Stockholm: ‘The Courage of speaking out!!’

Two more well-known scientologists have now left the church in Stockholm, Sweden.

”But that´s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God´s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

“Don´t get interested in real estate. Don´t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that´s not important.”

— L.Ron Hubbard, from tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, 31 December 1960

Independence Declaration

Conny and Ing-Marie Lundberg


Sweden Whistleblowers

Fighting for KRW and to keep Scientology alive...

After careful consideration we have decided to no longer back up or give any support to Church of Scientology International.

N.B. Important information!!!

Church of Scientology or The Scientology Religion (as it´s called nowadays) is not the same as L.Ron Hubbard and the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. It´s two totally different things!

We are only leaving David Miscavige and Int Management and we have now chosen to wholly connect with Ron and the original technology of Ron.

The reasons for this we will show below.

We have both backed up The Church of Scientology for 30+ years in a variety of ways and we have  been working on staff at the Church in Stockholm, we both have a sound knowledge of auditing (since we have been trained in the Academy Levels, New Era Dianetics, Dianetik Auditor etc) and have audited lots of pcs. Further we are trained as Course Supervisor and Professional Wordclearer and have been working as such in the Academy.

We both were engaged in various 3rd and 4th Dynamic projects both inside the Church but also on our own initiative outside the Church. Some of them were quite big.

For example, Ing-Marie arranged a concert together with Eva Järnerud, ”A Promise to the World” that were held at Konserthuset in Stockholm in April 2002.

The purpose was to get out the message about Human Rights. It was a gigantic project where many different speakers for Human Rights Organizations (among others from United Nations) were invited and also many famous artists (both scientologists and non-scientologists) were invited and performed. Ing-Marie and Eva were the main reason this project became a reality and they worked ”around the clock” for 6 months to make this happen.

Further, we have worked for and invested lots of energy to try and stop the FRA Law. We e-mailed 200 politicians to make them see that they shouldn’t vote for this law that means that the Swedish equivalent of  NSA in US (and thus the Government) may listen in on all Swedish citizens  phone calls and view e-mails. We participated in demonstrations against the FRA Law where known politicians from different political parties spoke. We also printed name lists and posted these and also tried to inform as many Swedish citizens as possible re this matter.

We also have fought against vitamin restrictions from the European Community. EC tried to restrict the strength of vitamins and outlaw herbs,homeopathic medication and natural products. Also on this occasion we e-mailed all the members of the Parliament to inform them on this and thus heighten their awareness in this important issue, that is, the right of the citizen to take care of his own body.

Conny, together with Tomas Ahrne, started  what was to be called the Debug Group in 1991. The main purpose of this group was to handle the arc broken field, that is, the 3:d Dynamic Engram that evolved as a result of the enormous loan situation amongst scientologists in the -80s. Very many scientologists had debts in the range of US $120,000 to $130,000. Conny, Tomas and a couple of other guys worked 18 hour days for months to debug the problems in the field, find the Why, resolve arc breaks and get scientologists back on purpose again. They also helped many scientologists with ethics conditions.

Conny, Tomas, Lars Wising and Ragne Mansfield held events in Stockholm Org and in Gothenburg Org and spoke at a Flag Event.

The main purpose was to raise the tone among the scientologists in the Field, which is, by the way, the purpose for the whole of Scientology.

Ing-Marie worked at U-man (1988-1991) as a sales woman, with the purpose to get companies to use the OCA Test in their recruitment of personnel. These personality tests are an important gateway to Scientology. One of Ing-Maries customers (the CO for a big company) became a Scientologist and even attested Clear!

Ing-Marie worked herself up to a Power Condition (despite an gastric ulcer) and became named the 3:d best sales person, internationally for the whole year 1989 (that is for all of U-Man´s companies in Sweden and Europe) and received a big cup on an event for U-Man employees in Brussels.

We thus feel a great responsibility for the 3rd and 4th Dynamic and have VERY strong purpose to clear this planet.

When we both came into Scientology it was incredibly cheerful and much spirit in the organization. The course rooms were packed with students and new public flowed in every day. The amount of staff members were about 115-120. The wholepurpose at that time (in the middle of the ‘70s and the beginning of the ‘80s) were to train auditors and to go up the Bridge.

There were no fundraising or any events to donate to different things. When we had an event it was to celebrate something. For example, we celebrated LRH Birthday, the Auditors Day, Dianetic Book Day and had different Tech release events.

In addition to that we had enormously cheerful OT events with Group Auditing. Further we had much entertainments on these events. There were plays with song, dance and many scientologists went on stage to tell their OT wins. Thus these events were  incredibly cheerful and the whole purpose was to have a very happy theta night together.

In other words, the attention in the ‘70s and the ‘80s were on spirit, not matter!

The main purpose were, as said above, to train many auditors and to have satisfied preclears, which according to L. Ron Hubbard are the 2 most important statistics. The attention was not on fancy buildings and aesthetics.

It is with great  sorrow and regret that we notice that the Church we once joined, is no more.

Church of Scientology, as it exist today, is about, mainly donating as much money as possible to IAS, Ideal Org Buildings, which Ron object to 100% (see reference below), the Super Power Building etc, etc, which deplete the individual scientologist´s finances and thus result in great difficulties to get up the Bridge.

Further on, vital auditing technology is alter-ised ( see examples below).

In the light of these violations that we have discovered against L.Ron Hubbard and the most important policy of Scientology, HCO PL of the 7th February 1965: ”KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING”, we have realized that we cannot, any more with our integrity intact, support the church further.

Here comes  just some examples of violations against the superior policy : Keeping Scientology Working that we have seen or observed:

1. Ideal Org Buildings

By donations, out of exchange, from members, of big sums of money to buy very fancy and posh buildings that thereafter also has to be renovated and furnished with the help of further donations.

This will, according to David Miscavige, lead to an incredible expansion since it is matter, not spirit that attracts new public.

A building never has audited anyone or trained anyone to become an auditor!!! These buildings are later on owned by the Church of Scientology International and not by the members of the church even if they paid for it!

In this way, the Ideal Org Buildings are promoted by David Miscavige and Int Management, by using only the first part of a text from a lecture by LRH:

”We own a tremendous amount of property. We own a tremendous amount of material, and so forth. And it keeps growing.”

The following 2 parts of LRH (that is, that comes after the part above is excluded by Int Management when they are ”promoting” Ideal Orgs.

Here comes the next part of the text by LRH………

”But that´s not important. When buildings get important to us, for God´s sake, some of you born revolutionists, will you please blow up central headquarters. If someone had put some H.E. (high explosives) under the Vatican long ago, Catholicism might still be going.

“Don´t get interested in real estate. Don´t get interested in the masses of buildings, because that´s not important.”

— L.Ron Hubbard, from tape: The Genus of Scientology Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress, 31 December 1960

“In twenty years an enormous amount of experience has been gained regarding the quarters and housing of orgs.

”From this experience there are only a few clear-cut lessons. These follow:

”A. VIABILITY of the org… is the first and foremost consideration… not how posh or what repute or what image.

”Example 1:  Stockholm took very posh, fancy quarters. Up to that time it has been viable. The overload of expense rapidly upset the salary sum, the staff began to moonlight (work on other jobs), and the org all but collapsed until cheaper quarters were found,

”Example 2:  Phoenix 1955. A beautiful, big building at small expense was found. It was very prominent… the full reserves of the org went into furnishing these quarters. The area had to be abandoned, losing all reserves.

”Example 3: Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1950. The shabby quarters there made lots of money. Beautiful country quarters were under survey for purchase. The psychiatric block… began action [in the area] to invoke a law against medical schools. If the better quarters had been purchased, they would have been lost.

”CONCLUSION: Viability of economics must not exceed the income of the org. The SAFE figure for rent and mortgage payments must not exceed 15 percent to 17 percent of the gross income of the org.

”Example 4:  Hotel Reycar Alicante Spain was relatively cheap. It was quite posh. Students complained as it cost a bit more than they were willing to pay. Image in this case worked against the org.

”Example 5: Johannesburg’s three old buildings foolishly sold and the money squandered has yet to attain the income it made in its “old, horrible quarters” despite its newer image.

”An org which adventures more than 15 percent of its current gross income for rent or purchase payments can get into far more serious trouble than an org with a poor building image.”

— L.Ron Hubbard, HCO P/L 23 September 1970, Quarters, Policy Regarding—Historical(OEC Vol. 7, p. 1394)

2. Donations

This is what Ron says about fund-raising:

”If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.

”Just make more income with Scientology.

”It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.

”For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.

”Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

–L. Ron Hubbard, HCO P/L 24 February 1964, Issue II

Our own experience re fund raising events

We were at a fundraising event in Malmö in their Ideal Org in January 2009 (that is before the opening in April) where we got to see and hear the CO CLO, Walter Kottrich, start up the event by invalidating the King of Sweden by making himself funny about the difficulties the King has in writing and reading. This joke he pulled while he was talking about the dissemination of LRH Study Tech. (Most of the present scientologists didn´t laugh, thank you!)

After this the good Walter in a fast pace went  on to, in a threatening tone around 1.5, telling the present scientologists that no excuses were counted (that is, even if you were sick, financially depleted, had millions in debts, etc., none mattered) everybody present was expected to donate to the Ideal Org Building. Those that did not donate were not ethical!  Further on all scientologists that weren’t already on staff also were out-ethics!

At last Walter finished the speech by saying that all people on planet Earth were out-ethics if they weren’t scientologists……

Cheerful and ”Spirit of Play”???

No, a rather low mood (anger-antagonism) and very serious.

By 1. above, L Ron Hubbard totally repudiate the concept of ”Ideal Org Buildings”.

According to LRH, Scientology´s main  and most important statistics are:

1. Well trained Auditors
2. Satisfied Preclear´s

To sum this up, when Organizations train many auditors and thus get many satisfied preclear´s, the Organizations get higher income and at last the Organization has expanded to the point where it needs a bigger building so there is enough place for all the auditing rooms and all new students.

3.Golden Age of Tech

Regarding the Golden Age of Tech Drills:

What Ron says about learning by heart:

”What is this HCO Bulletin’s first section?’ is about as dull as one can get. ‘What are the rules given about…?’ is a question I would never bother to ask.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, HCO P/L 24 September 1964, Instruction and Examination, Raising the Standard of (OEC Vol. 4, p. 327)

“Doesn’t matter how complex a study is… it still can be memorized, it can be spat back on the examination paper—if you work hard enough and your memory’s good enough. But you can’t apply it… because there was no understanding in it with which to apply it.”

— L. Ron Hubbard, Tape: Study and Intention, 18 August 1966

“Ability to evaluate is much more important in any formal or informal educational process than ability to memorize… Education has been made into a control of recall in contemporary schools. The data is forced into the student with a value welded to it. It is worth little thereafter…”

— L. Ron Hubbard, Dianometry, Your Ability and State of Mind, January, 1951 (Tech Vol. 1, p. 94 )

”You can stuff a student with theory until it´s coming out of his ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS. You can even put him through all the drills that have ever been dreamed up and you still won´t have an auditor until  he AUDITS.”

–L.Ron Hubbard, LRH ED 299 INT, 28 September 1978

4. Changed definition of Floating Needle

Miscavige started to enforce the interpretation of this definition based on the word “rhythmic”. By this interpretation the needle shall sweep back and forth at least three times to be called an F/N.

It takes no genius to figure out what kind of hardship this interpretation  brings to Preclear´s and Auditors when applied.

The LRH definition as it is written in  HCOB 21 July 1978, ”WHAT IS A FLOATING NEEDLE”

“A floating needle is a rhythmic sweep of the dial at a slow, even pace of the needle.

“That’s what an F/N is. No other definition is correct.”

5. Mixing Rundowns on OT VII

(That is, to run a major rundown (security check) in the middle of another once every six month as in this case on OT VII)

Alteration of HCOB 1 July 1985 CS Series 73 RA

Here is the end of the 12 page LRH ORIGINAL HCOB C/S Series 73RA-

“Due to the tremendous number of technical advances which have been made in the past decade, and the nature of these advances, maintaining the No-Interference Area rules to ensure that pcs move rapidly up the Bridge becomes the responsibility of every org, every mission, every unit and every individual Scientologist on this planet.

“It is not only a responsibility. It is a trust.”

NEW ALTERED VERSION:  HCOB 2 August 1990 CS Series 73RB –
In other words……

The ABOVE ending from the ORIGINAL HCOB of LRH  is DELETED, along with SEVEN other pages of the original.


A. Giving Confessionals and FPRD to people mid-OT 7, instead of between OT levels.
B. Giving Confessionals and FPRD to people on OT 7 who have not manifested the indicators required by LRH, to give them one.
C. Omitting the special confidential handling required by LRH for OT III and above.

There are two known cases of squirrel non-LRH revisions of HCOBs: HCOB C/S Series 73

The HCOB that gives the confidential special handling for OT III and above…..


6. Disconnection

The Church of Scientology and scientologists uses this behavior regularly against scientologists that for different reasons have left the Church. This includes friends and relatives and has caused untold grief.

This also is contrary to LRH´s policy letter of November 1968:


”Since we can now handle all types of cases, disconnection as a condition is cancelled.”

— L. RON HUBBARD, Founder

Further, the Spokesperson of the Church of Scientology International, Tommy Davies, has repeatedly said that the Church does not use Disconnection. This has been said in different talk shows on television. The fact is that Tommy Davies is lying publicly about this and not only once but repeatedly!!!

Scientologists around the Planet, knows that the  Disconnection Policy is used continously despite the fact that L Ron Hubbard cancelled this policy 1968, BUT it was   reinstated by David Miscavige during the -80´s and it has shattered very many families, caused divorces and destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of friendships and also caused en enormously bad reputation for Scientology.

7. Basics

Instead of training  auditors and auditing preclear´s, David Miscavige has put all scientologists, even new publics on the Basics which means over 10 books and 280 lectures!!!

This is a very tall order for  many scientologists (especially new ones but also for many scientologists and staff that have no previous auditor training).

In LRH´s original course check sheets for auditing courses, the student only read the books that belonged to  that course. For example, when studying to become a Dianetic Auditor, the student read “Dianetics” to gain a greater understanding of the mind, the auditing commands and the whole auditing procedure.

There is nothing written by LRH that can be interpreted such as all Scientologists in the World has to study books before they go up the Bridge!!!

The Basics therefore becomes a BIG STOP for all the scientologists that want to go up the Bridge NOW!!!

Thus scientologists are not allowed to be self determined…which is the purpose of auditing and the foremost purpose of Scientology, to create self determined beings.

8. Instead of selling auditing courses and auditing, one is depleting scientologists by demanding them to donate to IAS, Super Power Building, Library Campaigns and Ideal Org Buildings.

Not only has Ron expressed clearly what he thinks of buildings and donations, but he also points out that an Organization´s main products, once again, is:

A.    Thoroughly trained Auditors
B.    Well audited Pc´s

Almost two years ago, we donated money for the Library Campaign, so that Basics should be available on the library where we live in Nacka in Sweden.

Two weeks ago Ing-Marie checked up this again, whether the books were in the library or not, and there were still no books there. She also found out that there are NO Basic Book Packages on any libraries in the county of Nacka. There were however ONE book, written by L Ron Hubbard (before the “corrections” took place) in a library in Fisksätra, and that is good : )), but this book has been there for many years and that was “Fundamental of Thoughts”.

Ing-Marie spoke of this, a year ago, to a staff member at AOSH EU in Denmark and got the answer that OSA will “handle this” and make sure that the books got out to the libraries…..

Otherwise, Ing-Marie were prepared to handle this herself, at that time, to get out the books to this library and had a Tvery strong intention to get the library staff intrested in receiving these books… something that is no matter of course…. It is the library staff that decides about which books they want for lending.

The only library that has the Basic Book Package is The Royal Library and they have it because there is a law that says that they MUST have all written and published works.

9. Statictics regarding the physical health of scientologists in the Stockholm area.

The reason we take up this statistic is that it shows that very many scientologists in the Stockholm area are very PTS and thus are under a heavy suppression….

We will NOT speculate about the cause of this and we do NOT blame the Church, that is,  Int Management, for this, BUT one can´t on the other hand validate the Church for  having many sound and healthy scientologists in the area…

Scientology has the “Worlds best Technology” at hand to be happy and healthy and in our example (that is, our friends and acquaintances) three out of four scientologists ill…

This is a WAKE-UP CALL  to ALL Scientologists!


We have chosen 40 scientologists that we “know” and a few that are real close friends: We arrived at a very disheartening result….and we are ourselves VERY shocked!!!

Of the 40 scientologists (that we know of) here in Stockholm , 30 persons are ill and only 10 persons are healthy. Besides these persons there are also scientologists, that we have known, that has died (far too early) and 5 scientologists here in Stockholm (that we have also known) that have committed suicide……

This is the result:

8 scientologists have or have had cancer.
2 scientologists have had cerebral hemorrhage (of which one is well again and the other dead…)
7 scientologist have allergic physical problems.
3 scientologist have and have had serious heart conditions.
3 scientologists have gastric problems.
1 scientologist have rheumatism.
6 scientologists have recurrent illnesses in different physical ailments, for example, often has colds, has aches in different body parts, acute lumbago, recurring eczema, stumbling and sprain the ankles, problems in the lower abdomen, fibromyalgi, etc.,etc.

Dead scientologists (not close friends, except one) but none the less scientologists we have known)

1.    Tomas Ahrne (age 50+, died 2007)
2.    Jonathan Nydahl (Helena Nydahl och Björn Öhmans son) (Age 19-20, died 2003)
3.    Tommy Jonsson (40+, earlier Bookstore-officer at Stockholm Org)
4.    Dan Lööf (earlier CO at Stockholm Org, 40+)
5.    Anette Westphal (40+)
6.    Torbjörn Regnell (55+)
7.    Per-Ola Lindberg (70+, earlier staff and auditor)
8.    Kerttu Lemmetty (75+, earlier staff and artist)

Six of these persons died far too early….and had many more years left to live this lifetime….

There are more…but we took up those that most scientologists in the area know of….

Suicide (5)

(Not close scientology friends but we have known them…)

  • One ex U-Man staff threw himself in front of a subway train.
  • One female scientologist (that many knows) that were very interested in raw food, drowned herself…
  • One scientologist killed himself in his car in the garage…(he worked for several years in GuardianOffice)
  • 2 scientologists that Conny knows about also committed suicide (one of them hanged himself)

10. A demand for pregnant S.O. Staff is to do an abortion or leave staff.

It seems strange for an applied philosophy that teaches how one should live life in all its different parts, that is, all dynamics, can´t handle Life but has to enforce different solutions that goes towards death!

11. Miscavige physically abuses his staff at the International Base according to many ex S.O. Staff.

Miscavige has tried to handle this enormously out PR situation by publishing a Freedom Magazine where the Church says that Miscavige is a very nice person and never has hit anyone and that all those that say so  (there are quite some now) are conspiring against him and that they actually have abused those persons themselves instead. This out-ethics situation supposedly went on for many years without being handled. So, regardless of who hit who it seems VERY STRANGE that Miscavige didn´t know about this and handled it!!!

Who still believes that Miscavige didn’t do anything?!!!

12. Three different versions of OT VIII has been delivered during the years.

This has come out in trials where the Church has been defendant.

Anyone believe that Ron created three different versions of  OT VIII?!!!

13. The number of SP declares by the Church are not consistent with the 2 1/2% estimation that Ron has given us in the PTS / SP Technology.

At the Mission Holder’s Conference in San Francisco, COB,David Miscavige  and his new Management team declare approximately 85% (28 out of 33) of the U.S. Mission Holders as suppressive.

oth the heavy-handed ethics used and the astronomical percentage of SPs found violate LRH policy:

“Strong ethics actions by org E/Os and MAAs against missions and mission holders is forbidden. …Missions are essentially PR activities. When you use ethics, you mix practices.

“There is already a protective mechanism in missions. If they hold to Dianetics and Scientology and stay true to source, they prosper. When they don’t, they go broke as their PR value loses its reality factor.

“…It is not our policy to harshly handle missions.

“…Almost without exception mission holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.”

— L.Ron Hubbard, HCO P/L 18 April 1970 Issue I, Ethics and Missions (OEC Vol. 1, p. 795)

“Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It’s just as mathematical as that.

“If they’ve done that then I can also assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”

— L.Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 15 MARCH 1977 RA, Data Ser 41 RA, Evaluation, The Situation, (Management Series Vol. 1, p. 154)

14. Changes in Books and Lectures, amongst others PDC Lecture number 20.

This is only one example of many.

LRH original PDC tape 20 –

Here is excerpt from older un-edited version of PDC,

(copyright L.RON HUBBARD)

“Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced. Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s 1984? Yes,yes, that’s wonderful. That would be——–could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence. It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s — just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t horde it, don’t hold it and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself ‘The New Order.’ And we don’t need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.”

Altered version of PDC tape 20:

“Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is produced.”

— “L.Ron Hubbard Library”

Anyone think it´s strange that just this part got edited out?

15. L Ron Hubbard´s wife and children are not mentioned on events or in writing or in later “corrected” Books.

Recently Ing-Marie spoke to a new scientologist (that had been in Scientology only 1-2 years) and she hadn’t a clue that L. Ron Hubbard had a family!!!

This scientologist believed that Ron were the type of person that to 100% had dedicated his life for humanity and that he had used all time for research about the mind to create Scientology in the purpose to help man go free…and that he therefore not had any time left for a family…

In other words:

David Miscavige and Int Management are withholding for new and established scientologists the fact that L.Ron Hubbard had a wife and several children.

As information to new Scientologists that read this, L Ron Hubbard had a wife; Mary Sue that held one of the highest posts in Scientology.

Further on Ron had 4 children with Mary Sue.

1.    Diana Hubbard ( ex S.O.member AND artist. She has published one music album)
2.    Suzette Hubbard (ex S.O. Member)
3.    Arthur Hubbard ( Artist. Paints fantastic pictures!)
4.    Quentin Hubbard (ex S.O. Member and highly trained auditor)

We also want to inform scientologists that do not know this that Mary Sue Hubbard unfortunately passed away in Los Angeles in November 25th 2002.

Mary Sue never got any acknowledgement whatsoever by the current Management of the Church of Scientology at the time of her death.

DESPITE the fact that Mary Sue Hubbard devoted her  work to Scientology for  decades together with Ron in order to create a better world and help people go free…

HOWEVER, Mary Sue got a very nice citation by some scientologists in the Free Zone ( consist of scientologist that have left the Church due to the changes made of the original Technology by David Miscavige and Int Management. In the Free Zone scientologists are using the Technology of L Ron Hubbard to continue to deliver auditing and courses)

We could go on and on to reveal crimes against KSW Series 1 ( there is enough to cover several hundred pages!) but we just say; look for yourself, if you dare. As Ron, himself, says.

“Look, don´t listen!”

— L.Ron Hubbard, HCO PL 16 Mar 72, Establishment Officer Series 8, LOOK DON’T LISTEN

When we started to investigate the Church it was like falling through a hole in the ground, like in, “Alice in Wonderland”, and up was down and down was up!!!

It was horrifying to realize the scope of all this corruption within the Church and foremost at the International Base in US where Miscavige himself is living.

When taking part of several independent reports from this place one immediately associates it with the Middle Ages and dungeons and torture chambers!!!

We then realized that ordinary people outside the Church knew more about the Church than its members!

Even if it was terrible to be forced to realize what has happened and is happening within the Church it also was an immense relief to finally be able to find the real reason why the Church has gone down to this state.

Ron says: “The Right Why opens the door to handling.”

That is soo true!!!

Not until we realized that we had to leave the Church, since there were no freedom to be had there anymore, not until that moment did we really understand that we ourselves were in charge of our own lives!!!

The primary goal of Scientology is to raise the tone level of this planet. In other words, if the ARC isn´t high and if one uses force instead, we could as well close down the Orgs, since force creates more and more ARC-X´s and at last we will all lose and this planet will finally come to an end…..

In HCO POLICY LETTER of February 7th 1965. Nbr 1 in the series; “KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING,” Ron says among other things;

“…Therefore actions which neglect or violate this policy letter are HIGH CRIMES resulting in Comm Evs on ADMINISTRATORS and EXECUTIVES.”



At last a famous quote from Ron:

“…But before you go, whisper this to your son and their sons —

The work was free. Keep it so.”

Much Love

Conny & Ing-Marie Lundberg

E-mail addresses:
Conny :

Silvia Kusada

is an OT7,  GAT class VI (SHSBC), FLAG trained class 5, class IV C/S

admin trained on OEC vol 0 and vol 7 and a permanent Ethic Specialist gold seal.

feel free to contact her at:


  1. Hi and welcome out! I was in 30 yrs too. I couldnt stand the violations in civil rights, the way they impinge in someone’s life anymore. then I heard Marty Rathbun speaking in a video, and was shocked and finally started looking up info. Some was very antago to the tech, some was better. The thing that made it all make sense was finding out the IRS owns the copyrights, since 1982. Here:
    That was it for me. And then the wonderful surprize that those out kept going with the real tech. I cried.

  2. Hi Deb,

    Thank you!:)

    It for sure feel´s great to be out in the open!!!
    It in itself produces case gain!:)


  3. Silvia, you expose of the Church is excellent. I hope it helps a lot of people to walk out to freedom of choice.

    Well done for writing about these things. I love it.
    Aida Thomas

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