The 2 basic programs of this illusion; visual vs HTML

When we enter/are placed in this illusion we are given a mind, many minds in truth, and right there we are faced with our first choice:  going visual or continue to use the HTML (energy-coding vision)?

The very majority of us settles for visual vision offered by the mind(s) with its pictures, interpretations, taste, colors, and all the senses and emotions programmed to delineate and consolidate what we end up believing is us.


The dramatic feeling of been totally lost, is then partially relieved by the sensation of gaining a position in space which gives us some sort of delusional security.

The majority of people spend their whole life creating effects on others in the attempt of proving to themselves they are “alive”, they really “exist”.

I, too, choose the Vision-mode. Thought, for a while, Silvia was me. Struggled to fit in and, too, I was tricked, as the majority of fictitious, materialistic groups disguised as spiritual does, into believing being causative is equal to power.

Fortunately,  I always aimed toward truth, never really cared about power, about competing or challenging others… and I say fortunately, because your true intent is what guides you and lays the stones to your path.

I have always been quite perceptive, but it wasn’t of any help when dealing with psychopaths or psychotic organizations. They have a way to present themselves so as to match your perceptions and ideals. It is all a pretense, an exterior outfit but never the less good enough to cloud ones judgment.

It was only recently with regaining the ability to read energy (the HTML program), I realized what we see with the body eyes, what the mind offers us, is most of the time very different from what it truly is.

When you read a code you can see all the components, the element which constitute the appearance and the one who are prompting its action. A beautiful flower seen by the mind as such, will reveal its poisoning properties to whom is able to read its energy and codes.

I started to work on this. I was puzzled to see how, quite often, the beautiful, genuine smile, convincing words of someone, would ‘read’ on its energy formation as untrustworthy.

So many times I battled with the mind(s) “it cannot be possible” but at last, I became strong enough, to trust my new mode of vision.

The other day, reading a post by David St Lawrence, a man who I admire deeply for his constant help, on effectively enabling people to advance spiritually in freedom, I realized… ‘seeing’ is not something you develop with time but is something we have all along, something we surrender when we choose to let the mind “see” for us.

At the very moment we choose the body eyes as the primary-eyes, our
spiritual sight disappears in the background like a foggy undefined

When I read the energy is always spot on.
Again, where the ‘eyes’ of the mind see a beautiful person, event or
situation and the spiritual mind reading the energy, says exactly the opposite. I know the latter is the one to trust.

We entered a different plateau. Let’s keep in mind that, when you read a code, there can be a very early command which changes all the rest of the code and although the spiritual mind is way more accurate, by belonging to the material universe is still affected by its rules, lies and imperfection.

On the positive side, the reading of energy will give you a much broader vision, unlabeled, of the different flows. Please do realize that a this point there is no roads, mother, cat, sea, sky or any form as we have left the visual-mode.

All you see at this stage is the energy moving; no labels or judgments. And, if you make it close enough to the no-judgment, no-labeling zone, you have also gained a detachment from the mind and you are somewhat exterior to the whole material game of illusion with its duality.

As per the first graph below created and designed by David St Lawrence, the familiarization with the Spiritual world is a VERY necessary step. Only when it became a way of life, to you, to perceive and deal with other inorganic beings, your next door will unlock.

NOTE: All Inorganic beings, spirits, ghosts of a less dense, but still material (energy) form and the mind(s) itself belong to the game of illusion ordinarily called Reality.


Original Graph by David St Lawrence (above)


I modified the original graph by David St Lawrence to add another field and notes.

David St Lawrence Silvia version


For who of you is ready to make the necessary arrangements and to take the necessary steps to enter the spiritual world, I strongly advise to contact David St Lawrence…

He can give you the tools, to get to the door of Awareness.

Of course, there is no place for dilettantism, you are required to work hard and to bring out all the courage you can possibly can… You are the only one who can walk the path.

I think is worth it.




The business of lying…

The business of lying…


“Therefore be “unattached”; let things work; let brain centers work; work incessantly, but let not a ripple conquer the mind. Work as if you were a stranger in this land, a sojourner; work incessantly, but do not bind yourselves; bondage is terrible. The world is not our habitation, it is only one of the many stages through which we are passing” Swami Vivikananda

I have been told many times from my teachers my problem was I did not like myself, myself being to them my illusionary image in  this illusionary world; Silvia Kusada.

It never felt right while at the same time it was true.

But as for any partial truth, that piece of information halted me.

I always felt trapped by the fact I was recognized and identified with a piece of energy. I had been fighting this ‘Silvia Kusada’, trying to change her or make her disappear. That has been wrong too. As a spectator of a play. It is both wrong to fall into the delusion you can help improving a character or to try to destroy it. It is both ways an identification with a lie.

Today when I look back I see that if my cohorts approach would have been toward me being able to detach from the illusion of an identity/ies, (Note, detachment has no business in any creation or destruction), I would have recognized in that a meaningful step on my path.

The stage where billions of billions of movies are projected, crossing and overlapping is an endless playground.


“The stage where billions of billions of movies are projected, crossing and overlapping is an endless playground.”

Detachment, self remembering has many layers, but none of them are useful until they reach the level of the higher spiritual mind, the one outside the duality and energy form.

A data is of no use, until is understood. Still at that point is of no use until it becomes true for you, and again it is of no use till you able to own it.


These are all steps.

A movie or a play is emotionless, unless we put there emotions to be felt.

And so it is by our self-deception, weakness and delusion that we laugh and cry. We look at the beautiful nature, at life achievements, and we feel happy. But once you know the truth, there is no happiness. Happiness in this illusion is regarded in higher planes as suffering and limitation.



” To this level suicide would be to stay. To forget or compromise their freedom and knowingness of truth.”

And so once your eyes are open the only way to continue to be ‘human’ or spiritually ‘human’ is to lie to yourself.

The strong black energy surrounding this Silvia Kusada’s program has nearly deformed and destroyed her; what the rational mind calls heavy depression is nothing but an awareness of lies. A form of transformation which destroys a non-functioning or deteriorating program. It is the wind of a new illusion slowly supplanting an old weak one.

Depression is just an appearance, as death.

What is suicide? An unaware method to abandon the ‘story’ while you believe your place still on the stage.

Yet, many higher ‘enlighted’ have left the stage, knowing they never had to be there in the first place. They stop creating it and giving it the soundtrack of emotions, the stopped to listening to the sounds.

 To such levels of awareness suicide would be to stay. To forget or compromise their freedom and knowingness of truth.

Again, my aim is not to achieve material happiness or to stop suffering… It is truth and truth only at its higher levels.

WHAT IS YOGA? page 259



“The chief principle of Karma-Yoga is non-attachment. A man who follows the methods of Karma-Yoga must practise non-attachment always and in everything, whether to good or to evil, to pleasure or to pain. Non-attachment does not mean indifference. It is a certain kind of separation of self from what happens or from “what a man is doing. It is not coldness, nor is it the desire to shut oneself off from life. It is the recognition and the constant realisation that everything is done according to certain laws and that everything in the world has its own fate.”


KARMA-YOGA teaches right living. Karma-Yoga is the Yoga of activity.

Karma-Yoga teaches the right relation towards people and the right action in the ordinary circumstances of life. Karma-Yoga teaches how to become a Yogi in life without going into the desert or entering a school of Yogis. Karma-Yoga is a necessary supplement to all other Yogas ; only with the help of Karma -Yoga can a man always remember his aim and never lose sight of it. Without Karma-Yoga all other Yogas either give no results or degenerate into something opposite to themselves.

Raja-Yoga and Hatha-Yoga degenerate into a search for external miracles, for the mysterious, for the terrible, that is, into pseudo-occultism. Bhakti-Yoga degenerates into pseudo-mysticism, into superstition, into a personal adoration or into a striving for personal salvation. Jnana-Yoga degenerates into scholasticism or at best into metaphysics.

Karma-Yoga is always connected with the aim of inner development, of inner improvement.

It helps man not to fall asleep inwardly amidst the entangling influences of life, especially in the midst of the hypnotizing influence of activity.

It makes him remember that nothing external has any significance, that everything must be done without caring about results.

Without Karma-Yoga man becomes absorbed in the nearest, the visible, aims and forgets the chief aim.

Karma-Yoga teaches man to change his fate, to direct it at will.

According to the fundamental idea of Karma-Yoga this is attained only by altering the inner attitude of man towards things and towards his own actions.

The same action can be performed differently, one and the same event can be lived through differently. And if a man alters his attitude towards what happens to him, this will in the course of time inevitably change the character of the events which he encounters on his way.

Karma-Yoga teaches man to understand that when it seems to him that he himself is acting, in reality it is not he who acts, but only a power passing through him. Karma-Yoga asserts that a man is not at all what he thinks himself to be, and teaches man to understand that only in very rare cases does he act of himself and independently, and that in most cases he acts only as a part of one or another great whole. This is the “ occult ” side of Karma-Yoga, the teaching concerning the forces and laws which govern man.

A man who understands the ideas of Karma-Yoga feels all the time that he is but a tiny screw or a tiny wheel in the big machine, and that the success or un-success of what he thinks he is doing depends very little on his own actions.

Acting and feeling in this way, a man can never meet with failure in anything, because the greatest failure, the greatest unsuccess, may further success in his inner work, in his struggle with himself, if he only finds the right attitude towards this unsuccess.

A life governed by the principles of Karma-Yoga differs greatly from an ordinary life.

In ordinary life, no  matter what the conditions may be, the chief aim of man consists in avoiding all unpleasantness, difficulties and discomforts, so far as this is possible.

In a life governed by the principles of Karma-Yoga, a man does not seek to avoid unpleasantnesses or discomforts. On the contrary, he welcomes them, for they afford him a chance of overcoming them.

From the point of view of Karma-Yoga, if life offered no difficulties it would be necessary to create them artificially. And therefore the difficulties which are met with in life are regarded not as something unpleasant which one must try to avoid, but as very useful conditions for the aims of inner work and inner development.

When a man realises this and feels it constantly, life itself becomes his teacher.

The chief principle of Karma-Yoga is non-attachment. A man who follows the methods of Karma-Yoga must practise non-attachment always and in everything, whether to good or to evil, to pleasure or to pain. Non-attachment does not mean indifference.

It is a certain kind of separation of self from what happens or from “what a man is doing. It is not coldness, nor is it the desire to shut oneself off from life. It is the recognition and the constant realisation that everything is done according to certain laws and that everything in the world has its own fate.

From an ordinary point of view the following of the principles of Karma-Yoga appears as fatalism. But it is not fatalism in the sense of the accepting of the exact and unalterable preordination of everything without the possibility of any change whatever. On the contrary, Karma—Yoga teaches how to change the karma–how to influence the karma. But from the point of view of Karma Yoga this influencing is an entirely inner process. Karma-Yoga teaches that a man may change the people and events around him by changing his attitude towards them.

The idea of this is very clear. Every man from his birth is surrounded by a certain karma, by certain people and certain events.

And in accordance with his nature, education, tastes and habits he adopts a certain definite attitude towards things, people and events.

So long as his attitude remains unchanged, people, things and events also remain unchanged, that is, corresponding to his karma. If he is not satisfied with his karma, if he wants something new and unknown he must change his attitude towards what he has and then the new events will come.

Karma-Yoga is the only way possible for people who are tied to life, who are unable to free themselves from the external forms of life, for people who either through their birth or through their own powers and capacities are placed at the head of human communities or groups, for people who are connected with the progress of the life of humanity, for historical personages, for people whose personal life seems to be the expression of the life of an epoch or a nation. These people cannot change themselves visibly; they can change themselves only internally, while externally remaining the same as before, saying the same things, doing the same things, but without attachment, as actors on the stage. Having become such actors in relation to their life, they become Yogi; in the midst of the most varied and intense activity. There can be peace in their soul whatever their troubles may be. Their thought can work without hindrance, independently of anything that may surround it.

Karma-Yoga gives freedom to the prisoner in a gaol and to the king on a throne, if only they can feel that they are actors playing their roles.


studying vs researching, listening vs looking

studying vs researching, listening vs looking


Studying and listening might get you a feeling of freedom,

but is by researching and looking that you will get there.


"Freedom is not free."


Independent day is truly a special day for the many of us

who have been fighting for truth and freedom.


We have discovered, by leaving the Church of $cientology,

an opportunity to be truly free and to get all that OT tech

made unavailable or unobtainable by the Church.


WE have met the most amazing people, true spiritual being and loyal friends.



We did break through many barriers on the form

of “suppose to” or “not supposed to”

and started to walk a magic spiritual path.


And we have learned that

‘there is nobody that will get you to freedom other than yourself.’




You might find many great people who will help you,

but it is you who have to do the climbing and the hiking, the pulling and the sweating.

Is you who have to have the courage to break all the rules,

to overcome your feeling of guilt,

fear and/o degradation in that process,

pick up your solo cans and AUDIT despite of all!


You might be called a ‘squirrel’.

 I have been, but let me tell you,

I much rather be wearing a label of a Squirrel and be free,

than to be the “good girl” who is invited to every party

and stand endlessly on the pleasant bridge to nowhere.


Too many get on the bridge to nowhere, just so they can say 'I'm on it'.


The materials are all there.

Find a tech terminal you trust, possibly high-toned, and start.

Look, ask questions, be ready to lose everything you got,

because the truth is;

 you cannot really lose anything that is truly worth keeping.


What it might seem a great loss it will turn out to show his true color

as a heavy chain from which you are now free.




Do not be afraid to cry, to feel pain, to laugh like you have never laugh before,

to love beyond limit and to fly the higher sky.


There are no compiled OT 9, 10, etc.  if not in the fundamentals and early lectures.

Do not wait that somebody will put it there for you in a book or piece of paper.

That would only be his own interpretation.

Get your solo auditor tools, look and search into the available materials and beyond.

Make sure you are ready to talk to anyone

and to experience anything.

Be sure you are surrounded by people who sincerely wish you to win.




Do you really want to go free?

Let’s start!!

My advice is for you to listen to the ‘Whole track’ lectures.

Treat it as an adventure.


...Spirit of adventure, determination to know, courage to doubt any single piece of 'truth' will magically have appear in front of you the next stone, for your next step.



HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! my friends.


“Learn how to be happy with what you have
while you pursue all that you want.”
(Jim Rohn)





I’m auditing daily on the solo’s upper levels on the OT band.

Center for Spiritual Research and its applications


I’m very much interested, having studied over 15 years as an auditor and

having helped successfully quite few people with LRH tech

to achieve the state of Clear, and OT,

to help anyone that wish honesty

to continue toward his spiritual freedom.


We are here to help people to achieve OT.



ITALY: Silvia Kusada/Maurice Pascal


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.

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