death of an enterprise

or nation follows this spiral toward suicide.

The way stations are the points of action on the ARC

survival Tone Scale.

Look at the points of action for affinity on the Tone Scale,

or for reality or for communication,

and you can see how much inclined toward death

for the individual or the group

will be the actions of that individual or group.

Reversing the viewpoint, by spotting the position of the individual

on the Tone Scale or by spotting the position of the group

by what he or it does with ARC,

one can see the survival potential of the group

in terms of energy and longevity.





Thus, we could see, for instance,

that an administrator favored secrecy in his dealings,

that he practiced cruelty on individuals of a group

but masked the cruelty under “necessity,”

that he altered or suppressed every plan submitted to

him-one could spot him on the Tone Scale at about 1.1.

A group, then, alert to bring about the highest level of survival

for the group, to conquer for it the maximum amount of MEST,

should be alert to the position on the Tone Scale

of the leaders of that group.



The group itself can deduce the position of a leader on the Tone Scale

by the way he handles ARC.

The highest quality leader who would bring the most to the group would

handle ARC in a nearly pure state.

He would work toward open and clean communication lines.




He would attempt to effect the greatest affinity

amongst the group and with the group.

He would act only with the highest level of agreement with the group.

And he would pay the strictest attention to the ethics of the group.

As we have both terror and fear at the same point on the Tone Scale,

we can see that there is a difference of intensity

for any point on that scale.

This is like the question of pitch and volume in music.

The point on the scale would compare to pitch.

The volume of the note would compare to the amount of theta energy

or entheta energy present at that point.

Thus, a group must also be alert for the energy

of an administrator-in other words,

his dynamic potential in terms of volume.

A group could have a very high theta leader who was high in Tone Scale

point only but who had no volume of energy to offer.

Searching for energy volume a group

may often mistake MEST force for theta power in a man.

True a man who can become very energetically high theta can,

during moments of turbulence, become large volume entheta,

but his volume will only direct at entheta, not theta.

High theta and high volume of energy and high quality of reason

combine into excellent leadership.

And each group member should act

to maintain high ARC in the internal organization.

This can raise group tone to a point

where group tone raises individual tone

and the climbing survival level complements itself interactively.

A volume of energy at a high tone level, once attained,

Operates with a kind of velocity.


Like the ramjet which, at the speed of sound

has attained almost perpetual motion

And constant speed, so can a group,

by artificially attaining necessity level,

begin an automatic, self-supporting rise in the group volume and tone.

This point is very high but is worth striving for

since an individual in such a group

soars up the Tone Scale as a direct result.

Tech Volume I, by L Ron Hubbard






on OT 7

Gabriella Masserini joined Scientology in 1983.


She attested Clear on 1988 and she has been auditing on Solo Nots’ a year and half. (2007/08)

She has decided to withdrawn her support to David Miscavige and she has assigned him the condition of Treason.

By disconnecting by the squirrel management di Miscavige she remains loyal to LRH and joins the Independentes movement.

Our admiration to her for her courage and integrity.

Gabriella Masserini  e-mail:




For OT on OT7 or OT 8 contact Elizabeth Hamre



EUROPE: The Ron’s Org:

Max Hauri:


ITALY: Maurice Pascal

write to:


GERMANY: Felicitas Foster




USA: The Courseroom

Jim Logan lead Supervisor:

John Aaron :


The Life Improvement Center of  Coeur d’Alene.

Frankie 214 578 1275





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!



Marry Christmas… and remember; Lies and miracles are a different breed of cat!!


Lies and miracles

are a different breed of cat!!





But of course to the many confused beings full of false data and misunderstood

they might appear the same thing.

A little bit like the empty Ideal Orgs meaning expansion

or that suffering, invalidations and indigence means survival.


Adolf Miscavige knows something very well:

by entering enough shocks, confusion and pressure upon a group

you can always get people to believe or do anything you want…

even that dogs poop cupcakes!!


Merry Christmas to the smart, clever,

in-tech independents

and to the Cooley-drinker too!!




We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!



A being in good shape acts by knowingness, not as a result of thinkingness…


Truth is equal to itself but only at creation…

Than it becomes a lie…

Therefore every single answer

to and/or from the past

is a lie.


While I was introverting

asking myself questions about my past relationship

I realized that any answer I could come up with couldn’t be right.

Past is gone.

It is not there actually, therefore my answers could not match something

that did or does not exist or something that is persisting,

because even  if it is persisting,

it must be in a constant change…

therefore the answer would need to be

a constant modification of the previous answer…


Note: Questions about the past are just calling for more wrong items.

It seems a complicated concept but it is actually very simple.


Thinking is a low tone activities,

a degraded substitute for knowingness.


Thinkingness: a substitution for an ability to predict. (per2ACC &Tech Dict)


It is not needed where one ‘is’.

A being in good shape does not think, but pervades…

His, are actions and decisions taken in the moment of now.

And because every moment is a new now,

differences, similarities or identities do not exist either,

but they come into existence

only with the consideration of time.

And here we are already well down the scale.

If you can get this concept…

which is pretty foreign to this universe,

you will also understand that to answer the question of why and how come,

is in itself an aberration.

To plan a future is also a form of aberration since

you are, at this point, all the way up the scale,

to the opposite side of irresponsibility.






Veda: 1. we find Scn’s earliest certainly known ancestor in the Veda.

The Veda is a study of the whereins

and whereases and who made it and why. It is a religion.

It should not be confused as anything else but a religion.

And the word veda simply means:

lookingness or knowingness. (PXL, p. 10)



THINKING, 1. that process in which a person engages by which

he hopes he will someday come to know. (2ACC lB, 5311CM17)

2. the combination of past observations

to derive a future observation. (PAB eight)

3. a substitution for an ability to predict. (2ACC 21A, 5312CMll)

4. condensed effort. (2ACC 21A, 5312CMll)

5. comparing a particular datum with the physical universe

as it is known and observed. (Lecture: Education and the Auditor, 1951, p. 9)



KNOWING CAUSE, the person at cause is there

because he knows he is there and because he is willingly there.

The person at cause is not at cause because he does not dare be at effect.

He must be able to be at effect.

If he is afraid to be at effect, then he is unwilling cause

and is at cause only because he is very afraid of being at effect. (SCP, p. 9)



KNOWINGNESS, 1. being certainness. (PAB 1)

2. a capability for truth; it is not data. (PDC 47)

3. knowingness would be self-determined knowledge. (5405C20)






KNOW-POINT, a know-point is senior to a viewpoint.

An individual would not have dependency on space or mass or anything else.

He’d simply know where he was. (PXL, p. 257)



KNOW-TO-MYSTERY SCALE, the scale of affinity from knowingness

down through lookingness, emotingness, effortingness,

thinkingness, symbolizingness, eatingness,

sexingness and so through to not-knowingness-mystery.

The know-to-sex scale was the earlier version of this scale. (PXL,p. 49)



THINKINGNESS, 1. down the scale at the level below effort.

It comes in as figure-figure-figure-figure-figure.

“I’ll just figure this out and I’ll get a computation

and a calculation and I’ll add it up to . . .

Now let me see . . .”

We don’t know how all of this mechanic got into a postulate,

but they’ve let it get in there.

So that’s the level, thinkingness. (PXL, p. 169)

2. the potential of considering. (COHA Gloss)







Wins on the Happiness Rundown.

Auditor: Silvia Kusada




Today I saw that in reality you are almost never yourself

and I understood what a valence really is.

I thought I did not have so many!!

Instead I observed that depending on the situation

you get the  most useful one.

Question: when I’m going to be really me?

Answer: from now on.

Much Love,

Nena B.








This is my story.
My name is Daniel Asse

I am a prominent member of the Jewish community,

Freemasons and Rotary Club in Mexico.

I was in Scientology for 9 years

The Church says that you “must handle” big upsets refunds cycles,

chaplain cycles within Church lines.

This is a falsehood.

I have been trying every single day for 1 year to no result.

I have called OSA INT multiple times.

No one will return my phone calls.

Part 1.

I believed in Scientology to improve spirituality.

I gave them a LOT of MONEY. They intensely regged me for a LOT of money.

The Church became one big reg cycle to see how much they could get out of me.

I paid $60,000 just for my wife’s bridge alone.

I paid $100,000 to FSO for Ls

While having L’s at Flag my wife was having sex with the Snr C/S of IFAD (in Mexico)

Part 2

When I return to Mexico, they both where waiting for me at the airport,

and this guy took me to his church (now as a Chaplain)

and enforced and coerced me to have an express divorce,

they kidnapped me for 9 hours with no food until I sign a piece of of paper

that says that my wife took all the money $127,000 us dollars

from my own accounts, pre-sign checks (for emergencies),

cash in my house and even money under my mothers account,

for her divorce, and that I couldn’t go to court to appeal

for what happened with her.

I was screamed at for my “CRIMES.”

I was constantly threatened with “non enturbulation order”

and suppressive person declare.

But they are the ones who emptied

my bank accounts while I was on the L’s at Flag.

This guy told me that I could lose my house too

(I was married under separate assets)

he took me for a whole week (in his office,

with out allowing me to go out, and threat me that

I was going to be declared suppressive

if I do not pay him more money for the church,

he was pushing me to go back to Flag,

then he took me to CLO Latam to many others t

hat knew about this evil plan to divorce me right away

so the stolen money out of my accounts had a different spin.

My wife, had, in my absence given ALL the money

from our joint bank accounts to the Church for “Ideal Orgs.”

None of this was her money. She came into the marriage poor and penniless.

I put the money in the accounts which she gave away

without my knowledge to “Ideal Orgs”

The Church knew that I was in Clearwater for L’s

and that the money they were stealing did not have my approval.

I believe my wife gave them all these funds

to avoid Ethics for sex with the Senior CS in Mexico.

Part 3

I was hugely upset that all my money was raped out of my possession

without my knowledge and consent.

I threatened the Church that I would go public with this,

upon which they threatened my spiritual future and told me

I was no longer elligible for Flag, to go to Los Angeles.

This was my life immediately after completing 3 L’s at Flag.

I went to Los Angeles where they put me to slave labor of filing in Central Files

for 2 months while I paid my own hotel and meals.

I am public, but I am filing in Central Files like a Sea Org member on the decks.

Part 3

With co-erced pressure they made me sign a bunch of documents

that I would never lay a claim on them, with $10,000 penalty for each claim.

They did not refund the agreed amount but less.

I am learning that OSA have so many WITHOLDS

that while they ask all day long from “CRIMES” they themselves

want to cover up inside scandal.

Why does everyone have to sign pages of documents to not “TELL?”

During my 9 years of taking services at the church,

I realized now, that I lost my wife, my money, my business,

my joy of living, and my family, because they made me disconnect to my mother,

because she is a psychologist.


Daniel Asse




We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!


In this universe the Future is nothing but a mass “thinking” about what ‘must’ or ‘must not happen’ again…

I wish to Share this comment made by
Elizabeth Hamre

She is an unbelievable OT

and of true inspiration to myself and others.

Her wishes to me are now my wishes to you!



“Dear Fairy, I read your blog,

I look for your cognitions with much interest.

The cognitions like pearls. Each one was born out of pain and suffering.

Out of mystery, secrets, darkness.

Yet how beautiful they are!

They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.

Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.

The basics are the rares of all pearls, since only few exists!!!

They value buy your freedom out of the Mest Universe.

For the New Year You have my postulate, my Best.


A string of Pearls of great Beauty.”


Elizabeth Hamre






Only if you are fully in ‘present time’

you can create a future without restimulating the past.

But, please note, saying ‘present time’ is inaccurate,

as it presupposes that there is a past and a future.

And this, for a thetan is one of the basic lies.

What it keeps him stuck in a loss,

tied up with the considerations to have and/or not to have.

Stuck in having had and must have again

or not wanting to have again.

Being without time is being everything and nothing.

NOTE: just below the infinity of a Being

there is a very high care factor of others,

a very high natural ARC.




Feeling LOVE in a ‘big’  FAMILY!

Los Angeles Ind’s

Celebrating Christmas


Another fantastic get together at Aida's and Dave's house.






Celebrating Christmas

in Bern, Switzerland

at Erica’s and Max Hauri.


Daniel Giorgos, Melinda Vivienne, Melina Elia Having great time!!



Yvan, Dominic, Amaelle, Josephine, Daniel, Melusine.

In the IND field  kids are welcome and loved!!



We are here to help!!


If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!



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