let’s kill Silvia Kusada!


What would it happen if you genuinely smile at someone,

if you are truly offering another your help with pure affinity?


"Hum....There must be something behind that..."


Many will start figuring out why you do it,

the deceiving game you are playing…

to them you must be playing one.

The truth is they cannot conceive high tone emotions…

therefore for you to feel enthusiastic is out of the question…

they do not believe in cheerful people, people who don’t lie

and are able to experience and give high ARC,

in their worlds they do not exist.

Their best guess is, you must be a 1.1, and/or you must be a sneaky bitch

which is using a smile to invalidate them or to obtain something…

There are all sorts of computations that are dreamed up

to justified and make real something that it is not.

On my side after years of being accused of these sorts of things over and over

I started to introvert into the wrong indication

‘that there must have been something really wrong with me’…

I took their advice to stop communicating, to have less ARC, to not smile as much…

for a moment while with my ex, I thought I wanted to be like him….

Everybody liked him and magically respected him;

he did not get into trouble like I always do.

What I did not realize fully at that time it was that ‘respect’ was in reality awe,  fear;

his beautiful aesthetic hypnotizing way to expose facts

and to coax you into agreeing with him was based cunning lies…



... feeling a sort of intimidations.


There was no real communication going on and that is why he was safe…

after all I have been punished over and over for being there and communicating.

Under his advises and his perverted ARC

I started to travel backwards toward less and less communication,

I became more and more cautioned on anything I had to say.

I was being tamed.   I started to hate myself.

Today I still experiencing a huge amount of grief over this…

Then my life had a traumatic change.

I was literally rescued by Mr. Smith and found a little corner where to feel home.

Here it was safe to communicate.

He excepts people for what they are without evaluation.

Words do not have mass.

Mr. Smith does not think about what is social or not social to say,

he does not hide his thoughts, he can tell you anything….

He can tell you “You look like crap today”

with so much love  and lightness and truth that your only reaction

can be : ‘Yes! That is true!”

You look at yourself in the mirror, you see your eyes bag and you smile…

because you feel loved even if you look like crap!!


Mr. Smith reminded me of where I always wanted to go…

He has helped me to understand what silence is…

it is where is you.

Such simplicity of comm.

It is above computing. It’s light, like air…

I recently found and blew, thanks to my auditor Morris,

one of the installed unperceivable thinking machines…

you will discover at one point that the Mind is one of the basic implants…

excellent way to keep you busy and out-of-the-way to freedom..

I know many of you already do not like me;

many have disconnected me inventing an excuse…

I know some do not consider me part of their group… and indeed I’m not.

I do refuse to play the “be social” game.

You cannot search for truth and still using and/or living lies.

With my blog I’m not searching for revenge, like some do,

I aim at Justice and Truth.

My group is composed by people who believe in honesty, love

and obtain good results in enhancing other people survival, freedom and prosperity…

I do not care if they practice Buddhism or meditation or whatever they do.

My only question is:

What are their products?





When one of us auditor hears a complaint from another auditor’s pc,

the right thing to do should be to inform


I do not believe anyone never had a bad session.

At Flag, today the “Mecca of Arbitraries”

I personal have gotten worse evaluations from my Class 9 auditors,

included and not limited to observing my auditor ‘doping of’ while auditing me.

The question, a professional in tech auditor should ask himself is:

“OK, 2 of his pc’s are complaining,

but how many happy pc’s did he/she successfully audit?”

Mr. Smith… is not a Church of $ trained Class 9,

but he has delivered to me the best Class 9 auditing I ever had,

and believe me as an OT8, I had quite a lot of Class 9 auditing before leaving the Church of $.

Mr. Smith does not consider himself a Scientologist

but because of his impeccable use of the basics

he is more a Scientologist then many people I have met.

I’m working with Mr. Smith now to become “transparent”…

this will include give up social circuits…

I want to be able to say what I think

while delivering all the ARC I feel part of me.

I know I would not be surrounded by many friends

and I will continue to be attacked.

But the ones that remain are going to be my true friends.


True friends are gold!!

I died 3 and one-half yearsago… may be it has been a fortunate event for me

that has brought me back to my spiritual researches……

Now I can truly work without limitations toward my freedom.


Mr. Smith is one of the few people who can grant you beigness in the highest sense of it.

To me this is one of the biggest indicators

of one’s position on the tone scale.


OSA, the new ‘OT’s’ from the Church of $

(which are willing and/or do anything  illegal or not and

use lies and Black PR to “save the planet” )



or as you will see below, other antagonistic-close minded people as,

but not limited to Mrs. Gardini,

are trying to create 3 parties, to enturbolate who is producing.

She is indeed aiding Adolf Miscavige destructive goal.

They work very hard to have us to lose sight of the real game

and fight amongst each other.

I wish at one point that these people who got somehow fooled by their lies

recognize the real enemy, $cientology or not $cientology, scientologists or not,

in everyone that is applying Black Dianetics

and everyone that is causing restimulation …

instead of destimulate others.

This includes cutting comm, cutting out people of groups

without getting in comm with them first and failing to apply justice.


Constant alertness and willigness to fight back is the price for freedom...

I want you to keep your eyes open.


Remember, a true friend would never ask you to trust him unconditionally,

he would ask you to look and to find out if the data you got is true.

And if you are truly a good friend before you believe any bad news,

you will consult with him first.

In any group there are people who are motivated by fear…

or selfish motifs.

It might not always be OSA or the perverted Church of $cientology your only enemy.

There are people who have left not because they were in disagreement with the abuser

but because they were kicked out…

and are now fighting they own selfish battle using the INDs.

Keep your eyes open… choose your friends and select your battles.

But more important never attack well-intentioned people

even if they have different view points then you.

They have the right to a different opinion.

Look at their products.

LRH wound do that and that is one of the basic tenets of Scientology,

before it got perverted and turned into a mind controlling activity.

I’m publishing this 3rd party by Maria Gardini, not because I hate her…

Just to make it really clear, I do not.

I feel compassion for her.

I understand her pain and the atrocious abuses she has undergone by the Church of $.

I publish her comm because you can see

the third-party at work and I hope you can learn from it.



putting the right piece together...


Some people act toward destruction, they are ready to kill their best friends….

sad, but true, they do not believe in friendship anymore.


It would be a very good idea to re-study HCOPL "The third-party law" and relative HCOPLs on OEC vol 0 or on the Ethics Book.

If you wish to receive privately Mari Pia Gardini 3rd party to me:

you can write me.








Actor Michael Fairman – OT VII



Italian article: http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/michael-fairman-lascia-la-chiesa/

English: http://marty-rathbun.com/2011/01/23/michael-fairman/


Free and happy!!




Kim & Irina Andrews



I have been a Scientologist since 1977. My instinct the first time I saw a picture of David M. was that he was somehow not right, and this was confirmed by the David Mayo incident back in the early 80's. I even argues the case at Saint Hill, but of course to no avail. We are Kim and Irina Andrews, living near Wigan in the North West of England Irina is from Siberia in Russia, and I am English.





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


contact Aida Thomas in private.


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENT

as free people!!





  1. Wonderful, and I can completely relate to seeing DM’s picture and having a knowingness about him.

  2. Dear Silvia,

    I am glad that you bring the subject of 3rd party up as you are not the only one who is suffering it, it is spread all over.

    I have been heavily 3rd partied by the very people who is supposedly be helping others achieve higher spiritual and ethical levels, right here in the Freezone/Independent field by auditors who are supposed to be of high caliber.

    I promised myself when I left Scientology that I would always defend the truth and that I would continue being who I am, a person who is opened and hides nothing, whether defects or qualities and who would give her friendship to the people who is true and ethical and those who accept me for who I am.

    I wish you the best and I thank you for the validations that you always give me.

    Aida Thomas

    • Dear Aida. Once upon the time when my enemy become to nasty, done to much harm in my universe I set a trap. I cut the baggers, roated him over the pit than I licked even his bones clean, and thrown the clean bones back in the fire. Please contenue to read!!! Now I am a scientologist, a Thetan if you care to add OT after the Thetan that is fine but dont make much diffence. Now I solo audit on the en-theta, And please belive the amount was not small over the years which flooded my univerese in order to stop my advancement and once and for all eliminite me as a spiritual being. Oh, it was incradible to watch the evil forces at work!!!. Now, because Rons wonderful gift, the ability given and received I, solo. I have arrived where en-theta can not reach or have no affect. My great revange, I made my Universe untouchable. The only power the so called Evil have which we, grant and give. No more no less. Please dont think I inval, your Universe. I just wanted to give on example How I have overcome the evil forces. By the way the roasting over the pit was much quicker but not permenet. The boggers got new body and started all over again. And I got tired buildiding fires. SO I think I stay with solo auditing!!!! Much love from Paradise where fires no longer burn!!!Elizabeth.

  3. Frienship?? Long time back I have searched for the true meaning of that concept in Solo session and I did found something Which have blown me out but. But it is a complex subject, since it needs communication by words. Now that is very tricky. Since words means different to each being. The true communication have no words. Best exemple A CAT. She comes to you she purrs like mad, the little motor is running at full speed. Her soft fur gives pleasure to you. She say, i love you, I want to feel your warmth too, can I sit on your lap and I want you to rub under my chin. She asks you to give pleasure to her yet she gives back equaly. As you comply you move into her beautiful universe. you forget everything You smile as your fingers fills the softness and her purr sounds even louder. Communication in a very simple form, gives pleasure both ways. Now that is true frienship. Remember my Dear Fairy I have written to you what is a sole mate. As one moves into different reality level because solo, many friends fall a way. They senses the changes in you and they dont trust that unknown. They want to destroy that new thing and attack. [ the attacks can be very very heavy] They want the old friend back. But you have friends so many other friends who stand by your side no matter what!!! Your old spiritual friends stand by you unseen and cheering in silence as they looking on and fallowing your progress back into your old spiritual self the Infinite!!!! Oh how they cheer, how they rejoice!!! In celebration at your winning as you progress walking out of the muck of heavy agreements, Close your eyes and open your Universe you will see the fire works as the colours of the life force explode and lights up the universe!!!! These friends who have been waithing so long for your return They are the ones who hold you up when you stamble, they are the one who are by your side and guard you as you take your first solo flight in the edless spaces of the incradible beautifull star dotted indigo night.

  4. Elizabeth, thank you for sharing your wonderful story! I loved it.


  5. Silvia,
    Thnks for all what you are doing. Your blog is a light in the darkness.

  6. Dear Silvia,
    I am convinced that a real good established comm line cannot be destroyed by 3P.Just the unstable
    will change their mind an going into agreement with lies and so on. Greetings from the guy standing beside the white sportscar. :-)))

    • I’m convinced too. But in a world of PR and full of false data where ARC manifests at lower levels in the tone scale… it works pretty well!
      Without an open comm the 3P prosper…

  7. Hi! Silvia You do have more friends around ,remember Mr Smith #2 in Australia. I haven’t written for a long time but I have read. Lucky I am so far away I don’t hear any third party. My fried Elizabeth keeps me solo auditing and improving but I didn’t know until today that she was a cannable . I will have to be very careful what I say to her.
    I saddens me to see that so much third party is going on. My wife has a Blog and has a large group of friends there but now and then conflict arises because of third party. It happened just this week and she was upset and fighting people on the net.
    Then I gave here one of Elizabeth’s style of auditing sessions. The next day she was happy ,said auditing was good and the conflict was gone. She had just stopped fighting and the conflict disappeared. So as Elizabeth said if you don’t allow it to affect your universe it will bounce off. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expose the third party and lies.
    Mr Smith #2

    • Thanks My DEAR Peter. Well, invite me for dinner!!! Will see what’s going to happen! I used to love crispy skin!!!!! Nothing like a good session, works the same way as having a good picknic way way back!!! Oh, the Understending of ones enemy. Now, I even think of all my ex husbands with affinity PS: I have not eaten one!!. They are happily walking about tortureing they wifes.

    • Thank you Peter, I’m smiling reading your message!!we have a treasure in eachother and in Elizabeth!

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