…and right in the mist of madness awareness is found.

This morning I was laying in bed looking at the ceiling. I was admiring the beautiful color of the wood. These long beams extending gracefully as if they were limbs of a tree inside the house.

“What a beautiful illusion!” I was thinking, while my eyes got caught by a nod of a very interesting shape, which started to became alive taking the semblance of a bail of hail in the middle of a large field.

I could actually see the energy moving, just as a friend describe it to me a while ago, recounting one of his allucinogeous trips.

You don’t just see the object. It is more like you, at the same time, are looking with different sets of eyes, and every sets gives you a different vision, making it complete, perhaps enabling several universes and dimension to interact and manifest in that instant, as one.

And you, could perhaps be aware of as many universes/dimensions as your limited mind can afford to support.

To abandon the superficial view of things and to dive into their essence has a great liability or an inestimable gift. You become it. You feel what every single cell/particle of energy feel, in their individual life cycle. And so it did happen, while looking at that beautiful ceiling, I heard the crying of the tree, it’s agony. For a moment I was able to look through his eyes, I felt his emotions right there, while he was still alive, breathing amongst his friends in the forest.

I had access to his memories. Suddenly, I was aware of his goals, his dreams. I cried with him, recalling the time he was taken away and his joy and desires cut to pieces.

But, to the mind, it is just a piece of wood, a little decoration. And so a chicken is a just a chicken, salad is just salad and, as any other form of life, seems to have no importance in a world where awareness is submerged, numbed by the narcotic effect of the “Matrix”.

And so, in the psychiatric wards you find people who are energetically “dead” and you also find those which are fully alive, alive to a point where they are now able to see, to talk to every cell, to every particle of energy as you would communicate to a composite being.

You look to a guy talking to a wall or a rock, stuck into a past by long ways gone as it was still there. And beside him you find another guy who “hears” life, the thinking cells full of life of which energy is composed, and to which, as in any other form in this illusion, is given a mind, a purpose, a task, dreams and goals.

And there you find the opposite sides of what we call sanity and madness, genius and dullness, exactly in the same place, where good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies co-exist. That’s where hyposensitive and hypersensitive are confined by the minds of the ‘average’, ‘normal’ man.


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