The 2 basic programs of this illusion; visual vs HTML

When we enter/are placed in this illusion we are given a mind, many minds in truth, and right there we are faced with our first choice:  going visual or continue to use the HTML (energy-coding vision)?

The very majority of us settles for visual vision offered by the mind(s) with its pictures, interpretations, taste, colors, and all the senses and emotions programmed to delineate and consolidate what we end up believing is us.


The dramatic feeling of been totally lost, is then partially relieved by the sensation of gaining a position in space which gives us some sort of delusional security.

The majority of people spend their whole life creating effects on others in the attempt of proving to themselves they are “alive”, they really “exist”.

I, too, choose the Vision-mode. Thought, for a while, Silvia was me. Struggled to fit in and, too, I was tricked, as the majority of fictitious, materialistic groups disguised as spiritual does, into believing being causative is equal to power.

Fortunately,  I always aimed toward truth, never really cared about power, about competing or challenging others… and I say fortunately, because your true intent is what guides you and lays the stones to your path.

I have always been quite perceptive, but it wasn’t of any help when dealing with psychopaths or psychotic organizations. They have a way to present themselves so as to match your perceptions and ideals. It is all a pretense, an exterior outfit but never the less good enough to cloud ones judgment.

It was only recently with regaining the ability to read energy (the HTML program), I realized what we see with the body eyes, what the mind offers us, is most of the time very different from what it truly is.

When you read a code you can see all the components, the element which constitute the appearance and the one who are prompting its action. A beautiful flower seen by the mind as such, will reveal its poisoning properties to whom is able to read its energy and codes.

I started to work on this. I was puzzled to see how, quite often, the beautiful, genuine smile, convincing words of someone, would ‘read’ on its energy formation as untrustworthy.

So many times I battled with the mind(s) “it cannot be possible” but at last, I became strong enough, to trust my new mode of vision.

The other day, reading a post by David St Lawrence, a man who I admire deeply for his constant help, on effectively enabling people to advance spiritually in freedom, I realized… ‘seeing’ is not something you develop with time but is something we have all along, something we surrender when we choose to let the mind “see” for us.

At the very moment we choose the body eyes as the primary-eyes, our
spiritual sight disappears in the background like a foggy undefined

When I read the energy is always spot on.
Again, where the ‘eyes’ of the mind see a beautiful person, event or
situation and the spiritual mind reading the energy, says exactly the opposite. I know the latter is the one to trust.

We entered a different plateau. Let’s keep in mind that, when you read a code, there can be a very early command which changes all the rest of the code and although the spiritual mind is way more accurate, by belonging to the material universe is still affected by its rules, lies and imperfection.

On the positive side, the reading of energy will give you a much broader vision, unlabeled, of the different flows. Please do realize that a this point there is no roads, mother, cat, sea, sky or any form as we have left the visual-mode.

All you see at this stage is the energy moving; no labels or judgments. And, if you make it close enough to the no-judgment, no-labeling zone, you have also gained a detachment from the mind and you are somewhat exterior to the whole material game of illusion with its duality.

As per the first graph below created and designed by David St Lawrence, the familiarization with the Spiritual world is a VERY necessary step. Only when it became a way of life, to you, to perceive and deal with other inorganic beings, your next door will unlock.

NOTE: All Inorganic beings, spirits, ghosts of a less dense, but still material (energy) form and the mind(s) itself belong to the game of illusion ordinarily called Reality.


Original Graph by David St Lawrence (above)


I modified the original graph by David St Lawrence to add another field and notes.

David St Lawrence Silvia version


For who of you is ready to make the necessary arrangements and to take the necessary steps to enter the spiritual world, I strongly advise to contact David St Lawrence…

He can give you the tools, to get to the door of Awareness.

Of course, there is no place for dilettantism, you are required to work hard and to bring out all the courage you can possibly can… You are the only one who can walk the path.

I think is worth it.




DM: “Regarding F/Ns, Do you consider you really know best about this subject?’


The New Golden Age


of Out-Tech




The New Definition of Floating Needle


Author: David Miscavige and Co.



“HCOB 21 July 1978R

(Revised 8 Oct. 2000 to include the full

LRH definition of floating  needle.

LRH originally wrote this HCOB on July 1978.

In February 1979, when updating

the book E-Meter Essentials,

he augmented the definition with additional text.

The full text, as it appears in
E-Meter Essentials, is hereby issued in this HCOB, Revision in script.)



A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial

at a slow, even pace of the needle,

back and forth, back and forth,

without change in the width of the swing

except perhaps to widen

as the pc gets off the
last small bits of charge.

Note that it can get so wide that you have
to shift the tone arm back and forth, back and forth,

to keep the needle on the dial,

in which case you have a floating tone arm.

That’s what an F/N is.  No other definition is correct.”

L. Ron Hubbard


Revision assisted by

LRH Technical Research and compilations


DM’s Crimes:


1) Interpreting policies resulting in alteration of Standard Tech

(Violates KSW N. 1  “Keeping Scientology Working”

and KSW N. 5R Technical Degrades)

and to the detriment of the Preclears.




This resulting in:

  • a) Huge Bypassed charge caused by;

invalidations of gains and End Phenomena and

wrong items pushed on the Preclears

  • b) Preclears in need of more repairs

and more auditing as the processes last longer

(temporarily) GREATER INCOME





The above interpretation of policies,

and alteration of tech

indicates few things on DM

and his followers:

1) PTSness

2) DM has never done the Saint Hill Briefing Course

If he would have done it, he would know that LRH

often changed definitions or/and processes on a daily basis.

He was researching and appealing to the student’s good sense

to refer to the Basics tenets of Scientology, NOT $cientology.

2) DM has misunderstoods on what are Scientology and its Basics

3) DM is dramatizing his Evil Purposes:

Altering the LRH’s Standard Tech to increase personal power

and to increase HIS finances.


Although DM, as an Int staff told me,

refused to get corrected and receive cramming

even when duly assigned,

he should be given a thorough

False Purpose Rundown on all the dynamics

and standard

False Data Stripping.

One of the questions being worded as:


Question No. 12:

Regarding Standard tech and F/Ns…

Do you consider you really know best

about this subject?’


DM... Know best.


And then, after the False data stripping,

he should re-study standard tech by LRH ONLY:


HCOB 21 July 1978


A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial

at a slow, even pace of the needle.

That’s what an F/N is.

No other definition is correct.







A floating needle is the idle,

uninfluenced movement of the needle on the dial

without any patterns or reactions in it.

It can be as small as 1 inch or as large as dial wide.

It does not fall or drop to the right of the dial.

It moves to the left at the same speed as it moves to the right.

It is observed on a Mark V E-Meter calibrated

with the TA between 2.0 and 3.0 with GIs in on the pc.



It can occur after a cognition blowdown of the TA

or just moves into floating.

The pc may or may not voice the cognition.

It, by the nature of the E-Meter

reading below the awareness of the thetan,

occurs just before the pc is aware of it.

So to give a “That’s it” on the occurrence of the FIN

can prevent the pc from getting the cognition.

Pcs and pre-OTs OFTEN signal an F/N

with a “POP” to the left and the needle

can actually even describe

a pattern much like a rock slam.

Meters with lighter movement do “pop” to the left.

One does not sit and study and be sure of an “F/N.”

It swings or pops, he lets the pc cognite

and then indicates the F/N to the pc,

preventing overrun.”


HCO B 7 MAY 1969R






Several OT 7’s and 8’s

resumed auditing on solo

with huge successes!

Auditing free of PTSness, pressures, invalidations

and bad control from the Church of $cientology,

produces stellar results!!

Keep in tune for more successes…





I realized this morning that I have not lived my own life. I did not have a dream and a picture of me. I assumed the personality of others and lived to please others. In being my true self I need to leave and have what I choose and what I like. I need to be true to me and my dream. This will be one of the biggest barriers and greatest opportunities for my happiness and success in life. MY LIFE. My new reality is not about my drug case–it is all about learning and practicing being my true self–a good man, honest and ethical, true to my own value system and principles, a loving and caring husband, the consummate professional. To love myself and life itself. I now see myself and life with a new clarity.  I have the acuity and ability to just see myself and life as it is. This process is like sitting in the ophthalmologist’s office and the doctor is testing multiple combinations of lenses; and a lens is subtracted and suddenly I see clearly.  I see now. This is true. Anonymous






We are here to help!!

If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENT as free people!!









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