“Identity” A lecture given on 6 January 1960 by L. Ron Hubbard

It’s perfectly all right to get ideas, it’s perfectly all right to get ideas and know that I said them to you, but when you agree with them, when you know they’re right, they’re your ideas; and if you don’t know they’re right and you just go on and use them, that’s no good.

Scientology is correct if it’s correct for you, and if it’s correct for you, then you’re doing it.

Now you’ll only get to be a free people and you only make a free people if you yourself cause what you are doing.

If you yourself are perfectly willing to come upscale, not stay degraded on other overts against you, counter-creates of one kind or another; not expecting everybody to withhold everything for you.

But if you yourself can withhold and if you yourself can do, then you yourself can cause and you come up the line the whole way.

You can’t come up on a via, you get the idea?

You are you, and I don’t care what the instructor tells you that you’re doing wrong, I would think much less of you if you didn’t say you thought you were doing right and go on and do it. …

The primary button, aberrative button on the track is identity, which you can call misidentification of the individual.

Any name is a mis-identification of the individual, any name, the name you wear right this minute, the name I wear right this minute is a mis-identification of me. ...

It is like if you try to pick up a little delicate flower with a caterpillar.

No matter how careful you are, the little flower is going to be smashed.”




by Silvia Kusada


to suddenly find yourself, after living all your life in a quite country site, in a big chaotic city, maybe just behind a railroads where the train passes by every 2 hours.

At first you cannot sleep, you dream of the beautiful open fields,

but then, one day, year after year you get used to the noises, you do not hear them anymore and you forget about the beautiful green fields.

The noises, in a body, these little voices, you now think are you. So any thought it must be your thought. One entity want to play soccer and one does not like it and wants to run on the beach. And there you find yourself stuck in a problem.

The thetan get confused. What do I really want? What do I really like?

Why I get upset with the person I love the most?

The critical thought of another entity, since you now are not aware anymore of the ‘noise’, acts as yours.  The theta builds up a life listening to the strongest voice.

He was slowly brought to think he has one; his mind…

Noises to him now are a normal part of living.


He now thinks that when his body has an headaches, it must be his headaches.

He is lost into a myriad of misconceptions.

But no matter how far away this new reality it is from truth,

it is what he sees and perceives.


Misconception being lies create more mass.

The being feel he IS the flesh.

And the more he is ‘flesh’, the more the laws of the physical universe apply to him with great force and the less he is able to spot truth.

Drowning in a solid confusion,

he then chooses  to follow what he feel is the loudest voice

and what he sees now as his stable datum, his body…


he now knows he has an identity.

He has long before lost himself, and in order to avoid feeling like a looser he has to assert the ‘I’, that he IS.

And he IS, but what he does not realises, is that he IS pushed and manipulated by this myriad of thoughts or other beings… The entities, other people opinions or body sensations.

The world as most of the people describe it,

is how a spirit sees it inside a body.

Now, can you tell me how a being that has lost himself and therefore he is not even up to his first dynamic, could ever achieve OT8?

Whom is in reality attesting “Cause over life”?



a word from LRH:


“When one is associating with or attempting to guide or handle a person,

it is necessary to know something of the nature of a being.

If a being were a single unit, separated from all other beings,

conditions and current influences, the task of understanding him

would be relatively simple and philosophers would have had it all worked out

long before Dianetics and Scientology.”

“The fact of the matter is that when one addresses a person, a human being “in the flesh”

one is not addressing a simple being.

(…) What you see as a human being, a person, is not a single unit being.


In the first place, there is the matter of valence.



A person can be himself or he can be under the belief

that he is another person or thing entirely.

This removes him a step from being a simple being.


Then there is the matter of being in a body.


A body is a very complex contrivance, quite remarkable, quite complicated.

And it is also quite subject to its own distortions.


There are also the entities


(as discussed in “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”, and also “The History Of Man”, pages 13-14, 43, 75-77).

These follow all the rules and laws and phenomena of single beings.


And then there is the matter of influences of other people

around this human being.


From a single, simple being there is a progressive complication

setting in as one adds all these other factors.

The single, simple being, without any further associations can be out of valence

even miles away from other contacts.

It is the aggregate of all these factors which you address when you seek to guide or handle the usual human being.

This is also why objective processes are so effective – they get many of these factors all going in the same direction for once.

None of this is to say that it is impossible to handle all this. Far from it.

But it does tell one why all the additional precautions (like don’t overrun, like careful session procedures) are there in all those materials.

But mainly it tells you that full recoveries seldom happen fast and that cases require an awful lot of work and often for a very long time. “

“When you are handling a human being, you are handling a composite.

We did not construct the human mind or human body.

We did not put the universe there to involve, oppress or complicate life.

We are working with the end product of an awful lot of trials and tribulations.

If we were working with single beings, it would be a nothing to do.

We are not. “

HCO BULLETIN  30 JULY 1980 – THE NATURE OF A BEING – by L. Ron Hubbard



There are many high trained, standard auditors who can help.

Auditor Aida Thomas Class VIII and OT5

_____________ Aida Thomas aka Diana Class 8- Los Angeles, CA- USA – 323 225 0010


we are here to help!!

. If you are still in the church as staff or as public and you need help to get out, if you just left and you need help, please call or write to: ITALIANO/ENGLISH: Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: ESPANOL/ENGLISH: Aida Thomas: e-mail: . Silvia Kusada . Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8. . The happy world of the free people!!

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  1. Reblogged this on brightfametexan and commented:
    Some thoughts on the nature of the spirit vs. it’s body. And on being self-assured of what one knows and does not know.

  2. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn’t address the idea that a person might be none of their thoughts, might not have any identity. Even the “me” is just “me right now”. “Me” in ten minutes might be different.. I’m not any of those me’s. The idea that some voices are mine, whereas others are not, IMO, is off-target. None of the voices are mine, not even the one telling me it’s me. 🙂

  3. Great post! I’d forgotten how much I loved “History of Man” by LRH!

  4. Silvia, this post is GENIUS! Thank you so much for your insights. I have been walking around since I read it, considering the full implications of this line from your post:

    “He was slowly brought to think he has one; his mind…”

    Yes, we are taught about “my mind” as if this is a coherent, single, unified entity — a servo-mechanism like an adding machine made of a pre-selected collection of “materials” managed by a single operator. So we try to act on this false data and have losses because we encounter resistance and wonder why am I resisting this! In truth, it is a collective and members of that collective do have volition and will and life.


    Thank you again!

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