Tools: learning to communicate in the spiritual world.

I want to introduce you a great man. Many of you already know him.

His name is David St Lawrence and he is the founder of a group called Spiritual Rescue Technology.

soul touch

The reason I think of him as an exceptional being is:

  •  David has simplified and made available for a very little initial cost, to everyone on a spiritual quest, an ancient technology, altered by Mr. Hubbard and delivered in the Church of $cientology for hundred of thousands of dollars.

The interesting thing is, once in the hands of the Church of $cientology, this very old technology has been labelled as ‘level of NEW OT7’, altered to minimize its powerful effect, delivered under heavy monitoring, conditioning, control and huge mandatory fees (it cost a minimum of $200.000 to get to it for a new adept) and turned into a secret activity.

The Level of NEW OT 7, it is not a status of power and control over people and things as many adept believe and as it is sold by the Cult of $cientology, but a state of mind whereas you “see” and interact with a  world of spirits (inorganic beings, ghosts) not quite visible by a body sight.

For who of you interested in the activities of this Physical universe which includes, visible and not-visible to the human eyes manifestations and life-forms, David St Lawrence offers a priceless tool. He teaches how to use it on your own as part of life, just like you  breath.

Remember, there are many tools and they all work if used at the right time, depending on the situations and our level of awareness at the moment. The more tools you have under your belt the better it is.


“Welcome newcomers to an extraordinary opportunity

Spiritual Rescue Technology will change your life to the extent that you learn to communicate with the spirits surrounding you.

Some of you may be content to receive messages from your spirit guides, while others may concentrate on identifying and handling the upset spirits who make your life a struggle.

Those of you who get counseling or do solo sessions will eventually start working with the spiritual companions who make up the actual components of your personality and influence your daily life. When you get to this point, you will find that life becomes much easier because you now have others adding their intentions to yours.

I have created a graphic which illustrates the levels of ability you can reach by studying and using Spiritual Rescue Technology. We already have people operating at the higher levels.”

If you interested in knowing more about this tool

Here are some book links:


HONESTY and CASE GAINS: What it is really keeping you from advancing?

IMPORTANT NOTE: the intent of the below post on FB was not to criticize Mr. Hubbard or any other philosopher. It was prompted by a deep desire to awaken those who have been trapped by the many false data imparted to them during their affiliation with Scientology and Scientologists.
L.Ron Hubbard was obviously a very bright man. He has studied his lot very throughly. During and after his research, he was able to compile a new path with the information (data as well as pre-existing processes and techniques) he found useful, from other sources. Remember he was a very good lecturer and a master in hypnosis.
If you have been in ‘Scientology’ for years, but haven’t advanced, it is time for you to think that, may be, Scientology as Hubbard lay it down, is not your gradient or right approach. 

As Hubbard stated in many ways ‘the right item, when found, removes any barrier… (money, time, etc…)

FB post May 2018
Studying Scientology for my last 35 years has been something I would never exchange for anything in the world. Class 4, Class 5, Class 6 (SHSBC), C/S courses and Internships, green and red volumes and all the rest.
I was also lucky enough to be pushed out from the Church of $cientology and to be outcast from the independents…
I found myself free to research.
Studying others spiritual groups with the basics of scientology under my belt gave me a much deeper understanding of things.
The Start-Change-Stop as practiced by Gurdjieff goes much deeper than the one delivered by the Church, and so Castaneda’s recapitulation it is a much more effective type of Self Analysis and in a way of Engram’s running. 
Unfortunately, Hubbard never gave specific credit to the sources of his discovery, beyond a loose indication to the Veda, Buddhist and at times names not that significant to a searcher. (Generalities).
So, if you need to find your path you have to came off the pc chair idea, roll up your sleeves and dig.
I promise you, even if you will discard 99% of the data you find, it is worth it.
Much of the information, believe it or not, are not assimilated by the printed words, but by the knowingness left on higher frequencies; by entering the cloud of knowledge of higher planes.
Scientology is just a way, one step of a path, of the very many paths that could lead you to spiritual freedom.
Hubbard original intent to familiarize ones with the material world (illusionary world) by studying its physical laws and finding oneself, so that they could than move past the necessity to have material power or a material body (assumed-identity and mis-ownership), was never completed.
As many mystics warned, the average men get stuck on fear, power and knowledge.
 (Fear, Clarity, Power, & Old Age: THESE ARE THE FOUR NATURAL ENEMIES OF A PERSON OF KNOWLEDGE – The teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda)
Because of that, Scientology, has become a real implant. Listen to people “successes”. The very majority talk about their power (OT levels, L’s) to control and affect this illusionary universe and other beings).
Remote viewing, ESP, the ability to materialize matter or control others are all human gains. A spirit is part of this illusion.
Please do re-read the definition of a static.
The Vedas, Castaneda and many other spiritual philosophies (a step above their teachings to the masses) all warn you about the danger of wanting “Human power”.
Scientology is not the only way out.
Actually, if not taken for what it is; a step, it doesn’t take you out at all, and when practiced as THE one and only, makes humans more human, beefs-up the mind(s) (ego), fixes valances.
An inorganic being, a spirit, still is made of particles, energy… it hasn’t gone very far at all.
 I made a point to publish quotes on my Facebook page adding the exact reference to give a chance to the hungry searchers/seekers to find ways to their right path.
Even if I’m fully aware, many will interpret my posts as challenge, and will see attacks and war where is not, I know the right people will get the point of it. And for those I write.
“Only a Fool Fights in a Burning House.” (Klingon Proverb)
Autobiography of a Yogi – by Paramhansa Yogananda – First edition 1946
“I realized that Master would never display his powers when challenged, or for a triviality.”  page 126
Excerpts from “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge” by Carlos Castaneda
The four Natural Enemies of a Man of Knowledge Saturday, April 8th, 1962)

“When a man starts to learn, he is never clear about his objectives. His purpose is faulty; his intent is vague. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize, for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning. “He slowly begins to learn… bit by bit at first, then in big chunks. And his thoughts soon clash. What he learns is never what he pictured, or imagined, and so he begins to be afraid. Learning is never what one expects. Every step of learning is a new task, and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly, unyieldingly. His purpose becomes a battlefield.

“And thus he has tumbled upon the first of his natural enemies: Fear!

A terrible enemy… treacherous, and difficult to overcome. It remains concealed at every turn of the way, prowling… waiting. And if the man, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will have put an end to his quest.”
“What will happen to the man if he runs away in fear?”
“Nothing happens to him except that he will never learn. He will never become a man of knowledge. He will perhaps be a bully or a harmless, scared man; at any rate, he will be a defeated man. His first enemy will have put an end to his cravings.”
“And what can he do to overcome fear?”
“The answer is very simple. He must not run away. He must defy his fear, and in spite of it he must take the next step in learning, and the next, and the next. He must be fully afraid, and yet he must not stop. That is the rule! And a moment will come when his first enemy retreats. The man begins to feel sure of himself. His intent becomes stronger. Learning is no longer a terrifying task. “When this joyful moment comes, the man can say without hesitation that he has defeated his first natural enemy.”

“Does it happen at once, don Juan, or little by little?”
“It happens little by little, and yet the fear is vanquished suddenly and fast.”
“But won’t the man be afraid again if something new happens to him?”
“No. Once a man has vanquished fear, he is free from it for the rest of his life because, instead of fear, he has acquired clarity… a clarity of mind which erases fear. By then a man knows his desires; he knows how to satisfy those desires. He can anticipate the new steps of learning, and a sharp clarity surrounds everything. The man feels that nothing is concealed.

“And thus he has encountered his second enemy: Clarity!

That clarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels fear, but also blinds. “It forces the man never to doubt himself. It gives him the assurance he can do anything he pleases, for he sees clearly into everything. And he is courageous because he is clear, and he stops at nothing because he is clear. But all that is a mistake; it is like something incomplete. If the man yields to this make-believe power, he has succumbed to his second enemy and will fumble with learning. He will rush when he should be patient, or he will be patient when he should rush. And he will fumble with learning until he winds up incapable of learning anything more.”

“What becomes of a man who is defeated in that way, don Juan? Does he die as a result?”
“No, he doesn’t die. His second enemy has just stopped him cold from trying to become a man of knowledge; instead, the man may turn into a buoyant warrior, or a clown. Yet the clarity for which he has paid so dearly will never change to darkness and fear again. He will be clear as long as he lives, but he will no longer learn, or yearn for, anything.”

“But what does he have to do to avoid being defeated?”
“He must do what he did with fear: he must defy his clarity and use it only to see, and wait patiently and measure carefully before taking new steps; he must think, above all, that his clarity is almost a mistake. And a moment will come when he will understand that his clarity was only a point before his eyes. And thus he will have overcome his second enemy, and will arrive at a position where nothing can harm him any more. This will not be a mistake. It will not be only a point before his eyes. It will be true power. “He will know at this point that the power he has been pursuing for so long is finally his. He can do with it whatever he pleases. His ally is at his command. His wish is the rule. He sees all that is around him.

But he has also come across his third enemy: Power!

“Power is the strongest of all enemies. And naturally the easiest thing to do is to give in; after all, the man is truly invincible. He commands; he begins by taking calculated risks, and ends in making rules, because he is a master. “A man at this stage hardly notices his third enemy closing in on him. And suddenly, without knowing, he will certainly have lost the battle. His enemy will have turned him into a cruel, capricious man.”

“Will he lose his power?”
“No, he will never lose his clarity or his power.”
“What then will distinguish him from a man of knowledge?”
“A man who is defeated by power dies without really knowing how to handle it. Power is only a burden upon his fate. Such a man has no command over himself, and cannot tell when or how to use his power.”
“Is the defeat by any of these enemies a final defeat?”
“Of course it is final. Once one of these enemies overpowers a man there is nothing he can do.”
“Is it possible, for instance, that the man who is defeated by power may see his error and mend his ways?”
“No. Once a man gives in he is through.”

“But what if he is temporarily blinded by power, and then refuses it?”
“That means his battle is still on. That means he is still trying to become a man of knowledge. A man is defeated only when he no longer tries, and abandons himself.”
“But then, don Juan, it is possible that a man may abandon himself to fear for years, but finally conquer it?”
“No, that is not true. If he gives in to fear he will never conquer it, because he will shy away from learning and never try again. But if he tries to learn for years in the midst of his fear, he will eventually conquer it because he will never have really abandoned himself to it.”

“How can he defeat his third enemy, don Juan?”
“He has to defy it, deliberately. He has to come to realize the power he has seemingly conquered is in reality never his. He must keep himself in line at all times, handling carefully and faithfully all that he has learned. If he can see that clarity and power, without his control over himself, are worse than mistakes, he will reach a point where everything is held in check. He will know then when and how to use his power. And thus he will have defeated his third enemy.

“The man will be, by then, at the end of his journey of learning… and almost without warning he will come upon the last of his enemies: Old age!

This enemy is the cruelest of all, the one he won’t be able to defeat completely, but only fight away. “This is the time when a man has no more fears, no more impatient clarity of mind… a time when all his power is in check, but also the time when he has an unyielding desire to rest. If he gives in totally to his desire to lie down and forget, if he soothes himself in tiredness, he will have lost his last round, and his enemy will cut him down into a feeble old creature. His desire to retreat will overrule all his clarity, his power, and his knowledge.

“But if the man sloughs off his tiredness, and lives his fate through, he can then be called a man of knowledge, if only for the brief moment when he succeeds in fighting off his last, invincible enemy. That moment of clarity, power, and knowledge is enough.”


Sri Yukteswar was both a swami and a yogi. A swami, formally a monk by virtue of his connection with the ancient order, is not always a yogi. Anyone who practices a scientific technique of Godcontact is a yogi; he may be either married or unmarried, either a worldly man or one of formal religious ties.
A swami may conceivably follow only the path of dry reasoning, of cold renunciation; but a yogi engages himself in a definite, step-by-step procedure by which the body and mind are disciplined, and the soul liberated. Taking nothing for granted on emotional grounds, or by faith, a yogi practices a thoroughly tested series of exercises which were first mapped out by the early rishis.
Yoga has produced, in every age of India, men who became truly free, truly Yogi-Christs.
Like any other science, yoga is applicable to people of every clime and time. The theory advanced by certain ignorant writers that yoga is “unsuitable for Westerners” is wholly false, and has lamentably prevented many sincere students from seeking its manifold blessings. Yoga is a method for restraining the natural turbulence of thoughts, which otherwise impartially prevent all men, of all lands, from glimpsing their true nature of Spirit. Yoga cannot know a barrier of East and West any more than does the healing and equitable light of the sun. So long as man possesses a mind with its restless thoughts, so long will there be a universal need for yoga or control.
Page 176 content/uploads/Autobiography-of-a-Yogi-by-Paramahansa-Yogananda.pdf

Pain: are you succumbing or are you in the process to re-born?

Pain: are you succumbing or are you in the process to re-born?


When I was a child my mother use to take away from me the very things I loved. She would cause me pain while telling me that pain was a necessary part of life. She wanted so badly to be a martyr, believing pain was a sort of redemption, she would lie to herself and hide to the view of others, when satisfying her fancies and enjoying her little pleasures. She was very deceitful, as in her mind she was not allowed to pursue pleasure and she had to disguise any of it in order to have it.

Unaware, unawakened people think they know best and take away others freedom, punishing and controlling in the name of love or peace. They create suffering where there could be peace, respect and harmony.


At the very bottom of the scale where pain and love are quite near; love is expressed with suffering, lies, confusion and agony.

And, at this level, pain has no purpose at all. Despite what we have been told, there is no reason to endure it either.

We have been so conditioned to  accept the unfairness of life, the pain which the love ones brings us (the love ones being God, a family member, a friend etc..), we silently accept, resign to it, as we accept having a heart.

But in truth, there is no reason to not walk away from any of it.

The only pain which is worth living, is the pain awakening brings about with the shocking discovery we have been lied to, we have been building and protecting a state of unconsciousness and an identity or identities that never existed.


“I am not the body,” to most people means simply this: “I am not my body.” But I am a part from my body especially those of us with a Christian Judaeo background.
We say, “My body is the temple for the living God and God resides within myself.”
This may be true to an extent, but it is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is exactly what it says, “I am not my body.” In other words, my body does not exist, but there are not two of us. There is not I-am and my body or there is not God and my body. There is not God residing in my body. There simply is no body. No body exists. Therefore I-am, is that I-am. You are consciousness just the way you are, but you are not the body. In other words what you think is the body, is consciousness. There is not the body and consciousness.
There’s the body as consciousness and the body does not exist the way it appears.
As an example: Take a movie theatre, you have the moving picture on the screen.
You do not see the screen because it’s covered by images and you do not even think of the screen. You have no idea there is a screen because you do not think about it. You’re thinking about the images. You become immersed in the movie, beginning, a middle and an end. But yet without the screen there would be no movie. So we can say the movie is not reality. The screen is the reality. And when the images cover the screen, the screen is still the reality. But the images give an appearance like reality.”
…”These are all cosmic images on the screen of consciousness, and that’s everything. You and I, the chairs, the couch, the sky, the moon, the universe are simply images, appearances, optical illusions.
The truth is that you are consciousness, but you can’t see yourself because of the maya, the grand illusion. So you believe that you are the body and you are the doer.”
“So you say, “Well how come I feel all these other things? How can I feel disease?
How can I feel hurt? How can I feel my problems?” The reason you feel these things is because of wrong identification. You’re not identifying with the screen, you’re identifying with the images. And as long as you believe that you’re an image like the movie, you’re going to suffer accordingly.
The secret is therefore to let go, and quiet your mind. Identifying with consciousness and not with the image which is called false imagination. But you may say to me, “Will I see my fellow man suffering? There’s a war to break out in Iraq. All kinds of man’s inhumanity to man is happening all around me. Is that false?” As long as you believe in it, then it’s real to you. Therefore I will not tell you it’s false because you believe in it.
Again it’s like the person in the movie. I tell them the screen is the reality, but they say, “No, the images are real, I can see them, can’t you see the person killing somebody else? And somebody dying of cancer? And a bomb falling on the city? How can you say that’s not real?” So I come and take away the screen and there’s nothing but a blur. This is what happens when you awaken. The human dream is over. It becomes nothing but a blur.”
Robert Adams Satsangs: The Collected Works
Transcript 12
I Am Not The Body!
28th September, 1990

With that, our loyalty, won by deception, leaded us to a cooperation onto solidify minds.

Yes, as many like to think venting their ego, we built this world.

Once well identified with this illusion we have become the very bricks which this prison is built with and kept standing. We have helped, by identifying with this illusion, to make this illusion more and more real, more and more solid.

We have become ponds, working to erase the pain by burying the truth, while making the pain of life/lies last. The reason: the pain of truth is presented by the minds as an unnecessary illusion while the pain of life, (which is in itself a solid agreement with the illusion) is viewed as real.


So, I stayed away for few years from anyone in the field of spiritual freedom, with their many attempts to make me feel wrong for experiencing pain, for my “depression”, for a deep sense of unhappiness and betrayal. Fortunately, I stopped listening to the know-bests, the “Standard Tech” ones, Scientologists or not in the field of freedom and pursued my own research.



As Castaneda suggested, I choose death as my best friend, and little by little started to work on the de-conditioning…. I knew the conditioning was real, but I have never expected to go as deep as I discovered going, very recently, when I advanced to a new state of awareness which goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. The conditioning goes deep and its roots are seated in the very core of our awareness. It is essentially everything we think we know, or we even imagine we are.

My last teaching came recently from a dream. I was facing a choice where I could just walk free or help what appeared, in the dream, to be my family. Of course, being trapped as most of us, in the dream I choose to help my family.

The feeling of failure attached to that struggle is what I woke up to. It was a dream, it was not real. Yet, I sacrificed my freedom for that illusion.  Exactly like most of us do every single day, when they choose to believe, the bodies we see, our families, kids, friends, pet or people in need, are the priority, and a reason to stay or to endure pain.

Our implanted mind will always make us to accept the pain of an illusion while taking us away from the pain leading to freedom. We prefer to succumb protecting a child which does not exist, than feeling the pain and guilt of having left a child even if deep down we know to be a projection of our mind.


Can you see? Can you see the cost of following the path of awareness, while being still connected to a mind?  Because the mind will blind you with pain, sense of guilt, terror, illusion of treason and sufferings.

The mind keeps you dreaming.

So, if you choose to follow your awareness, you will have to be strong enough to accept and survive through the torture of the mind…. for as long as you have it connected (by identification) and up to the point where the splitting occurs and you are now free of its grasp. Free of the fate of the body, the character on the movie you were assign to believe it was you.




When people say we are all connected, we are all one, they are telling a truth, even if they are not aware of the extent of it.

We, the program, is one, the codes, the projection we are watching is one. One, even if  in appearance presents itself with many different characters and minds. Brilliant isn’t it?

“A half-truth is even more dangerous than a lie. A lie, you can detect at some stage, but half a truth is sure to mislead you for long.”
― Anurag Shourie, Half A Shadow

“The most harmful lies and the most hurtful, always contain a grain of truth,” he said. “But nevertheless, lies they do remain.”
― Robin Jarvis, Whortle’s Hope

“The best lies stay close to the truth.”
― Cornelia Funke, Reckless

“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.

The amount of work is the same.”
― Carlos Castaneda




I got my answer…

“If you ever want to go anywhere, make it about helping others, not yourself and your answer will be right there.



I remember, I was three years old, when sitting against the wall of my bedroom, holding my legs close to my body, I wished with all my self someone from “home” would come and take me back.

I felt lost, in a strange body which demanded so much of me, so much nonsense and most of all, demanded me to identify with it in order to be heard and seen.

2018 Jan 19 Blog

And with time, I got lost too, lost into believing Silvia Kusada goals where mine, she was me. Time when I forgot my-Self and subscribed to the rules and demands of this world of illusion.

Although from a human prospective those might have seemed moment of success, they were in fact times of profound failure and unconsciousness.

But few days ago, while I was doing some research to help another soul, I found my answer.

Robert Adams. This amazing being, non only stated that the body is an illusion, the mind the program who keeps us connected to the “play”, but he actually went much further into saying, we have no-connection what so ever with this character, we brought to believe it was us.


“Sitting” in a theater, we were told Joe, Helen or the little dog, was the Self. And from there we started to feel, to think, to act as we actually were that character in the play. And why the play was going on, following a perfectly written manuscript, recorded and played in front of us, through the mind, we were given the illusion of being cause, of having a say on the future of this “creature”.

But today, I finally recognize, Silvia Kusada, or Joe Muller, or Dorothy Silvertstain, where never me. Where just character of a movie played in front of me, while tricked into taking responsibility for them. Into believing their survival depended on me.

So much suffering, rejoicing, struggles and achievements…. so much emotions produced artificially while “living” a life never existed. I got squeezed as a lemon, as every else by the “Games-masters” which feed on our emotions.

I always new, Silvia Kusada wasn’t me, not totally me at least… I couldn’t explain the connection, why I couldn’t just separate.

I have been very unhappy into this mis-ownership. It never worked for me.

And finally, when I fully realized, this play is a projection, Mrs. Silvia a character of the play which has her own story already written by beginning to end. When I fully owned the fact that there is nothing which actually connect us, or in common between the 2 of us, when I arised above the mind and stopped identifying with thoughts or her limitations. I finally felt very happy.

Now, most people would judge your spiritual state by your body. They rightly do that and that is what they can see from what they stand. That is what the Mind tells them to do.

If you are still believing you are in the play, that’s fine. In truth, anyone who think he can understand anything by the rational use of the mind, is dealing with the play… and will always follow the red-herrings thrown in by this program.

Today, after a life of struggles I finally feel peace.

It is not the human peace, is the lack of involvement with the Matrix, with its lies.


Silvia Kusada performance still going on without me, and it never was me in the first place… for you who judge the hologram, might not see any difference, as there is no difference. The play goes on as was recorded and programmed.

I’m just free of it.


She would probably not recognize you, – I was told –she does barely recognize her own children. Alzheimer has taken her away from all of us.




But when I walked in, her face turned to me. She did not say a word.

She does not ‘talk’ anymore. But her eyes, her eyes became instantly alive as they opened widely to embrace me.

A fearless wave of love penetrated me so deeply and with so much intensity to destroy any boundaries created by this human illusion.

No words could have achieved the same effect, no matter how sweet, caring and sincere could have been.

There we were, together beyond space and time, where the mind cannot travel and forbids anyone to go.

I silently cried and so did she.


She did not say anything, right?” he asked later.

No,- I answered –yet, this has been the most beautiful welcome I ever felt while inhabiting a human body.

I was asked why I spent money to go visit some people.

What they call people, I call family.

They are my home away from home.


Why ‘sight’ is barred by judgment.

The first and most deceiving barrier to enlightenment is what we call the mind, that program generating thoughts many erroneously mistake as the self.


Indeed the minds were created to give form and meaning (game) to a bunch or energy waves which are themselves the representation of codes. On and higher level, a different mind (program) sees energy. In  order to “see’ above form and above energy you have to exteriorize (a view from outside the body or the Matrix) from any mind.

witness zen

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The static, or ‘true self‘, has no business at all dealing with any part of this illusion/game. As Krishnamurti and many other mystics said: ‘you are the witness not the doer.”

But you are the witness of what?

Some people think the witness of event or forms, some others believe the witness of the energy flows, but in reality no matter how many minds you get rid of, until you don’t became the witness of the whole game, you play the game, you are part of it and you are deep into the quicksand of mis-ownership and its prison built on lies.

As unbelievable as it seems, the game goes on with you or without you.

witness zen

I believe this has been best described by Castaneda in his book ‘A separate reality’.

“You think about yourself too much and that gives you a strange fatigue that makes you shut off the world around you and cling to your arguments.
A light and amenable disposition is needed in order to withstand the impact and the strangeness of the knowledge I am teaching you. Feeling important makes one heavy, clumsy, and vain. To be a man of knowledge one needs to be light and fluid.

One has to reduce to a minimum all that is unnecessary in one’s life.

Once you decide something put all your petty fears away. Your decision should vanquish them. I will tell you time and time again, the most effective way to live is as a warrior. Worry and think before you make any decision, but once you make it, be on your way free from worries or thoughts; there will be a million other decisions still awaiting you. That’s the warrior’s way.
A warrior thinks of his death when things become unclear. The idea of death is the only thing that tempers our spirit.

To be a warrior you have to be crystal clear.

My acts are sincere but they are only the acts of an actor because everything I do is controlled folly. Everything I do in regard to myself and my fellow men is folly, because nothing matters.
Certain things in your life matter to you because they’re important; your acts are certainly important to you, but for me, not a single thing is important any longer, neither my acts nor the acts of any of my fellow men. I go on living though, because I have my will. Because I have tempered my will throughout my life until it’s neat and wholesome and now it doesn’t matter to me that nothing matters. My will controls the folly of my life.
Once a man learns to see he finds himself alone in the world with nothing but folly. Your acts, as well as the acts of your fellow men in general, appear to be important to you because you have learned to think they are important.
We learn to think about everything, and then we train our eyes to look as we think about the things we look at. We look at ourselves already thinking that we are important. And therefore we’ve got to feel important! But then when a man learns to see, he realizes that he can no longer think about the things he looks at, and if he cannot think about what he looks at everything becomes unimportant. Everything is equal and therefore unimportant.
We need to look with our eyes to laugh. When our eyes see, everything is so equal that nothing is funny. My laughter, as well as everything I do is real but it also is controlled folly because it is useless; it changes nothing and yet I still do it.
One must always choose the path with heart in order to be at one’s best, perhaps so one can always laugh.
You don’t understand me now because of your habit of thinking as you look and thinking as you think. By “thinking” I mean the constant idea that we have of everything in the world. Seeing dispels that habit and until you learn to see you will not really understand what I mean.
Our lot as men is to learn. I have learned to see and I tell you that nothing really matters. A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting. A man of knowledge chooses a path with heart and follows it; and then he looks and rejoices and laughs; and then he sees and knows. He knows that his life will be over altogether too soon; he knows that he, as well as everybody else, is not going anywhere; he knows, because he sees, that nothing is more important than anything else. In other words, a man of knowledge has no honor, no dignity, no family, no name, no country, but only life to be lived, and under these circumstances his only tie to his fellow men is his controlled folly. Thus a man of knowledge endeavors, and sweats, and puffs, and if one looks at him he is just like any ordinary man, except that the folly of his life is under control. Nothing being more important than anything else, a man of knowledge chooses any act, and acts it out as if it matters to him. His controlled folly makes him say that what he does matters and makes him act as if it did, and yet he knows that it doesn’t; so when he fulfills his acts he retreats in peace, and whether his acts were good or bad, or worked or didn’t, is in no way part of his concern.
You think about your acts, therefore you have to believe your acts are as important as you think they are, when in reality nothing of what one does is important. Nothing! But then if nothing really matters, as you ask me, how can I go on living? It would be simple to die; that’s what you say and believe, because you’re thinking about life, just as you’re thinking now what seeing would be like. You want me to describe it to you so you can begin to think about it, the way you do with everything else. In the case of seeing, however, thinking is not the issue at all, so I cannot tell you what it is like to see. Now you want me to describe the reasons for my controlled folly and I can only tell you that controlled folly is very much like seeing; it is something you cannot think about.

Our lot as men is to learn and, as I’ve said, one goes to knowledge as one goes to war; with fear, with respect, aware that one is going to war, and with absolute confidence in oneself. Put your trust in yourself. There’s no emptiness in the life of a man of knowledge, everything is filled to the brim and everything is equal. For me there is no victory, or defeat, or emptiness. Everything is filled to the brim and everything is equal and my struggle is worth my while.
In order to become a man of knowledge one must be a warrior. One must strive without giving up, without a complaint, without flinching, until one sees, only to realize then that nothing matters. You’re too concerned with liking people or with being liked yourself. A man of knowledge likes, that’s all. He likes whatever or whoever he wants, but he uses his controlled folly to be unconcerned about it.
My controlled folly applies only to myself and to the acts I perform while in the company of my fellow men.

You must talk to the plants you’re going to pick before you pick them. In order to see the plants you must talk to them personally, you must get to know them individually; then the plants can tell you anything you care to know about them.
You fail to understand that I am not joking. When a sorcerer attempts to see, he attempts to gain power.
You think everything in the world is simple to understand because everything you do is a routine that is simple to understand.

You have to have an unbending intent in order to become a man of knowledge.

* * *
A warrior takes responsibility for his acts; for the most trivial of his acts. He waits patiently, knowing that he is waiting, and knowing what he is waiting for. That is the warrior’s way.

What makes us unhappy is to want. Yet if we would learn to cut our wants to nothing, the smallest thing we’d get would be a true gift. To be poor or wanting is only a thought; and so is to hate, or to be hungry, or to be in pain. They are only thoughts for me now, I have accomplished that feat. The power to do that is all we have, mind you, to oppose the forces of our lives; without that power we are dregs, dust in the wind.
It is up to us as single individuals to oppose the forces of our lives. Only a warrior can survive. A warrior knows that he is waiting and what he is waiting for; and while he waits he wants nothing and thus whatever little thing he gets is more than he can take. If he needs to eat he finds a way, because he is not hungry; if something hurts his body he finds a way to stop it, because he is not in pain. To be hungry or to be in pain means that the man has abandoned himself and is no longer a warrior; and the forces of his hunger and pain will destroy him.
* * *
The countless paths one traverses in one’s life are all equal. Oppressors and oppressed meet at the end, and the only thing that prevails is that life was altogether too short for both.




The 2 basic programs of this illusion; visual vs HTML

When we enter/are placed in this illusion we are given a mind, many minds in truth, and right there we are faced with our first choice:  going visual or continue to use the HTML (energy-coding vision)?

The very majority of us settles for visual vision offered by the mind(s) with its pictures, interpretations, taste, colors, and all the senses and emotions programmed to delineate and consolidate what we end up believing is us.


The dramatic feeling of been totally lost, is then partially relieved by the sensation of gaining a position in space which gives us some sort of delusional security.

The majority of people spend their whole life creating effects on others in the attempt of proving to themselves they are “alive”, they really “exist”.

I, too, choose the Vision-mode. Thought, for a while, Silvia was me. Struggled to fit in and, too, I was tricked, as the majority of fictitious, materialistic groups disguised as spiritual does, into believing being causative is equal to power.

Fortunately,  I always aimed toward truth, never really cared about power, about competing or challenging others… and I say fortunately, because your true intent is what guides you and lays the stones to your path.

I have always been quite perceptive, but it wasn’t of any help when dealing with psychopaths or psychotic organizations. They have a way to present themselves so as to match your perceptions and ideals. It is all a pretense, an exterior outfit but never the less good enough to cloud ones judgment.

It was only recently with regaining the ability to read energy (the HTML program), I realized what we see with the body eyes, what the mind offers us, is most of the time very different from what it truly is.

When you read a code you can see all the components, the element which constitute the appearance and the one who are prompting its action. A beautiful flower seen by the mind as such, will reveal its poisoning properties to whom is able to read its energy and codes.

I started to work on this. I was puzzled to see how, quite often, the beautiful, genuine smile, convincing words of someone, would ‘read’ on its energy formation as untrustworthy.

So many times I battled with the mind(s) “it cannot be possible” but at last, I became strong enough, to trust my new mode of vision.

The other day, reading a post by David St Lawrence, a man who I admire deeply for his constant help, on effectively enabling people to advance spiritually in freedom, I realized… ‘seeing’ is not something you develop with time but is something we have all along, something we surrender when we choose to let the mind “see” for us.

At the very moment we choose the body eyes as the primary-eyes, our
spiritual sight disappears in the background like a foggy undefined

When I read the energy is always spot on.
Again, where the ‘eyes’ of the mind see a beautiful person, event or
situation and the spiritual mind reading the energy, says exactly the opposite. I know the latter is the one to trust.

We entered a different plateau. Let’s keep in mind that, when you read a code, there can be a very early command which changes all the rest of the code and although the spiritual mind is way more accurate, by belonging to the material universe is still affected by its rules, lies and imperfection.

On the positive side, the reading of energy will give you a much broader vision, unlabeled, of the different flows. Please do realize that a this point there is no roads, mother, cat, sea, sky or any form as we have left the visual-mode.

All you see at this stage is the energy moving; no labels or judgments. And, if you make it close enough to the no-judgment, no-labeling zone, you have also gained a detachment from the mind and you are somewhat exterior to the whole material game of illusion with its duality.

As per the first graph below created and designed by David St Lawrence, the familiarization with the Spiritual world is a VERY necessary step. Only when it became a way of life, to you, to perceive and deal with other inorganic beings, your next door will unlock.

NOTE: All Inorganic beings, spirits, ghosts of a less dense, but still material (energy) form and the mind(s) itself belong to the game of illusion ordinarily called Reality.


Original Graph by David St Lawrence (above)


I modified the original graph by David St Lawrence to add another field and notes.

David St Lawrence Silvia version


For who of you is ready to make the necessary arrangements and to take the necessary steps to enter the spiritual world, I strongly advise to contact David St Lawrence…

He can give you the tools, to get to the door of Awareness.

Of course, there is no place for dilettantism, you are required to work hard and to bring out all the courage you can possibly can… You are the only one who can walk the path.

I think is worth it.




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