– General KRs

This is a flagrant violation of HCOPL The ethic Officer , His character” by LRH : “An E/O should never discuss staff members who are merely under investigation or act in a way to Third Party people. An E/O gets facts and then acts.”

Dead Agent Report by X on a out-policy comm from Paula Fuentes to Silvia’s C/S.

(please note it took Silvia over a year to be able to get to look at her Ethic File. When Silvia saw this comm in her folder she did ask Slavka for a copy. Slavka SCMAA, told her that she was not entitle to a copy because was not a KR. Silvia than took her time and copied it by hand.


Below is a comm. copied by Silvia from a report (to her CS) in her ethics file.  This report attacks Silvia as the 3rd Party in her conflict with her family, and sites me as the recipient of this 3P.  This is a false report.  At no time did Paula Feuntes discuss any of this with me, she puts words into my mouth and says I did actions that I never did.  I have responded in bold print.


PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “ Now there is a fact in this situation:  when this team ((X)’s company) was in Phoenix there was never an issue with Paola, or (Y), they were excellent executives, they are very upstat and X was very happy with them.  Now since they moved to Clearwater they started to have trouble ((X) for some reason doesn’t like (Y) job anymore and Paola is creating enturbulation on his lines).

Not true, when I hired (Y) he asked a huge salary (120K, twice what the previous person holding the production manager’s job received) and represented himself as an experienced Chrysler executive.  He came close to putting my company out of business.  In November 01 (before I met Silvia), I had to intervene during my auditing to save it.  He had over ordered the “just-in-time” parts and ate up all the company reserves.  He also didn’t ship anything between August and December, 01.  We had no money and no money coming in, for the first time since I started the company, 10 years earlier, I was facing not making payroll, lay-offs (including (Y) and Paola) and perhaps bankruptcy.  I had given (Y) the money he wanted, because it is what he said he was making previously and because I wanted a very experienced person holding down the Operation Manager’s job, so I could do my OT levels.  It is my feeling that (Y) may have managed engineering projects for Chrysler, but had no experience managing a larger area.  I felt ripped-off.  They (certainly (Y)) were not “very upstat” and I was not “very happy” with them.  I didn’t fire him (I should have) because he was still new in his job and I needed to be freed up to do my levels.

Paola Fuentes and I have never had a private conversation (to date) and the only time I have ever talked to her was briefly after the 3rd Party investigation.  I never said what she states above and she has never asked me about it.

W and J  attested this fact.

I asked both J and W about this, they said they do not recall any such conversation and they knew I was unhappy with Y and wouldn’t have said I was.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: When we were confronting the 3rd P with the rest of the group, Silvia came up as a 3rd party to X about Y “saying that she doesn’t think that Y is a good executive”.  It was a 3rd party toward X, Yt’s boss.  (That day X wanted to fire Y) but after the 3rd party he realized that he was a good member and that they have to be in good comm., that’s all.”

Yes, it came up that Silvia said she didn’t think that Y was a good executive.  However, I came to that conclusion long before meeting her.  Her statements did not act as 3P and I never stated that I wanted to fire Y (this came from Paola). At the end of the 3P investigation, I had realized that Y and I were out of comm.  I committed to giving Y his first employment review (it was time); it was not my intention of giving him a good one.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Silvia said to X that she couldn’t attest because Paola’s reports, etc… She also said to X that MAA was on Paola’s side.  She just continues to 3rd party X despite the fact that she got confronted on this and accepted to stop.”

Soon after the 3P investigation Silvia was given a 6 intensive TE, totally out reality and far far larger than she was ever given before, this financially blew her off the bridge … of course she felt persecuted and 3rd partied.  In view of this report … she was justified.

Silva didn’t make any comments about Yt after the investigation; therefore to say she continued to 3rd Party is untrue.  Again here is an example of her making statements about me and Silvia and me without ever asking.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “I checked the next day how the group was doing in the company especially X and the comments were “we are like when we were in Phoenix” and “we are loafing and knock off the natters and we did a lot of new agreements and everyone is doing great”.

So I took as a fact that the 3rd party investigation was a success.”

She did not check this with me; I have not talked to her since the 3P investigation.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “The next day I got reports from Paola and Y of Xy enturbulating again and telling Paola that she has to withdraw the KR from Silvia because he can’t have this pushing and crying and enturbulation from Silvia every day”.

This is true because X told the entire group, when we were doing the 3rd P investigation, of Silvia’s influence on him and that he was tired of her enturbulation about Paola’s report.

So this is the obvious sit.”

False Report.  This was probably after Y got his review.  Silvia was not pushing and crying every day.  She was upset (rightfully so), but she was not 3rd Partying me.  Again Paola never asked me about this.

I never told Paola L. she had to withdraw her KR.  I know this is off policy and I am too hatted as a Scientologist to do such a stupid thing.  I DID tell her that Silvia didn’t work for the company and had absolutely no influence on her job and that this trouble was her own mock up.  I also told Paola that her (8- page character assassination) KR on Silvia (the one that started this whole mess) was full of false reports.  I begged her to retract it on those grounds.  She agreed to remove the false reports … she broke her promise.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “X is totally new in the picture, he didn’t even know that these 2 sisters had such history of not communication, etc.

Silvia has been 3P X about Paola and Y to the point that Paola got fired yesterday in the morning and Y just talked to Randy about leaving the company too.

When Silvia appears on the picture Paola and Y and X start fighting.”

PAOLA LARSON WAS NOT FIRED; SHE BLEW!!!!  I have a written letter of resignation to document this.

The above mess continued for months past the 3P investigation.  Finally, it took me taking Paola off post and telling Silvia that our 2D was off until they worked out their problem.  They came back the next day saying that everything was worked out, but they couldn’t tell me about it because Paola Fuentes had them sign an agreement to keep everything confidential.  I was infuriated about this, because I had just gone through 6 months of HELL, and they were then going to keep everything secret (Scientology does not promote secrecy  … it is supposed to promote truth).

Within one week, Paola wrote another characterization assassination KR on G (an employee).  I told her it was off policy to involve the church in business matters and sent her to the WISE office to read the policy.  She came back and said, “didn’t apply”.   It seemed to me that Paola was hell bent on creating trouble and would not stop.  I told her that I was finally close to finishing my eligibility and I absolutely did not want any more enturbulation on my lines.  She was as my junior, and I told her not to put anymore entheta on my lines until I was complete and that I was going to do an investigation into this matter once done with eligibility.  Paola Larson submitted her written resignation the next day and left without notice or replacing herself on post.

Also, Y never threatened to quit.  He couldn’t afford to and I would have taken him up on it.  He was with the company for another 6 months; I had to fire him for his incompetence and my being pulled off OT3 to handle his post.

Again, Paola Fuentes has not ever, ever, EVER communicated with me.  She wrote this terrible CS comm. without checking her facts.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “I’m 100% that Silvia is not with X because she loves him as a 2D; she has another intention when she created this relationship and that’s what is not known yet.”

I’ve been with Silvia for 3 years, she has not ever shown she does not love me or has an ulterior motive.  This is a generality and she has no way of knowing Silvia’s feelings and has never talked to her about it.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Silvia told me 2 days ago in front of Paola that she wants me to write an enturbulation order on Paola because she has been alter-ising and enturbulating.  She wants me to find out if Paola read the e-mails of X (2D stuff).  Paola did not want to answer because Silvia did it in front of everyone and was 3rd P X at the same time made him think that now she has been reading their e-mails.  Again Silvia looking for more things to attack.

Silvia keeps saying that she doesn’t want Paola and her mother in her space and that they are entheta and suppress her (minimum of 5 times).  Now Paola has been 3rd P Silvia’s via mother, I confronted her on the cycle and she accepted and also in the company when she go mad she natters and the justification was “I’m defending myself”.

Paola believes that the KR that she did on Silvia is true.  She keeps saying that Silvia influence on X because he changed a lot since she (Silvia) has been with him (a fact that I believe myself MAA).”

About half of Paola’s KR was speculation on Silvia 3rd Partying her.  This was pure speculation and untrue.  Paola told me she would retract this false report … she never has.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Paola did a program and she read some references that you send her to read and she is doing a condition about the 3rd P (she sees that she had a lot of responsibility on the cycle and she helped to create the scene by not knowing what to do in that situation).  Paola accepted that Y and her were talking about X and Silvia.  X stopped doing this, he got the point as well as Paola.  So based on this, Silvia has a game condition with Paola and reverse; but the crime here is that Silvia used X, her “2D” to damage Paola and Y.  Silvia doesn’t want any comm. with them, etc.”

Untrue, the crime here is this false report against Silvia.  Paola Fuentes has never talked to me about any of this.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Paola has been always willing to do whatever is necessary to handle the situation.”

Paola Larson blew her post to avoid confronting this situation and has done nothing in the past 3 years to remedy her treason against Silvia and her job at T….

Side Note:

A few months after this report, Paul Greenwood conducted another, CS ordered, 3rd party investigation.  Prior to this, he stated to me specifically that Paula Fuentes certainly does not like Silvia.  After this he manipulated the results of the 3P investigation by throwing out both Silvia’s and Paola’s reports (he told me this during a phone conversation) … and then proceeded to say the investigation was done without announcing a 3rd party.  This out tech cycle has never been fixed despite the fact that I wrote it up.

A few months ago Silvia was pulled into an ethic cycle with Matteo Rossetti, during this cycle he told Silvia, that all ten Sand Castle MAAs don’t like her and even her own CS doesn’t like her.  Silvia now feels Flag to be a very unsafe place and is planning to leave Clearwater for LA.


Paola, Y are taking responsibility for what they did and they are going to do a danger condition on this.”

Not done … they never talked to me about any of this.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “I want Paola to confront Silvia and mother and apologize for creating 3rd Party and she need a taylor made sec check on this matter including a Q like: Has the MAA missed a withhold on you?”

Not done … Paola has not talked to Silvia for the past 3 years.  In fact she had her own son invite everyone in his school to a birthday party, except Federico (Silvia’s son), we the excuse he wasn’t upstat.  This is 3rd partying her own son against Federico, who has absolutely nothing to do with this.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Mother needs to get a Sec check where she confronts Paola 3rd Partying her toward Silvia (if she knows any out ethics situation from Paola).”

Not done … As a matter of fact, it came up from M…’s D of P (Roberto) when she tried to complete OT7, that when told to clean up the sit with Silvia, she said “If I get back in comm. with Silvia, I’ll have to move out of Paola’s house”.  Silvia’s D of P called Silvia after this occurred and said, “A lot of eyes have been opened around here”.  A Board of Investigation was convened, the result showed nothing of the above.  Again, I was not interviewed and the situation has not resolved.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “X is going to be handled by Slavka MAA (X is not on the upper levels and he is just confused and making the wrong decisions).”

Slavka did not ask me about this matter.  I have had extensive sec checking, however.

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Y needs to get cleaned up in the subject that he tolerates natter from Paola and he didn’t put her ethics in because he wanted to protect her.

The only one that is not cooperating at all is Silvia, she “just wants justice on Paola, etc.” another point from her was that her ex-husband A… doesn’t want to talk to the mother, because she is not good and just natters.  I’m 100% that she 3P him about her mother.”

Andre disliked his mother-in-law from the beginning.  There are some financial irregularities here.   You’ll have to ask Andrei the specifics

PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Silvia needs a Sec Check on this area, because the truth doesn’t come up.  She keeps attacking and doesn’t want to even handle that.  She is playing a dirty game.”


PAULA FUENTES, MAA SAND CASTLE WROTE: “Mark let me know what you think about this.  It is very confused and is not moving she is getting worse.  At this point, don’t believe Silvia or Paola, there are a lot of false reports in between.


Paola Andrea Fuentes



June03, 2009 Sand Castel


...a piece of TRUTH amongst a bunch false reports and attacks


  1. It’s amazing (and sad) how the orgs are being run oppressively. I’m very happy for you!

  2. I find it more amazing that unaberrated and powerful beings justify it and put up with it. Not Silvia though 😉

  3. I believe it will implode for with in.

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