Miracles by Stuart Wilde


“Within the Universal Law, there’s no dual energy, good and bad, saints and sinners. There’s just energy- one power that pervades all things, and everything is a part of the power.

Differentiation between good and evil is just your perception, for within real energy there is no judgment.”

The 3 Keys to Self Empowerment by Stuart Wilde

The 3 Keys to Self Empowerment by Stuart Wilde


“… as you set out on your “action plan,” you will not be able to infringe on others. Whatever you create will have to be for yourself. You cannot will the Universal Law onto others, saying, “I want this to happen to my friend.” This would be infringing, because, not knowing the nature of your friend’s heroic life plan, you’re not entitled to change it or in any way alter what he’s going through at this time.

He has to experience life for himself, as he also has unlimited power within him, and a part of his growth patter is discovering the fact.”

The biggest lie


♣ • ♣

“The highest purpose of this universe is to entrap a spiritual being into contributing his own energy and self to it. “

This dirty trick has been played on all of us not only through the inception of the ideas we need to changes the present entering a set of ‘should-be/should-not-be’, should-have/should-not-have, should-became/should-not-became, should-do/should-not-do…etc. which catapults the being into a future “ideal scene” towards the achievement of acceptance, happiness and success, but also by having a being of unlimited power associating with a fictitious actor of which motions are limited by the rules and regulation of the play on stage (physical universe).

Due to that very indoctrination, people spend the very majority of their life in the future, fighting the present, struggling to change something which does not even exist. And what it is better to avoid escaping than keeping the prisoners worried about the conditions of the cell?

By keeping the souls busy trying to achieve success, power and happiness you stick their attention constantly to the future preventing them from waking up to the illusion of life.

“The world of the ego is one of discomfort, even agony at times. You have to struggle to keep it happy. You can give it a new car to play with, a toy, some sexual experiences, you can get drunk and stuff yourself full of food, and still the ego wakes up the following morning to nail a list of things to your forehead, saying: “Hey, sucker, get me this, get me that. I feel insecure—I want more, a lot more stuff.” The ego leans naturally toward dysfunction. It is tough to come to any kind of serenity in what the Eastern mystics call “maya”—the illusion of an ego-driven world.

Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde

♣ • ♣

If every soul believes enough he/she IS the character playing on the stage, if they introvert enough and keep trying to redecorate the match-box they have been crammed in, we can prevent them from looking around and may be from picking out of the window.

With this awareness, today, I look at every souls with deep love and compassion. The souls playing the bad guy or the good guy, the poor and the rich, the famous or the one who anyone have never notice to exist. They are all souls on a stage convinced (some more than others) the stage is all there is.

But all of us are guilty of the same crime. We teach our kids how to be human, to meet the standards of a society and how to conform; “Take care of your body, finish your school, wear the right clothes, obey or disobey the rules, play sports and you will see you will be happy!” Look at how many activities aim to support and reinforce the idea of happiness or the idea of a better future.

And the future is where the very majority is, right in that projection the ego puts in front of their eyes.


‘PROTECT THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE!’ the ego says: And by the very actions we undertake to make sure they are safe, healthy,  smart, accepted, loved and appreciated, we contribute to bury the little sparkle of awareness they might have had left once they entered this “dream”.

♣ • ♣

“Lack of awareness has its roots in childhood.
We require our children to endure the tick-tock influence of the education system—a system whose only reality is based in ego, personality, status, and logic.
By the age of seven or eight, the inner knowing, which is gifted to you naturally when you are born, is usually squashed out of a child. We are trained to ignore the easy way of knowing things via our interconnection with all things, and replace it with a laborious method of learning by rote, intellect, and mind-numbing conformity and logic.”

Stuart Wilder
Infinite Self Step 4

♣ • ♣

Here we don’t find just the doctor, the successful football players, the famous actor, we also find the mystic, and the very majority of spiritual schools or groups. As I said before, you might feel a little less crowed if you able to fly mid air, but nevertheless you still inside the prison with everybody else. You still stuck on stage, force to read and play a script you haven’t even choose.

So, when you enroll in yoga classes, join a spiritual group, when you decide to get counseling to improve your life, you are just become more and more enmeshed with the Matrix.

“So, one of the ideas to remember is that the need to feel secure is only a bad habit. You can feel secure even when you don’t know what will happen next. It’s only a custom of ego that requires you to “need to know.” You don’t! When you become more infinite in your perception, you become more open, and knowing what will happen next becomes less important. It’s the difference between flow and restriction. You can be quite secure even when you don’t know. When people say to you, “What do you know?” you can say, “Nothing. I don’t know, don’t care.” Then you transcend the weakness of the ego so that it is reluctant to move. You’re going to have to move without knowing, just feeling your way along and asking yourself constantly, “Hey, how does this feel? Does it feel right?”
If it doesn’t, make adjustments.”

Stuart Wilde

♣ • ♣

What people do not realize is, true spiritual progress, has nothing to do with the changing of the play (improving living conditions or the body),  but has to do with regaining the proper view of the play, extroverted from the character on the stage.

Money, health, knowledge, success, power, spiritual awakening and status are the Ego’s agenda. Is the Ego which is happy when the chronic headache is gone, when we see a little better, or when we feels we gains control or power.

The fact that your foot does not hurt anymore, Brigitte or Thomas finally loves you back, that you mortgage is paid off or that you finally got the promotion you wanted for so long, does not mean you have made spiritual progress. Not at all.

Nor is an indication of spiritual progress to have gained power over others, reading people minds, levitation, to move objects or having them appear or disappear. In fact all those things are just goals of the Ego, and again, are the very mechanism which keeps a soul entrapped to a game of the mind, looking for proofs instead of bailing our toward the exit door.

♣ • ♣

“It doesn’t matter if your life isn’t fantastic; that’s only the ego’s viewpoint.
Spiritually, your life is fantastic, it’s a great privilege to be here. I think it’s important to remind yourself of that constantly.
At first your mind will be very strong.
You’ll say, “I believe…,” and the mind responds, “No, I don’t.” You’ll say, “I feel good,” and the mind contradicts, “No, I don’t.” It’s a tussle, but that is the challenge and beauty of this sacred journey.
You are not necessarily perpetually victimized by your mind; you can push against it and change its programming.
It’s not a matter of wrestling with your mind, but more a process of quietly and consistently disempowering its negative influence.
When the mind offers you a negative thought, say to yourself, “I don’t accept that negative energy; I don’t accept fear. I am love.
I am positivity. Everything flows through me. Everything comes to me for my highest good.”
Thus, you start to replace the psychology that often creates so much destruction in your life.

As well as policing your thoughts and dialogue, you will want to keep an eye on the quality of your associations and actions.
Stay away from people who discriminate and deprecate, or those who are involved in destructive or degrading actions. You don’t need to judge them, but you don’t have to be involved, either. Watch over your actions and make sure that you run your life in a positive and honorable way. Settle your debts, follow through on commitments, and treat people fairly.
Don’t allow your mind to suck you into actions that affirm weakness or that lower your energy and destroy your balance.”
page 34

Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde

“There is no death. All the agony we experience emotionally and psychologically is agony of the ego. When you understand that, a big door opens inside you. If the ego didn’t
have dogma, opinions, and positions it has to defend, you couldn’t have negative energy. Somebody would come up to you and say, “I’m going to shoot you in the head,” and you’d say, “Fine, I’m infinite. Do what you need. Meanwhile, I’m going to carry on here,
working in my flower garden.”

Stuart Wilde

Infinite Self – Step 5

♣ • ♣


Nor is an indication of spiritual progress to have gained power over others, reading people minds, levitation, to move objects or having them appear or disappear. In fact all those things are just goals of the Ego, and again, are the very mechanism which keeps a soul entrapped to a game of the mind, looking for proofs instead of bailing our toward the exit door.

♣ • ♣

“You should remember that when you look at negative energy, you’re only looking at events or circumstances that contradict the ego.
So the ego says, “I want to live forever,” and the body dies.
We consider that a negative event, and we say, “Harry died.” And we all take a moment to remember Harry. But Harry isn’t dead; he’s infinite.
You’ll never be more alive than the moment after your heart beats its last beat and stops.
All the people who died in the war aren’t dead. All the people who have suffered aren’t suffering anymore. They are still alive.”

Stuart Wilde
Infinite Self Step 5

♣ • ♣

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“Learn to become an observer of life and an observer of self.”


Stuart Wilde -Infinite Self: Step 10




Although I have not written for some time, I have been engaged in few activities to the benefit of people in search of freedom.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 7.51.31 AM

I have been translating into Italian a very useful book written by an exceptional being to whom it goes all my admiration for the contribution to the spiritual world; David St Lawrence.

This man has made available in a very effective and simple form, a technique to handle inorganic being or spirit which affect our lives and bodies. Technique, the Church of $cientology has altered and made difficult to acquire and to apply freely for profit reason (It requires, if you are lucky, a minimum of $250 thousands, to get to this point).

Below is the link to his book, probably the best investment you can ever make.


Remember, the above technology, is just one of the tools you should have under your belt with all the others.

Second, I have been writing a book in my native language about boundaries.

Boundaries are not very popular into the Church of $cientology due to the fact that, as any psychopathic, abusive personality or group, boundaries are destroyed or perverted in order to get the person/member to sacrifice all and everything to the sole benefit of the group.

As part of my research, I came across an amazing guy who sums up in few words the basic problem of mis-ownership and, to my opinion, explains it in a much simpler and truthful manner than I have ever seen before. This is what it says:

♣ ··· ♣

“One of the reasons for the human dilemma, for the confusion that humans have felt about the meaning and purpose of life, is that more than one level of reality comes into play in the experience of being human. Trying to apply the Truth of one level to the experience of another has caused humans to become very confused and twisted in our perspective of the human experience. It is kind of like the difference between playing the one-dimensional chess that we are familiar with, and the three-dimensional chess played by the characters of Star Trek – they are two completely different games.

That is the human dilemma – we have been playing the game with the wrong set of rules. With rules that do not work. With rules that are dysfunctional.” “We are involved in a process, a journey, on multiple levels.

From -Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls- by Robert Burney

♣ ··· ♣

We all witnessed people arguing about the truth or falsehood of statements, without ever considering that, every statement or viewpoint at one level or another, in one plane or another it is true, while it is utter falsehood in others.

As you start “seeing” far beyond the human limited perceptions, you will fully understand what I’m talking about.


point of view 2


Till then, you will continue experience mis-feelings, guts feelings which seem not supported by any facts. You will continue to have this “inner fights” which are not always caused by the interfering of other entities, but can be stemming from our perceptions of other universes, dimensions, planes and states of existence within the duality zone or even beyond it.

It is true we can perceive thoughts and feelings of inorganic beings, or other living beings with a body, but what I’m talking about it goes a bit further than that. It touches other words, dimensions and states.

To give you an example I’ll like to tell you about one of my ‘dreams’: “I broke my phone and I told myself, “I’m pretty sure this is a dream and when I will wake up my phone will be fully functional.”

In the dream, I tried few things to prove myself I was dreaming but all seemed pretty real and normal. Despite the fact that everything seemed to confirm I was awake, I was not convinced… Something was telling me that life, for as real as it seemed, was just a dream. I held my ‘broken’ phone, while I was sure my phone was not broken.


Knowing there was not an explanation in that moment to make sense to what I was sensing, I decided to leave this thing alone…    Few minutes later I woke up, and yes, my phone was perfectly functional.

♣ ··· ♣

Now, if in that dream I would have gone around asserting to everyone the phone was not broken and if I would have tried to convince everyone of the truth of my statement, I would have looked mad and definitely created upset among whom, like me, could feel the truth of my statement, but was not ready to admit the existence of other dreams (planes of existence).

At one point, after having regained our ability to see at once all those different universes/dimensions, it will suddenly become clear how the person who says there-is-life-after-death and the person saying there-is-no-life-after-death are both right.

It will make sense the feeling of longing, of love and friendship who linger in a broken hearted lover. Someone in this plane could be pretty destructive to you as he or she could be your perfect soul mate on another perceivable plane.  And those two realities can exist at the same time.

“I know he/she loves me” and “he/she does not love me” are both a truth and a lie. Can you see that?


Therefore, aberration is mainly the action of applying the right perception in the wrong plane.

Think about it.

It is not only: Is this the right thing for which being? But could also be, for which plane or system of logic?

Quantum physics touches the infinite universe of possibilities. How many dreams /illusions are we experiencing at the same time?

From where I stand right now it does not really matter. But, for whom still tied to its mind and to the material/duality zone experience, to know there is more to it that meet the eyes, could bring much relief.

Here you have one more tool to add to the others.

Useful, till one reaches a much exterior prospective and a broader view where several movies are projected at the same time on a bunch of different screens.

Can we live more than one life at the same time? Yes and no.

The mind says: “Yes, you are living those lives!”, while the witness is fully aware those lives do not exist, they are just a bunch of projections on different screens.






A message from HOME

I want to share something some of you might find interesting, as I have spent many hours listening to the Mind, trying to find reasons why the people I loved the most have left me not without a great deal of intentionally caused sufferings.


Yesterday, I had a chat with my teacher and he told me a story; his story.

“When I was a man, -he told me- I loved many women. I was half awakened and my love was pure and big, I loved with my body and my soul. Yes, I had a ‘mind’ trying to complicate things, but my reality and connection with the non-ordinary world was so strong, the mind could not kill what I knew and what I felt for them.

One after the other, those women, enjoyed the attention, the deep loyalty as they all felt enriched, at first, of something very foreign to this world. They all felt blessed, free, powerful and rejuvenate by the energy of pure love. They felt seen for the first time.

They did not need to be this or that, do or have… they knew I was home to them no matter what and that made them feel strong and invincible.

But with time, they also felt seen in their weakness, and by identifying with them, driven by their ‘mind’, they grew very uncomfortable.

Their solution was to make me more like them, more human so as to feel more comfortable in their position. That it was what their mind (Matrix) was telling them to do and not having enough spiritual power, that it was what they ended up doing.

And so, as they were failing in their attempts to justify their inability to exchange pure love, the ‘mind’ started to create reasons to fund a war. Where, at first, there was a sense of security it grew insecurity, where there was affection grew resentment and where there was loyalty they saw ground for deception.

That very light that at the beginning was giving them strength was now making them feel weak and small. I became their target to which the Matrix threw its best weapons.

They left and went to find someone more human so to feel big, and by mirroring their “shortcomings”, feel safe.

The disloyalty in others, the lack of pure love, the limitations that comes from average interactions, was to them familiar ground. The mutual ruling of their ‘minds’ made it easier for their EGO, as they were not worried any longer about fighting it. The EGO/mind was safely at a place of command.

And so they went back to their human life, feeling a little surprised when they lost the power they thought they now owned. That boost of energy pure love flows disappeared.

In truth, the Power of Love, as it is for Awareness, are something you cannot steal or buy.

You have to be IT in order to own it.

woman-with-the-face-cover For me, I, at first experienced a lot of pain, I was in the dark for quite a while, till, and it wasn’t easy to realize, I saw them to be a mirror of my own fears to let completely go of the “dream” called Matrix.

Although I left in them the seed of pure love, which, with time and at their own pace, will guide them to awakening, they were the one helping me, to come back home, in the between dream area where I belong.






…and right in the mist of madness awareness is found.

This morning I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling. I was admiring the beautiful color of the wood. These long beams extending gracefully as if they were limbs of a tree inside the house.

“What a beautiful illusion!” I was thinking, while my eyes got caught by a nod of a very interesting shape, which started to became alive taking the semblance of a bail of hail in the middle of a large field.

I could actually see the energy moving, just as a friend describe it to me a while ago, recounting one of his allucinogeous trips.

You don’t just see the object. It is more like you, at the same time, are looking with different sets of eyes, and every sets gives you a different vision, making it complete, perhaps enabling several universes and dimension to interact and manifest in that instant, as one.

And you, could perhaps be aware of as many universes/dimensions as your limited mind can afford to support.

To abandon the superficial view of things and to dive into their essence has a great liability or an inestimable gift. You become it. You feel what every single cell/particle of energy feel, in their individual life cycle. And so it did happen, while looking at that beautiful ceiling, I heard the crying of the tree, it’s agony. For a moment I was able to look through his eyes, I felt his emotions right there, while he was still alive, breathing amongst his friends in the forest.

I had access to his memories. Suddenly, I was aware of his goals, his dreams. I cried with him, recalling the time he was taken away and his joy and desires cut to pieces.

But, to the mind, it is just a piece of wood, a little decoration. And so a chicken is a just a chicken, salad is just salad and, as any other form of life, seems to have no importance in a world where awareness is submerged, numbed by the narcotic effect of the “Matrix”.

And so, in the psychiatric wards you find people who are energetically “dead” and you also find those which are fully alive, alive to a point where they are now able to see, to talk to every cell, to every particle of energy as you would communicate to a composite being.

You look to a guy talking to a wall or a rock, stuck into a past by long ways gone as it was still there. And beside him you find another guy who “hears” life, the thinking cells full of life of which energy is composed, and to which, as in any other form in this illusion, is given a mind, a purpose, a task, dreams and goals.

And there you find the opposite sides of what we call sanity and madness, genius and dullness, exactly in the same place, where good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies co-exist. That’s where hyposensitive and hypersensitive are confined by the minds of the ‘average’, ‘normal’ man.

Matrix: Understanding the Empath’s code





“Many of the empath’s who came to me as patients and in my workshops feel overwhelmed, fatigue, and downright exhausted before they learn practical skills to help them cope with their sensitivities. They have often been diagnosed with agoraphobia, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic pain, allergies and adrenal fatique (a form of burnout.) On an emotional level, they may experience anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.”  ♦ The empath’s survival guide by Judith Orloff, MD

-IMPORTANT NOTE: Please, do understand, there is no blame or desire of pity in anything written below. That is NOT the point. The intent of this post is purely of analysis and research. REMEMBER, every human form, every valence, race, form has his own code.-

I believe some of us were born with an ability to perceive beyond what most people perceive.


We were called ipersesitives, idealists, emotional. Some of us were punished. Our efforts to set boundaries in order to meet our needs of quiet and peace, were brutally shut.

Only recently as part of my self discovery I researched and found something worth knowing more about.



The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD – My profound gratitude goes to my amazing friend Christine, a friend Empath, for acquaintancing  me with this incredible book.




I had my share of trouble while growing up. I hated small talks and suffered in environments where superficiality was ruling.

My protection has always been to be funny. Laughing would take me away from my struggles while giving me a sense of protection toward people. In a way, my extreme jokes, would distance boys and definitely people who were busy defending a ‘cool-image’. The people, among which, I would feel most uncomfortable.

Constantly targeted by a mother who couldn’t stand my demands for transparency, demands which were slamming against her constant hiding and manipulating of people around her,  I was, then, easily punished for “being” myself.

Although my empathic abilities were always there, I wasn’t aware of them until one of my psychopath, sadist significant other, in 2008, strangled me forcing me to brutally face the unbearable pain of my feelings.

I knew my mother used to play this trick on us children. While she was the one stirring the frequent beatings from my violent father, she claimed to be the victim of such violence, gaining sympathy from the majority of us children.

Manipulation from your loved one is a hard and confusing thing for an empath to confront, due to the fact you feel sorry for their after-the-fact “guilt “. Guilt/sorrow they want you to experience while they watch you bleed as the result of their own stabbings.


“Energy vampires with a victim mentality drain empaths with their “The world is against me” attitude. They don’t take responsibility for the problems that happen in their lives. … Empaths often fall into the compassionate caretaker role with “victims,” trying to solve their list of problems.” 
♦ The empath’s survival guide by Judith Orloff, MD


Surrounded by insanity, deception and superficiality, the life of a young, unaware empath, can turn into a real nightmare. My dreams at young age were the proof of my extreme empathic perceptions. The sadistic behavior of my mother toward me in particularly (the one in the family she knew had the potential to see through her although I was just a little child), caused me frequent nightmares were I was painfully murdered, waking up, often, to a very real unbearable pain. If I had a fear in my childhood, it has always been to be interned in a spin-bin, or tortured by a psychopath. Depression, inexplicable migraines and illnesses where a norm till I remained in the family.

Unfortunately, not knowing about your extreme sensitivity, prompted by the never ending desire of a child to be loved and accepted,  you try to adjust, to change in any way you can, in order to become that “normal” which seems to win their love. Love, which for you, for one reason or another, seems always unavailable.

I now recognize, my early search for truth, my painful childhood was what prompted me to undertake a journey of study on the field of spiritual healing.

Mirroring the pain of mankind, I felt the desire to do something to help others. Healing others meant, unconsciously, to heal myself.

Many empaths solved their “survival problems” by alcohol and drugs abuse. I, instead, found in the sexual activity a way to reach, even if briefly, a deeper connection with another human being.

No matter the pain, I never wished to feel less, I always wanted to feel more.


EMPATHY is a beautiful word meaning the ability to feel the joy or pain of another as it is your own.


I always considered, while embracing the developing of telepathy and mind-reading, this ability to to be a gift, although, many times, it has been the cause of extreme discomfort.

After being involved in one too many unhealthy romantic partnerships with narcissists and psychopaths, after been told and made feel guilty, many times, for choosing them, as if they were a punishment for my “bad” deeds (?!?), I finally, discovered those people were not  a punishment at all. Narcissists, sociopath, vampires of energy are very well aware, an Empath, is their best choice to project and play their parasite games.

They know how to use your empathic abilities against yourself especially when you have no clue of what they are about..


“Energy vampires are attracted to the openness and loving heart of empaths. Sensitive people need to be prepared for them.”  ♦ The empath’s survival guide by Judith Orloff, MD

I remember the sadists psychopath, even after he strangled me, after he stole my savings leaving me penniless in the street with my child (he was making nearly 200 thousands a year), after ruining my reputation with lies to common friends to safeguard himself from the truth being disclosed; even after that, he expected me to keep him at the center of the universe. “Somebody is ill-advising her, she never refuses to do what I ask her to do. She does anything for me.“,  I remember his voice through the speakerphone while he was complaining to a friend of mine, about me disregarding his unreasonable demands, and reaching for legal advice’s in order to get back my savings.

Although I have been studying for almost 3 decades counselling procedures and received tons of it through my early affiliation with the Church of $cientology, it wasn’t till I separated from the “cult” that I actually made my major spiritual progresses. Year after year, working on the beauty of silence, egolessness, training myself to listen and to see without the use of the physical senses, by researching and studying many different mystics ans spiritual paths, having been blessed with amazing counselors (those which the Church of $cientology warns you against) I achieved clarity and a deeper understanding of what an Empath is.

Being an Empath, at the contrary of what I use to believe, to be a spiritual condition, is just a type of a program of the Matrix, and for what it is worth, when you dealing with the Matrix, or worse, when you mistakenly but quite commonly, identify yourself with it, it is a blessing to know more about it.

I know some of you suffer of depression. Some other have been labelled with mood disorder, or as bipolar. I have known quite a bit of people convinced this to be true while the truth, as I pointed out to them, is they were full-blown Empaths.

Is worth exploring this possibility.

Although true Empaths are not that many, if you are one, your life could greatly change for the better.


———- ♠ ———- 

Hi Silvia – I enjoyed reading your essay about empaths, of course the area is real to me. You made it public talking about your past and although you already in the past wrote about your abusive relationship here you display the roots. Indeed for a child being in a dramatizing environment the going gets tough. From then patterns are imprinted and it can be rock and roll from one side to a GPM to another.


You write you achieved clarity. I can follow that up in your posts indeed. I’m always curious 😉

On a more pragmatic level – you write the other side of the coin being that sexual activity to bond with another human being, I’m sorry to hear it’s only briefly. The proof being in the pudding, without any erotic connotation – did you after achieving that clarity on the matter as-is it in order to achieve a not brief sexual connection with a real romantic partnership?

I’m only curious, and ask since you made the subject public and thus open

Friendly 😉

Silvia K. answer:
Thank you for your writing. The briefly “refers” to the other party. My connection with people has always been intense and going past the material world. But for the average men, (or women for some men) it is only during the climax where he put down his walls. Fear rules most people into protecting their weakness and vulnerable spots.


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