– 2D and 3D abuses: KR’s

RE: Alexis Meyersfield Chaplain CC Int

To : Alexis Meyersfield Chaplain CC Int                                                                   October 05, 2009, Los Angeles

CC: LRH Host

CC: Staff Ethics File

CC: Reports Officer, RTC


Silvia Kusada CC Int public on OEC 7


on Alexis Meyersfield CC INT chaplain

Ref: Introduction to Scientology Ethics Condition of Treason

“…A person in a group who, having accepted a post, does not know that he is a certain assigned or designated beingness is in Treason against the group.”

Ref violated:


“The purpose of the Chaplain is:

To help Ron minister to others, to succor those who have been wronged and to comfort those whose burdens have been too great.”

HCOPL 2 September 1969 CHAPLAIN

“The Chaplain’s main area of operation in preventing people from falling off the org board is auditors. (…) The reason for this area being chosen as Chaplain’s priority is that auditors make others better, the able more able in using Scientology tech and must not, above all, be hindered by low morale, problems and trouble.”

I’m  un up stat Scientologist mid OT7, class VI, Class IV C/S, made 3 Clears, I have handled to be 10 years full time on the bridge till I met Eric, I recently completed OEC 0 and currently on OEC 7 at CC Int.

Early on February 2009, I called several time the Chaplain and the MAA at CC Int, I was devastated as Eric Wierman, my 2D at the time literally strangled me twice” and I needed help. Neither the Chaplain or the MAA retuned any of my calls.

After 5 months from the Chaplain Court hearing  (held mid may 09) Alexes still has not come up with a decision.

(See KR attached for full info)

Moreover, she told Eric, (a 1.1 PR guy which has a history of attacking me, which is untrained, mid PTS course since 2002 and not active on the bridge and that is using Scientology to protect his crimes adviced by Able a SO member Frank Zurn), that I used “unauthorized” my intensive at Flag, which Eric is trying to illegally take away from me.

This is a misinterpretation of the facts and has caused further upsets and attacks from Eric toward me.

She said that a 3P invest would not work, because Eric would not cooperate, and she did not want to have “a lose” on the cycle.   That I created the mess and I had to handle it by myself. She mentioned that he wasn’t a CC Int public anyway because he hadn’t done services at CC Int in a long period of time. However I was a CC Int public at the time.

This cycle, due to the amount of suppression I receive being connected to Eric’s out-ethics, due to the out-techs and refusal from Alexes to wear his hat and apply her post “tools” still very enturbolating to a degree that it is preventing me to continue my bridge.

Her advice violates

HCOPL 7 Feb 1965, KSW Series 1. Keeping Scientology Working

(…)Three: Knowing is correct.

Five: Applying the technology.

Other policies violated:

HCOPL 31 December 1959R Rev. 9 Feb 1989 BLOW-OFFS –

People leave because of their own overts and withholds. (…) Almost anyone, no matter his position, can remedy a situation no matter what’s wrong if he or she really wants to. When the person no longer wants to remedy it his own overts acts and withholds against the others involved in the situation have lowered his own ability to be responsible for it. Therefore he or she does not remedy the situation. Departure is the only apparent answer. To justify the departure the person blowing off dreams up things done to him, in an effort to minimize the overt by degrading those it was done to.

It is an irresponsibility on our part, now that we know this, to permit this much irresponsibility.

HCOPL 24 February 1969 JUSTICE:

“Justice would consist of a refusal to accept any report not substantiated by actual, independent data, seeing that all such reports are investigated and that all investigations include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any disciplinary action is undertaken or any condition assigned.

While this may slow the process of justice, the personal security of the individual is totally dependent upon establishing the full truth of any accusation before any action is taken.

… This is the primary breakdown of any justice system-that it acts on false reports, disciplines before substantiation and fails to confront an accused with the report and his accused before any discipline is assigned, or which does not weight the value of a person in general against the alleged crime even when proven.”


“Anything in an organization is your job if it lessens the confusion if you do it.”


“So we must preserve our justice.

And use it.

That’s the main lesson.  If we don’t use it in all questions where the truth of the matter is in doubt, we’ll just go on being wogs.”


“There is no intention of holding on to people who do not want to be where they are.  There is every intention to use our tech to prevent false reports and suppressive action from occurring, both to the detriment of the person himself and to an organization.



When you hear two facts that are contrary, one is a falsehood or both are.  Propaganda and other activities specialize in falsehoods and provoke great disturbance.

(…) “Good news when it is a falsehood is an outpoint!”


(…) If 3 people tell you the same thing, it is not necessarily a fact as they might all have heard the same lie.  Three liars don’t make one fact-they make 3 outpoints.

(…) Yes, it is tough to know the truth. (…) You are looking for outpoints.  When they are analyzed and the situation is analyzed by them, you than find yourself looking at the truth…

HCOPL 23 April 1965 issue III PROBLEMS


20. You can conclude that where you have a personnel who cannot perceive the cause of things, you will have a continual spinning mess.

…28. The only person you could completely trust is a Clear.  And unless the Clear is also trained in Scientology tech and admin also, you could never accept his vote on org matters.

This is true,

Silvia Kusada


To Alexes Meyersfield


From (…) .

December 10, 2009

Things That Shouldn’t Be Report

Regarding Eric Wierman and Silvia Kusada

In June 2009, I met Silvia Kusada.

Silvia was very upset with things that occurred while she was with Eric and the sudden ending of the relationship in January 2009.  I assisted her in writing up proper reports on all of this and tried to assist her in collecting $20,000 that Eric still owed her from a piece of property that she had co-invested in with Eric.

Eric was being very disagreeable with paying back the money she had put into this piece of property in Sylmar, CA and refused to send her any paperwork that showed her proper co-ownership in this property as well.  In mid-September, I heard Silvia speak with Eric on speakerphone.  She was in the kitchen, and I was in the living room right next to the kitchen.  His tone was very condescending to her, and he continually attacked her claiming how much of a waste his time it was dealing with her requests to be paid back the money he owed.

Silva received inadequate assistance from the proper Church terminals in getting paid back and decided in September to consult an attorney about her options on the chance it might have to go this way.  One option would be to secure a $20,000 lien on the investment property, so she would be paid back someday when the land was sold.  In order to do this, she would need proof of her ownership in the property.

In early October 2009, Silvia said she sent an e-mail message to Eric informing him that she would be visiting the property on Saturday, October 10, 2009 to take pictures of the land they had co-invested in.  The attorney Silvia consulted told her that she had a right to do this but would need to inform Eric that she would be entering the property.  Her e-mail message was proper notification of this.

Silvia said that Eric let her know that he would be out of town doing pilot training during this weekend, so Silvia expected that we could visit the land and take pictures without incident.  I ended up being too busy on Saturday to go with her to the property, so we went on Sunday, October 11 at about 10:30 am.

The property is located in the Angeles National Forest northeast of Kagel Canyon Park in Sylmar, CA.  Access to the property is from a several-mile-long, rocky dirt road that winds up through the national forest.  At the beginning of the forest road is a locked gate that apparently only the fire department, sheriff and Eric Wierman have the key to.  Since neither Silvia nor I have a four-wheel-drive vehicle that could handle the dirt road, we elected to not bother the fire department for access to the road.  We parked her car at the entrance to the dirt road for the hike up.  Silvia’s 11 year-old son Federico came with us too.

As we walked up the long trail, we noticed fresh tracks in the road.  Silvia commented that she wouldn’t be surprised if Eric had lied to her about being out of town on pilot training.  She guessed that he had stayed in the trailer on the property the day before in anticipation of our arrival on the day before.

After several miles of walking, we arrived at the gate to the property that Silvia and Eric co-owned.  As we approached, five sheriff department officers on dirt bikes came up behind us, stopped and asked what we were doing.  Silvia explained that she was there to take photos of the property that she and Eric co-owned.  One of the sheriffs asked for any paperwork that would allow her legal access onto the property.

Silvia showed a document of her investment interest in Wierman Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the property, plus a letter from an attorney that said she could legally visit the property.  The sheriff said that he didn’t care about the letter from the attorney and was hoping that she had a copy of the title to the property listing her name on it.  Silvia explained that she was in dispute with Eric over her investment in the land and that he was refusing to provide paperwork showing her ownership in the property.

Silvia asked whether Eric had called the sheriff’s department about her scheduled visit to the property this weekend.  The one sheriff we spoke with claimed “No” but looked very uncomfortable about the question.  Silvia said, “It is fine if he spoke with you.  He may have explained that I am crazy or something.  I am only here to get pictures of the property, so I can handle the dispute over the property.”

Several of the sheriff members recognized Silvia.  Silvia later told me that she and Eric were friends with these guys and had had them over for barbecue on several occasions when she was together with Eric.

All five spoke with one another and one said to us that since Eric had not obtained a court document stating that she was forbidden from going onto the property, they could do nothing about her going onto it now to take pictures.  Silvia, Federico and I walked up the steep road to the property as the sheriff department members headed up the road on dirt bikes ahead of us.

Silvia shot photos of each area of the property as she commented to me about how much he had changed the land since she was on it last.  The land had been converted into a motocross track with trails that wound throughout the property and numerous motocross jumps.

The property is huge, and it took us a while to walk about it.  She looked at the work he had done recently and expressed concern that he had probably not received proper county permits to do all of the grading and uprooting of trees he had done.  As we walked about the property, the sheriff department members rode about on the track and kept us within eyesight.

We were on the property for about a half hour or longer when a motorcyclist in a white and blue riding suit passed by.  He was not in a sheriff’s uniform and gave a “high five” to Federico as he passed by us.  Silvia said, “That’s Eric.”  We still had another part of the property to take photos of, and Silvia insisted that she get photos of it despite any trouble from him.  She didn’t want to leave until she had complete photos of the property.

Several of the sheriff members rode up to us with Eric trailing behind.  The sheriff told us that Eric was asking that we leave the property.  Since Silvia was not listed on the property as an owner, it was his right to ask us to leave.

Eric sat on his motorcycle behind the sheriff members and stared at us in the tone level of sheer hate.  He had a scowl on his face.

We agreed to leave immediately, and one of the sheriffs asked for my full name and date of birth.  I gave it to him.  Eric and the sheriff members started riding about the motocross track as we walked off of the property.

As we approached the exit road at the front of the property, several sheriff members who were leaving the property stopped by us and each apologized sincerely for having to ask us to leave.  Silvia explained that this was only about a disagreement between her and Eric on the property, and each sheriff said that he understood.  One sheriff said that he felt really bad about her position but was required, by law, to ask us to leave since Eric had requested we do so.  We were nicely said to each sheriff officer that we understood.

We got back to Silvia’s car after a long hike down the dirt road and stopped by a nearby house.  Silvia said “Hi” to some neighbor friends she hadn’t seen since she lived in Sylmar with Eric.

At approximately 1:30 p.m. as Silvia, Federico and I were in her car getting ready to leave, her cell phone rang.  It was Eric.  Silvia put her phone on speaker phone, and I was able to hear the entire conversation clearly.  Silvia sat in the driver’s seat holding the phone out, and I was in the passenger’s seat, right next to her phone.  I quietly listened to the entire conversation.

Eric was angered that she had been on the property that day and was accusative of her wasting his time in her recent efforts to collect the $20,000 the he owes her.  He angrily asked what was wrong with her and cut off any answer from her to explain why we were on the property.  He kept explaining how Silvia was taking up his valuable time to have to deal with this.

He asked what her intentions were, and she calmly explained that all she wanted was the $20,000 investment back or, optionally, to get proper paperwork so she could protect her investment in the land.  She calmly explained over and over that she either wished to be paid back or to receive the proper paperwork on her investment in the land.

Eric accused of her of being mentally unstable and questioned why she was working with a lawyer.  (I believe he was angered about receiving a letter from a lawyer asking for his position on why he refused to pay back the money or provide investment paperwork.)  Eric was angered that she had gone outside of the Church terminals they were using in the matter to sort out their differences and wanted to know whether she was using a Scientology attorney or not.  He said that if she was using a Scientology attorney, he wanted to speak with the attorney to explain all of the emotional distress that Silvia was creating with him.

Silvia refused to answer whether she was using a Scientology attorney or not and calmly explained again that she wanted to move on with her life and had no ill will towards him.  All she wanted was either the $20,000 investment back or proper paperwork that would protect her investment in the land.

His voice tone was highly patronizing of her, and he said that if she was working with an attorney who is not a member of their Church, the attorney would need to have her seen “by a psychologist or psychiatrist” to determine that she is mentally fit to sign an agreement on the settlement of the $20,000 that he owed her.  He kept asking for what assurances he could get from her that she would not pursue further actions against him even if he paid the $20,000 back.  He said that he knew that the court system is very one-sided towards victims and was afraid that she could play the victim if she wanted in the matter.  He claimed how unfair this all was.

Silvia had told me earlier that their final argument at the end of January 2009 ended with Eric dragging her head to the ground by her hair and choking her until she became dizzy and nearly blacked out.  (I did see an e-mail message from Eric where he admitted to getting physical with her and claimed that it was done for her protection because she was acting “psychotic”.)  Silvia and I did go to the Mission Hills police department in September to file a report of domestic violence – something the police said was required by law, even if it was filed very late.  Silvia mentioned to Eric that she was going to do this.

While Eric was on this speakerphone conversation in Silvia’s car, he asked her now whether a police report had been filed or whether this was simply a threat.  She told him that a report was filed in September with the Mission Hills Police Department.

He said that because of this he would, in no circumstances, pay her back the $20,000 he owed her unless she had the police report revoked. He said that she “would need to do something creative” to see that this report was removed so that no further action could be taken on it.  He would write up an agreement that she could sign regarding the settlement of the debt with a release of any further obligations from him.  However, Silvia would need to get this police report removed before she would receive anything.  Otherwise, as he stated very clearly, “the $20,000 would not be available to her.”

Silvia responded that she was willing to sign any release from him In order for her to get the $20,000 back and would speak with the Mission Hills Police Department about removing the report.  They ended the conversation.

Silvia started to cry over the cruelty of Eric in this conversation – something I was a witness to and concurred with her opinions on.  His tone in this conversation was very nasty towards her, and I understood her frustration.

Several weeks later, Silvia received a “High Crime Report” from the Chaplain at CC Int.  The report stated that Eric was claiming that Silvia was “threatening to sue Eric” – something that she had not done.  Also, the report claimed that he had called the police to have her forcefully removed from his property.  This is also very untrue.

This is true,

(NOTE: the author of this report requested to remove his signature)


MAA CC Int Public Ethic File

Flag Public Ethic File

Silvia Kusada Flag Ethic file

Silvia Kusada CC Int Ethic File

Int. Justice Chief


Eric Wierman (mid Obj’s mid PTS SP)


Silvia Kusada  (silviazk@yahoo.com)                                                October 4, 2009

(Mid OT7, Class VI, on OEC 7)


on Crime Report March 19, 2009 by Eric Wierman

This is a False Report Report on the attached Crime Report of 10March, 2009 written on me.
Eris writes: “What she did not say in her comm. is that she did a violent attack on me,”

This is untrue. After a month of heavy invalidations and after Eric has been postponing for weeks the handling of our 2D problems I held his harm asking him to handle it as his counter-creation on our 2D were very entubolative to me. That is what he called “violent attack”.

Eric writes: “That I was defending myself…”

This is untrue. Eric has professional fighting training, he has been trained in the Navy and he regularly practices sport. His body is to a marked degree bigger than my and very muscular. I’m only 5.0 feet and 100 pound.

Anyone that sees us near to each other can see that if Eric wanted he could have held me with one hand. He choose to throw me on the couch and chocked me till I could not breath for minutes, than again he pull me up the stairs by my hairs (see pictures and actual hairs in Eric’s Ethic file) slam me on the floor and chocked me again shouting ”You are going to wake up in the hospital.” I feared he would kill me.

Eric writes: “I called local enforcement intervention in order to provide for my safety.”

This is untrue.  This is also contrary to his first report written the same night after the fight. This report (here attached) is also a false representation of the facts. Eric asked Andy Seidler (acting as our Chaplain) to not show me that report as would restimulate me. Andy can confirm to this.

However his first report is evidence that he did not call local enforcement that night.

He did call a security about a week later trying to get my son and I kicked out from our own residence.

Per HCOPL 10 September 1970 Summary of Outpoints

In Eric’s statements there are the outpoints of  “altered sequence”, and “falsehood.”

Please Note:

I requested to Mr. Eric Wierman several times to send me a copy of his reports. He never did. His answer to other terminals (Chaplain and Andy Seidler) has always been: “I do not want to enturbolate Silvia.”

I finally got a copy of this Crime Report from the MAA few months later.

This violates HCOPL 24 February 1969 Justice and HCOPL Staff Member Report.

Eric Wierman left after the violence incident and since than he has refused by denying or non cooperating any standard tech 2D handling.

This violates HCOPL 7 Dec 1976 Leaving and leaves.

His field auditor Andy Seidler can confirm than despite of what Eric’s says, since he left our 2D, Eric has not done any ethic cycle or O/W’s on this cycle.


Ref: HCOPL 19 September 1970 Issue III SUMMARY OF OUTPOINTS


Any things, event, objects, sizes, in a wrong sequence is an outpoint.


When you hear two facts that are contrary, one is a falsehood or both are.  Propaganda and other activities specialize in falsehoods and provoke great disturbance.


“There is no intention of holding on to people who do not want to be where they are.  There is every intention to use our tech to prevent false reports and suppressive action from occurring, both to the detriment of the person himself and to an organization.

HCOPL 24 February 1969 JUSTICE:

“Justice would consist of a refusal to accept any report not substantiated by actual, independent data, seeing that all such reports are investigated and that all investigations include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any disciplinary action is undertaken or any condition assigned.


“The original goes to Ethics by drawing an arrow pointing to “Ethics” and the carbon goes to the person or portion of the org being reported on by channels (B routing).

This is true,

Silvia Kusada


From: Silvia Kusada

P.O.Box 29761, Los Angeles, CA 90029

e-mail: Silviazk@yahoo.com

Date: September 22, 2009

Police Report Regarding Domestic Violence Committed by from Eric Wierman

Eric P. Wierman and I were domestic partners from August 10Th, 2007 to February 2, 2009.

He currently resides at 13537 Via Santa Maria Dr, Sylmar, CA 91342 and works as a pilot for Platinum Equity.

I did not report Eric’s four assaults on me before because I was in love with him at the time and was concerned about hurting his career.

Moreover Eric reminded me several times, and so did several terminals at the Church that it is a suppressive action to report a Scientologist to the authority. As a Scientologist minister, having devoted 13 years of my life to study and practice the philosophy of LRH to help others, I felt I did not want to lose all those years of work and be expelled, and tried to get justice applied by my church. No justice was served.

After nine months while having nightmares over Eric’s attacks I realized a police report needed to be filed on the incidents of violence committed against me – the last, of which, nearly killed me.

Description of Spousal battery:

In October of 2007, Eric and I got into an argument at his house in Sylmar.  I had come back from work (left at 5:30 am) at around 8 p.m. and had to cook and clean.  He was in the hot tub drinking wine and started to attack me verbally for no reasons in front of my nine year-old son.  When I asked him why he was upset, he exploded in anger.  He left the table and I followed him trying to find out what was wrong.  He pushed me really hard onto a concrete patio in the back yard.  As Eric tried to leave, I followed him and he forcefully closed a door on me holding me there before he walked off.  I didn’t seek medical attention on this, however my ribs hurt for over a month after this.

On a San Diego trip in July 2008 (after 2 beers) at his friend’s apartment, we got into an argument over an offensive comment he made before we were going to have sex.  He provoked me into a fight shouting, “Do you want to hit me!  Are you going to hit me?!”  Out of extreme frustration I slapped him.  He then grabbed me by the hair and slammed my head onto the floor.  A lot of my hair came off in his hand.

In November 2008, we got into an argument at his house in Sylmar, and he pushed me really hard over his living-room couch and onto the floor.  I landed on my back and felt pain on my hip for several weeks following this.
On January 31, 2009, we got into an argument at his house in Sylmar.  I had overworked to get ready a brochure for his company, while cleaning and helping him with his organizational and hobby tasks. He seemed to be upset for no apparent reason and started to needle me, I asked him what was going on, and Eric pushed me forcefully into a wall with both hands.  (I jammed my middle right finger so hard that it was painful and swollen for four months afterwards.)  Several hours later when we argued more, Eric pushed me onto a couch and chocked me so badly I couldn’t breathe.  I followed him up the stairs trying to handle the upset and he grabbed my hair.  At the top of the stairs, he threw my head onto the ground and chocked me with both hands as he yelled that I would wake up in a hospital.  I thought at this point that I might die.  I got up after a few minutes and was so dizzy that I couldn’t stand straight.  He left telling me I was dangerous. He has since spread lies about me to common friends and his family to a point that they completely disconnected from me as they think I’m insane.

We ceased being a domestic couple several days following this.

I later confirmed from Eric’s ex-wife, Line Wierman, that Eric had assaulted her too on one occasion in the late Nineties.  He kicked her in the stomach.

Eric always wanted a son and he has captivated and spoiled my son Federico to a point where he would not listen to me anymore, and begin to attacking me. He would only be hugged and would only receive affections from Eric or listen only to what he was saying.

I have been on a heavy depression for nearly a year due to Eric’s the psychological and physical abuses, I had suicidal thoughts and found myself not sleeping and crying in burst several times a day. I have been unable to work till June 2009.

I do not wish anyone to go through the devastating effect of trauma and depression deriving from violence and abuses, so I decided to report it.

Eric has been threatening me, (see attachments) to the extent to denying my investment ownership of land, trying to discount my investments, working to get me expelled from the church if I would seek legal counseling all this in attempt to keep this from becoming public and family and friends to discover the truth and consequently affecting his job as a pilot.

He has openly stated that he would not return my investment if I would not withdraw the police report.

-A significant amount of my hairs, ripped off by Eric during the night of 1st Feb 2009 are filed in Eric’s Wierman ethic file at the Celebrity Center international together with a report of the incident. We could request them as needed.

– Andy Seidler was given a copy of the e-mail where Eric Wierman admit the strangling. He could be ask to testify this. Moreover Eric’s keep all the back up of the e-mail on his home computer and work. This to verify the e-mail was actually written by him.

This is true. I trust in our justice system.

Silvia Kusada


TO: FRANK ZURN HCO ILO                     7 July 2008


CC Pres Office CCint.

CC: Silvia Kusada Ethic Folder.


on SO staff Frank ZURN

Ref violated: Axiom 38:

Truth is the exact time, place form and event.

On KR Out-Tech written to me on 7 July 2008 Frank Zurn writes.

“Silvia is the 2D of Eric Wierman. She has also audited him on FPRD.”

This is false I never audited Eric on FPRD. As I told previously Frank, I’m auditing Eric on a progress program laid out by ASHO D to handle PTSness and in life BPC. (See C/S attestation)

“Silvia is blown from her internship at ASHO”.

This is false I routed out in a standard LOA and I’m resuming it this coming October at ASHOF

RE point 1of the KR:. The next morning, after the PTS interview I decided (not Eric) to pass the cycle to our class 8 C/S Andy Seidler to handle.

He is handling this cycle now.

Eric previously to this, told me he wanted to get audited by me and did not mind to go in session.

Eric told me that Frank told me that having him read the HCOBL Handling PTS situation was not appropriated and that he had attention on me using the policy and reference to slant Eric opinion and understanding. He also mentions few times to Eric and myself his reservation for 2Ds to audit eachother. THIS IS NOT OK.

Point 2. I told Frank that Eric enturbolation caused me to live the internship, while Frank was helping me debug my danger condition and a problem with my 2D. I trusted him as a terminal to help me. Even if Eric denies, Frank has not facts that can demonstrate my origination was not true. Therefore the accusation of Black PR is an opinion and should not be entered in a KR until investigated fully.

4. I got back Eric in session after 4 years off lines, where Eric had stated no intention to go back on auditing or training any soon.

My self and the C/S got Eric to commit with write a promise note to go in session to finish the program. When I ask Frank help on getting Eric in session regularly (Frank is an opinion leader for Eric), instead to help me to get him in session his advice was to have him destroy the promise note and tell him that I would have audit him when he was ready.

This was beginning of May 08. Since then Eric and I did not go in session.


Comm from C/S Andy Seidler


True data by C/S Andy Seidler, which was C/sing Eric’s Folder

RE: KR 7 July 08 by Frank Zurn

On Silvia Kusada

1)      Silvia is not blown from her internship is on an authorized LOA CSW.

2)      She hasn’t been auditing Eric on FPRD but on a progress program written by ASHO D to handle his PTSness + in life+ in session BPC.

3)      The only reason Eric hasn’t been getting intensive auditing is because Eric’s schedule at work + his own refusal to go in session.

4)      I don’t see what its out-tech and….

This is true, Andy Seidler

HSST Class 8, OT 7




  1. […] I assigned CCI Chaplain Alexis M. the condition of Treason, for her failure to wear her hat. (See https://silviakusada.wordpress.com/treason-assignment-to-chaplain-cc-int/) Nothing was done to address the condition or handle the situation, but rather further attacks […]

  2. Yikes what a mess. Aren’t you glad you’re out? Also is … still in the Church after all this?

    • yes,(…) still in the Church, sad but true!

  3. Silvia,

    If all that is reported here is true, you need to put some space between you and Eric, permanently. Based on your case level and what you know, you deserve a lot better than this. When a man uses his physical strength against a woman, he is at the last dregs; he’s at the bottom of the barrel. A man that beats up on a woman, isn’t one as far as I’m concerned. You are much better off not in a relationship than in one like that, much better off. Using force on others can cause locks and case deterioration. I know LRH said a thetan is a thetan but still that should not happen.

    I had something like this happen to me. Not in terms of 2D problems or physical abuse but someone in the church causing something negative to happen, then writing a report and getting me in trouble based on my response. A SO member in Bridge Publications, a one Patrick Howson, lies to me by telling me that if a bought a item that day ( lecture series ), he could get it to me the next day when normally it would have taken longer. I agreed and bought the item, it didn’t show up the next day as he said it would. He didn’t fulfill his end of the deal so why should I fulfill mine? I called him up and canceled the order, which then got him upset and then he writes a report on me to the ethics officer which resulted in my getting dead filed. He commits an overt act by lying and I end up getting dead filed, go figure. I wasn’t trying to get a refund when I canceled the order because the order never went out. That dead file ended up causing me a lot of problems down the road at my local Org when I was trying to take training, but that’s another story that I won’t go into here.

    Back to your situation, I think you need to step back and realize how much you have to offer someone and not settling for someone that would even *consider* treating you like that and is this far below you. I’m sorry for getting intense, but this is like the abuse the SO members are getting at Gold Base. From my experience, Scientologists are some of the best people in the world and for them to be treated like this really upsets me. I’m sorry to have to say this, but in my opinion, like David Miscivage, Eric needs his ass kicked.


    • Tim, this is not only true. but the degree of psychological abuse I undergone by Eric has been huge, and it has been the most damaging part.
      When I look back I see it like a beautiful Theta trap. Him, like the Church now, uses a theta goal to lure you, squeeze you out of every single drop of theta, promotes a group activity, but at the end the only activities you are taking up are the one that benefit them. Your dynamic is unimportant and your interests a deviation from the “purpose” ….
      When you have given all and it is time for you to ask something back, they squash you down and find a way to get rid of you. The ruing your reputation. And you know, on the way they trap you with false agreements and perverted affinity.
      Such a well woven trap… Yes, is really alligned with the current tone level on the Church, it went below 1.1.
      It does key-in something so powerful on the track… I relay to the physical and psychological violence the staff members undergo in the Church.
      This apparent theta that covers up lies and betrayal, keep you confused.
      God! and this guy is supported by Frank Zurn, a Able staff member. Frank Zurn said to me several times, he wanted him to be rich so he can donate… I wasn’t alligned with the donation part… and Frank called me “Free thinker” and adviced many times Eric against me. Well when Frank told me I was a “Free thinker” he wasn’t paying me a compliment!!
      But you know. I still crying every day over the abuses and suppressions, from both Eric and the Church, but I’m free!
      I have to thank Eric if I was able to see and realized the current situation…
      He is the perfect member to DM’s Church. He doesn’t study, he doesn’t move on the bridge… but he is align with the PR, lies and alter-is. Bad control and domination… they are on the same page.
      He is one of the most insecure people I ever met, he destroy anyone that has power… Sick!!

      pretty bad.

    • You know what? Eric is part of a Church that exerts Bad Control and domination like he does… he is trapped.
      He got protected, but this will backfire him. His new 2D, is a heavy drug case, like him, he is trying to fix her up… She is probably easier to keep quiet than me. No one of his family or friends dare to say anything about him, but I can tell you because I have been there observing, they all have a taste of his nullifications.
      If he comes out in the independent field everyone knows what he has done… if he stays inside he will get hit, kicked and squeezed to the last penny by his own people. There is no winning in the current Church…
      What 1.1s do not understand and so suppressives and people into the suppressive valences is that we are a group, you cannot hurt another without at length hurting yourself…

  4. Hi Silvia, Some time has elapsed, just a guess, but didn’t the whole episode with Eric and the church end up creating a better you? Went down a similar road myself with a 2D, and the sadly ethically hollowed out church (upper management anyway) re some out tech by management, but the other side was a much better place that i would not trade. Best. gordon.

    • Yes, Gordon it did. Today I have to say I’m glad I survived the pain related to the spychological violence.

      What I’m working on now is more than I ever dreamed to achieve when I started this journey few lifetimes ago.

      I’m so glad to hear you are doing well too and thank you for getting back in communication.

  5. […] The best example of someone who got royally screwed over by Alexis is Silvia Kusada, who was smart enough to keep a copy of the KRs for herself you can read them here. […]

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