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  1. Brava!

  2. Wow Silvia, that is impressive. You would think you would have all sorts of Ethics protection within the Church, no?

    • You make me smile!! I was looked in contempt instead, by MAA’s and other staff, because my disagreements with the IAS donations and special schedule cancellation. When ever I had a problems the MAA’s Slavka and Paula, were l so happy to point out that there was something wrong with me… to push that home to me….
      My friend David Gayman, which now passed away, told me one day that he was threaten to be declared by staff, for the same thing he actually got a commendation from LRH.
      Interesting, isn’t it?

  3. Ethics protection you say? When so little LRH is being used these days, why would one’s many commendations prove any worth to anyone. When all the expected forms of LRH Justice procedure is at one’s disposal and NONE of it is used in the standard manner, only used to intimidate, one must then do what one needs (within the bounds of legality and Standard LRH)to survive to maintain one’s sanity. Reminds me of the days working in the underground….hahahaha

    Was it that gross inval of David Gayman that caused him to leave? I knew David personally and never have I met a more Gung-Ho proponent of LRH, his Tech and his legacy. I am disappointed with those who would do such a thing.

    • David Gayman was living next door from me in Clearwater, Florida. He told me that he was put into heavy ethic actions to a point of risk a declare (thing that he got later on on another cycle) for a PR cycle he did in England. Guess what? David told me that when LRH got into the cycle instead of the declare he got a commendation…
      yes, he was an amazing person.

      • Hi Silvia!
        I didn’t know that David Gaiman had died….Sheila and David – they supervizer me Purif in 1995 in Russia…Very powerfull Thetans!!!!!!I’m very sad to hear of his passing; he was a real Thetan!!!!!!!I would be most grateful, if you could very kindly give me some details too. Thanks.

  4. Hi Silvia
    I didn’t know that David Gaiman had died. I knew him quite well at St Hill, and he did the naming ceremony for our son Edward in 1982. I’m very sad to hear of his passing; he was a real gentleman and a big being. I would be most grateful if you could very kindly give me some details.
    Of course, the Church treated him terribly.
    Much love, Robin

    • Dear Robin, If you send me your e-mail at my e-mail, I will tell you what did happen to him…
      he has been a victim of the squirrel ideal org campaingn…
      Great great guy… they were my neighbours, Sheila and David. beautiful people!

  5. Hello,

    Great job. I think I met you few times in L.A. I was at ASHOD. I sent you an email.


  6. This is fantastic.You are quite a person.Keep doing what your doing.
    LRH loves you.


  7. I used to have a nice pile of commendations that got lost by an MAA who didn’t “like” me while I was in the SO. How very convenient when I was in ethics “trouble”.

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