Valentine day: a celebration of superlative solo auditing achievements…


Little I knew when I decided to study Scientology

and become an auditor

that I would benefit as much from it.



I studied mostly to help others.

Today, I have to say that without my training I would be dead.


I did die few years ago, due to a great shock

but death has several layers

and my body would not be here if wasn’t for my knowigness and my auditing skills.


I have been suicidal on and off,

while in a steady acute pain for the last 3 years.

I didn’t let go.

I struggled, I asked and got help from great auditors as Dave and Aida Thomas,

Mr. Smith, Maurice Pascal, Elizabeth Hamre… and myself

and I still alive.

Alive and more awake than I have ever been.


My heart is full of love and gratitude for the many people

that were there for me when I did not even had the strength to get up in the morning

or to go to sleep as I was afraid of my thoughts and of that terrifying silence

that would fill up every single cell of my body and my space.

Is to my new family, to my brotherhood of super special people,

to everyone that truly knows what love and care means,

that I want wish a




I have been mostly alone on Valentine days,

especially during my last relationship with E. …

But today, for the first time, I wasn’t.

I had myself and I felt really good.

I think this for me has been the best Valentine since few lifetimes.

Close to ME my great friends…

Aida,  Elizabeth, Maurice, Nena, Adri e so many others.

I felt a beautiful peace and warmth all around.


I’m auditing on solo everyday,

and I’m also getting audited to handled a huge part of untruth

that has been preventing me from seeing.

I can do this because the training background I have…


You do not became OT sitting on a chair waiting the other guy to pronounce the magic words. At one point you will have to start to audit others. That is the key to OT and to your freedom.


In the Independent field we do not play the certificates game…

you do not go for status… YOU work for results.


It is not easy,

it takes determination

and the courage to go for broke… but it is worth it.

Believe me.


There are several centers where you can get trained…

or get a twin and organize to co-audit.

I would like for you to read what Mr. Smith wrote me about it…

he is an old-timer and a master of the basics,

beside being a person I admire very, very much.


“…The funny thing in all that is that the technical healthy decisions

were always tooooo long and not “viable”

(in the sense of overflowing with millions dollars the bank accounts

of the church – or simply of LRH).
A good ‘HAS course’ and ‘Personal efficiency course’,

followed by some months of ‘Self analysis’, a Hard ‘TRs course’ done to completion, a ‘Primary rundown’ to be completed with a satisfying ‘Method one’ completion,

a well structured set up of co-audits up to grade and Class 4 starting with Objectives,

a ‘SHSBC’ being open to people having demonstrated to be good auditors,

the ‘Clearing course’ being open only to good auditors

(and MUCH MORE SO for the heaviest level of OT3)

were each one of them causing a real boost

in people coming and being very enthusiastic and MAINLY having wins.

The awful tendency to stop (for the need to control and own)

any one the moment they were really applying the data in life and in session

was what stopped-completely-still all.

I remember at Abellund the first AOSH DK.

Mary Passmore and Margaret Chalmers (God forgive them)

did expel by  putting  in a very heavy ethics condition, a young Spanish HSDA completion

who did a Dianetics assist on somebody on the seashore without e-meter.

This extreme ethic action overwhelmed the guy to a point

that he left Scientology for good.

It was even written all over the place

that auditing is better than no auditing….

Who cares???

I have started out a group …

I originally “pushed” (motivated by the co-auditing idea)

as much as hundred people into the Academy.

No more than 4 did actually end up auditing in the hands of the staff members

applying the same attitude as Mary and Margaret.

I was and kept disgusted.

I prefer to “follow” a person motivated to audit

than ten just wanting auditing.
I have “made” more auditors than the org nearby me

(by following them and losing long hours with them

and handling theirs out ruds and failed purposes

during the achievement of theirs programs.)

The orgs in my experience are the major barrier

to causative auditing

(that being the co-auditing and the education of auditors).”



For OT on OT7 or OT 8 contact Elizabeth Hamre



EUROPE: The Ron’s Org:

Max Hauri:


ITALY: Maurice Pascal

write to


USA: The Courseroom

Jim Logan lead Supervisor:

John Aaron :


The Life Improvement Center of  Coeur d’Alene.

Frankie 214 578 1275



The actions of True Scientologists

and free, sane people are directed to improve affinity,

survival and freedom of self as well as of others…




Silvia Kusada Class 6 and OT 8, Paolo Facchinetti the first Italian C/S and OT7, the Religious researcher and critic if not one of the most dedicated, patient translator of Scientology related materials (that many of us are today using), Doctor Simonetta Po and some members of the Independent Scientologists movemement of Italy.


Paolo Facchinetti is today practicing Falun Gong  also called Falun Dafa. Here is holding one of his books called “Self esteem: practical survival rules”. A great simple way to get the basic concepts of life. Soon available as a free download on this website.


...As for many great and able tech terminals Paolo Fachinetti was wasted off and declared. In the picture (1977) Paolo is studying at AOSH EU & AF in Copenhagen. He has been one of the Pioneers of Scientology in Italy.

Affinity is the key to everything... naturally when you have that you have the power to make it go right. You are blessed with what allows you to be able to respect other people opinions no matter how different from yours.





If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail:


Aida Thomas: e-mail:


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.


The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!






  1. How nice it is to have you as part of MY universe! Glad you hung in there! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. […] Valentine day: a celebration of superlative solo auditing achievements… (via SILVIA KUSADA’s Blog) . Little I knew when I decided to study Scientology and become an auditor that I would benefit as much from it. . I studied mostly to help others. Today, I have to say that without my training I would be dead.   I did die few years ago, due to a great shock but death has several layers and my body would not be here if wasn't for my knowigness and my auditi … Read More […]

  3. […] Valentine day: a celebration of superlative solo auditing achievements… (via SILVIA KUSADA’s Blog) . Little I knew when I decided to study Scientology and become an auditor that I would benefit as much from it. . I studied mostly to help others. Today, I have to say that without my training I would be dead.   I did die few years ago, due to a great shock but death has several layers and my body would not be here if wasn't for my knowigness and my auditi … Read More […]

  4. Hi Silvia

    I knew Paolo Facchinetti when he came to our AAC in Scotland in 1984 – a very charming man.

    Please give him my very best wishes.

    Love, Robin & Adrienne

  5. From all the adventures i ever created over the eons, in many different life times This One, This life time have given me the greatest the most incradible adventure which a being could ever have. One of which I could not even dream of or have imagined without Scientology and the tech. In this life, because I stumbled on a field auditor on OT, class 4 changed everything. The courses, the co-auditing than the levels than the clearing courses the OT levels. Than the door were flung opened wide to the universe with soloing. Each session brought and still bring something new something wonderful. Each session holds a hidden gift in the form of cognation. The adventure in learning what and who one been in the past the cognation the new reality, different kind of knowledge. I wonder at the wonders one can experience in sessions and how ones life become filled magic because the returned abilities. Other OT’s who solo becomes the new family with whom we share out realities our adventures our universes. All because Rons gift. If someone would ask what is my greatest gain. The answer would be very simple. To became cause over and handle my own universe as all times, anytime.

    • Beautiful Elizabeth as usual you are an inspiration…

      • I am truly inspired I thank Ron for that. The fire burns high the quest for knowledge. now it is stronger than at the start. Back than I was blid. Since now I know at last the direction I am taking and I have reality what is coming what the future will be as on OT.

  6. Very beautiful stories Silvia and Elizabeth.

    With Love

    • Thank You Shaun. We write about our wins not only because we have tham but I while i was going up on the Bridge I looked forward to read the OT wins in the mountly magazine. We are offering them here. Actualy the only thing interested me in the magazine was the OT wins. I also loved going to the Mission and just being there. It was not a big place, mostly old card tables and hard folding chairs. But to me it was Heaven the first Heaven I been in a long time. Standing front of the Great Chart[ I did that a lot! ] and looking at it, reading all the levels but not really comprehending what I have read. But I known If I reach the top that OT 7 thing, there will be magic. I had no clue what that Majic will be. my imagination did not contain spiritual concepts, I had no clue what truly OT means of course I had the dictionary meaning of the words but it could have been greek [same think I dont speak greek.] Than My understanding english was so -so. The registrar explained each level after that and I said ” IT will take me 35 years to eccomplish that!!” I was Full OT seven in few years but my dream my postulate what I thought OT seven will be I have achieved that State in 35 years. The 35 years did not happen because I postulated 35 years it have taken me 35 years because without knowing, having the ability than, since I again I only known what is OT ability from Dictionary. I had on ability to KNOW THE FUTURE ! I cognited on that later. To me, for me the top of the chart meant Not just a certain degree of OT levels numbered but to achive the Inengible, some call it Static, I like the word Infinite. We are still looking for our group, stopping by our ORGS or Missions. But they are not therea, no more. Now we have the interenet, the blogs which are like a Menu carter to every reality level. Now we call ourself Independent. The words dont mean much if one still have the dream to achive that postulated state which one knows where is that for self. The auditores, the Tech is there all one need is to Walk the Walk. I love to write about my wins my adventures since they are to simply most incradible. This life, since I become Scientologist, because of the recalls, because of the cognations which have errased many walls, visible or invisible given me, taken me what ever the greatest adventure one can imagine. All I can say it was wonderful to go to the Mission. That recall, I will always have. But to wonder about the Universe, well what can I say. That adventure do not have to be a wish or only a postulate All one needs to take a step. than another than another. All our to take and have. Wish you to have adventure and fun, the best time of all lifetimes! Elizabeth

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