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I often hear people in the field saying that Scientology should be free. Some of them expect to get audited for free.

I understand that quite a few of them have been going through the frustration of overpaying for auditing and services, and many others not only paying big money but receiving nothing but sec checks or arbitrary squirrel auditing that had nothing to do with the Grade Chart or what they really needed.

However I would like to point out that to become an auditor it takes discipline and quite an investment of money and time. As you would not expect a web site designer to create your web site for free, or to go to a restaurant and not to pay for your meal, I feel would be fair if you consider that auditing has his own costs.

While Scientology can be free, the time and knowledge of the auditor has a value and a cost.

My advice to people is that they get trained… Not only, so they can exchange auditing and, if they wish, co-audit, but because once they are Clear they can actually audit in solo and handle their daily life.

In my last few years in the Current Squirrel Church of DM I thought I was basically done with my processing side of the bridge, not because I had done it all, but because I had basic disagreements with the management and the fact that you are not free to have integrity, this is to say to observe and have the courage to say what you did observe, I would not be allowed to continue.

I had quite a difficult time for the last 3 years as far as 2D suppressions, Church invalidations and wrong indications and as a Class VI, and OT7 solo auditor, I was not able to help myself using the tech, other than to pay for $7800 at intensive to get sec checked…

This I believe, has been and it is suppressive on the part of the church.

Once you are an auditor and you know how to audit on solo, you should be allowed to use the tech to help yourself in life. Of course if that would happen, DM’s Church would lose millions of dollars in income. So they try to get you in the HGC and they disregard any physical universe handling, especially on their part (as that is not a source of income) and try to make you solve your whole life in session…

Once I left the Church, I realized that even if I have been training all this time mostly to be able to help others, I was now able to help myself. I resumed solo, doing a program and having the most amazing wins.

When I look at Scientology being free, I look at the fact, that once you are trained you should be able to use it and produce thousands of happy free people, without restriction or fees…

You should be able to use it for yourself… and be helped by the org.

If I would have been soloing during my last 3 years, I would had dug myself out sooner from the suppressive trap I got in.

I have to tell you, that been trained it gives you a different look even on the O/W tech.

We all have been abused by the suppressive use of this fantastic tech, to a point that many just hearing the word overt, they get very upset. However there is so much to know and to benefit with the use of that tech. It is actually the fundamental of freedom.

Let me tell you, I’m having huge wins in my solo auditing. It is what is helping me to overcome the last few years of abuses, and you know what?

Everything comes down to our own postulates. There are people who are suppressive and 1.1’s, but they can only have effect on us, if somewhere on the track we have made an agreement for that to happen…… so there is an interaction with our own old postulates… and YES, it is very interesting to find out that WE ARE cause.

My point is, while I respect fully anyone that is in disagreement or does not believe in LRH’s tech, I advice to all the others that still have love for the true technology to study and move up the bridge. Now that we have so many up stat tech terminals and auditors in the independent field, you can be going up the bridge in no time. Because an SP (DM) is abusing the tech, is not a good reason to stop your progress. No one can take away your knowledge… and you take it everywhere you go.

Using the tech is the fastest way to heal and to flourish and prosper! No matter where you are or where you are going to be!

– My successes with L Ron Hubbard’s Tech

The study of LRH technology and the auditing I was receiving are the reasons I fought and fought and fought against the suppression for so long…

I did not know all this is actually available in the field and you can get it without the need to give up your rights of freedom of speech and thought.


  1. Cool! I love reading sucsess stories!You’ve made my day.
    People who is about to give up on tech need to read more of this.

  2. Brilliant article, Silvia – you feel about the Tech the same way I do – you have real enthusiasm for it. Congratulations!
    I would be interested to know who you used as your C/S when you went back to solo auditing – or did you just do it yourself?
    Love, Robin

  3. ciao Silvia, che bello e riabilitante questo post. Ho letto la tua storia in questi ultimi tempi e sei davvero un fulgido esempio di integrità personale. Grazie per tutto.

  4. i love what you shared, i did the whole bridge and got wins also, i left in 86
    all the best,roger

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