‘You have to be able to confront the world and the people in it…’ tech training film ‘How to set up a session’


You have to be able to confront the world


and the people in it…

Tech training film

‘How to set up a session and an e-meter’ supposedly by LRH

(at this point we are not sure of that)

Larry Andersons is an ex-Scientologist actor that has featured in many tech training films and in the Golden Age of Tech mandatory introductory film called ‘Orientation’. La latter, being nearly a 2 hours film, ending with an insult to whoever had decided to not join the $cientology religion. So much for respecting freedom of thoughts and beliefs.


Confront has been the key to any handling

as underlined in the most important philosophical movements and/or spiritual studies.

What is ‘confront’?

This word has been misunderstood in many ways. Of course at any level of the tone scale there is a particular viewpoint or interpretation of it.  For a 2.0 Confront might mean to have the “courage to fight back and destroy” Confront is intended as force applied and has more energy (solidity) connected to it as you descend the tone scale.

You will observe that confront on the tone level of sacrifice would mean being able to confront the pain as part of a learning process or advance…

Arnaud Desjardins in a book called “La via del cuore”

‘The path of the heart’ explains that before you can judge

if another person action is evil or good

you should understand his motivations and his heart.

This is a very good point, and definitely requires confront in the higher sense of the meaning.

What confront is?

To me confront is to be able to see ‘what it is’ for ‘what it is’.

I have been working very hard on this myself

and still have long ways to go.

When somebody attacks me I get hurt.

Being rejected or experiencing low ARC from a person I love

has created  deteriorating effects on me.

I know there is something I’m not confronting

as I take their action as an attack on me.

And in appearance could very well be.


But, as Mr. Smith says:

“Reality is always a lie”

“Truth is never an apparency”



“Confronting is the ability

to have Truth and Reality coincide.”


They are trying to solve a problem.

Looking back at all the times where I was lied to, or cheated…

the right answer would have been to ask the guy/girl:

‘By doing that

which problem are you trying to solve?’


CONFRONT, n. 1. an action of being able to face. (HCOB 4 Jan73) 2. the ability to be there comfortably and perceive. (HCOB 2Jun 71 I) 3. confront itself is a result and an end product. Ititself isn't a doingness, it's an ability. (SH Spec 21, 6106C27)-v. to face without flinching or avoiding. (HCOB 4 Jan 73) by L. Ron Hubbard


That would have been closer to truth than anything else.

A suppressive person is stuck in a moment of danger trying desperately to solve that problem.

In a smaller or greater degree, when we behave in an unethical way

and hurt intentionally or not another

we are being suppressive to the other person.

This universe is all set up in a very nice trap…

a loop a loop

where no matter what you do you never go anywhere

so you get introverted…

After few years in Scientology,

where you are made guilty of everything and more,

this level of introversion reaches states where the being

is actually creating mass and not-ising.

If someone out of the blue throws you a rock,

well indoctrinated and introverted by the Church of $cientology,

you instantly ask yourself:

What I have done?

You are instantly connecting with your bank…

Confronting had to do with looking outward…

naturally a static cannot look at himself unless he puts out something

(a viewpoint-valence) from which to look.

Still, he cannot look at himself because he is not the valence

and therefore he is ‘looking’ at himself from a lie.




The bottom story is:

Not allowing/preventing somebody to do you harm,

it is a necessary thing, but it can be done in a totally different way

if we understand that the being is acting

under a great inner pressure and stress,

or if we are doing it prompted by the upset that our past losses or invalidations

discharge on us restimulated by such behavior.

The question: ‘What problem is he/she trying to solve?’

will undisclosed more truth then we think…

This viewpoint alone will help us to help.

I recognize that my past upsets or grief to that, was nothing more

than a restimulation of my past losses.

And because I was not in present time

I was not able to observe the pressure or restimulation that prompted

the person to attack and therefore everything went to hell.


Naturally I’m talking to well-intentioned people,

not to these that loves to restimulate,

as they very well know the person fighting back

is just trying to stop them from suppressing.


We are talking about the other side…

A person with a peaceful heart

does not need or have the impulse

to suppress, invalidate or control others.

WELCOME to the New Independent



Clear /Solo1

After more than 27 years in the Church of $cientology

Tiziano Marzotto, as part of his thorough doubt condition announces

his official departure from the Church of $cientology,

exposing crimes, lies and abuses by him discovered.

He is today proudly part of the Independent Scientologists


‘It is not easy to leave the Church of Scientology after 27 years’, writes Tiziano;

‘You lose your best long time friends with which you had fought for your dreams.

I’m now starting from scratch in the Independent field, but it is worth it.

Truly, this is the greatest good for the greatest number of the dynamics.”

Lots of ARC
Tiziano Marzotto

E-mail: mail@tizianomarzotto.it




An interview with Max Hauri from the Ron’s Org

where they are creating miracles every day!!

“Many people erroneously think the Ron`s Org,

are doing a different bridge, this is a false datum.

There is only one Bridge. The one LRH gave to us…”  by Dirk Hauri



Courseroom Laptop area 

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If you come to train to the Courseroom as an auditor



Jim Logan lead Supervisor: slogan@eastlink.ca


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Frankie franklin@planetfreeman.com 214 578 1275

For OT -7’s and o8 contact Elizabeth Hamre







If you are still in the church as staff or as public

and you need help to get out,

if you just left and you need help,

please call or write to:


Silvia  Kusada  e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


Aida Thomas: e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!







  1. Thank you for posting these Theta entries. I am so happy that little by little, we are getting more and more free beings into the Independent realm. What a difference it is since I was declared in January 2007. A lot has changed since then, and you are a big part of it. Love, Olivia

  2. […] ‘You have to be able to confront the world and the people in it…’ tech training film ‘How to set up a session’ (via SILVIA KUSADA’s Blog) . You have to be able to confront the world . and the people in it… Tech training film 'How to set up a session and an e-meter' supposedly by LRH (at this point we are not sure of that)

  3. Tiziano, great to have you here. You will enjoy your new freedom! Be welcome!

  4. I agree with Mr Smith. So with that we make Mr Smith`s reality more solid. What a fun.

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