Fear of knowing and living; the new EPs of the current Church of $.

Fear of knowing and living;

the new End Phenomena

of the current Church of $.



…Are you being scared of a rabbit while living with a Lion?


I have often run across into people in Scientology

which reject, with a sort of automatism,

any idea to engage in a relationship with a non-scientologist.

Funny enough these very people

had plenty of bad experiences with Scientolgists,

(probably the worst)

of which sense of integrity and responsibility toward others

has decreased to a unacceptable level

while being part of  a Church (of $) which teaches them

that to ‘kill’ is OK as long as you do it for a good cause.


... The danger of knowing best!!


This good cause being; serving your Church and swearing loyalty to it.

Due to the false data and altered priority,

today the Church of $cientology is producing “robots”,

people who have given up their power of choice

for a dream of a very future freedom,

people who cannot have the luxury

to know the difference from of right or wrong.


It is scary in one way.

The lot of them acts like a bunch kamikaze or  Mahometans

who believes into the honey and paradise reward

if they died for their religions.




The silent war of religions.



This takes off any kind of consideration and values for others.

It creates a state of terror.

But this people live in terror.

They have long-lost the faith in others and their ability to observe.

They are fearing pain while they are living in pain…


Personally, after many years into the Church of $,

when I hear that someone is a $cientologists

I get very suspicious and careful.

No one before have abruptly disconnected from me, punished me,

used me and lied to me

as the staff  and the people participating

and supporting the Church of $cientology have done.


Yesterday, I had a little get together with some great friends or mine.

Few of them have never being into $cientology,

yet they are the most amazing,

aware and spiritually advanced people

I have met in long time.

Long ahead in awareness compare to the many pretended ‘OT’s’

I know from Church of $.

I recognize great wisdom in people

who are able to accept others for what they are,

who do not have compulsion to fights

whoever does not agree with their line of thinking.

‘God’, can have different faces.

From the very bottom of the pyramid of knowledge and awareness,

many would think God do not even exist.


Pretended knowigness bars you from looking...


Walking up toward the top, every side

would most likely give you a different prospectives.

But the closer you get to the top the more these differences decrease.

To assert there is only one truth while at the bottom of the pyramid

(a person close to the top would never even dream to do that,

as he would know that to be a lie)

is to have only one side of the story…

You will never get to the top as long as you have a closed mind.



A stable datum, a safe point

at times can help you to get out of fear

and to ‘survive better’,

you might think,

but it will never get you to freedom.








For the list go to:







If you need help to get out of the Church of $cientology

or if you just left and need help, please call or write to:


e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!








  1. I had this experience when I was first in Scientology – late ’97, and almost immediately on staff at a Class V Org. Talking with 2 young staff at the org, it seemed they had only Scientology friends. I asked, “Don’t you have any friends who are not Scientologists?” They both looked at me in horror and adamently said, “No!” as if I was some kind of Martian.
    I thought they must just be young (teenagers) and naive…..?

  2. How true what you write. Yet, I must admit at the start after taking few courses I thought I too, I known better and I was better than others who did not belong to the CofS. I wonder where that concept have come from? Where did I gotten that Idea? It has been a long time since ties were cut from the church. Since than there were many experiences, from them I learned that there are different reality levels Just because some are mine they are not better and they don’t make me a better being. I still remain a same being as I have been before I have entered the Church. A being who have different reality from others since each beings universe is unique. That will never change. That will be always true. That is all.

  3. Now you know what I been saying about the VP people. It is why I blew up when a FZer evaluated the founder which I find very brilliant in his observations of life. He called him a low tone case because he wants to build a better system with no money. The key word here is MONEY.

    I been learning from them very much. I in many ways don’t want to use Scientology words any more for I want to communicate with the rest of humanity.

    You said what I been saying.

  4. OH yeah I find it in the Freezone too.

  5. I work and deal with WOGs only. They are dedicated, grateful and easy going people. Since I do this (12 Years) not even ONE KR from SCNists went into my E-files. Troubles
    happen ONLY when you deal with SCNists. The Top smartasses on the planet.

    • You statement would be upsetting not non Scientologists.

      Why because you called them Wogs. They have no idea what that is and many would consider it insulting. That is one of the first words I dropped. I am now dropping more as it does not communicate to the real world of beings out there.

      I am getting so I like that world better. It is not we are better than another group.

      The rest of you statement I agree with. Yeah I had lots of trouble with Scientologists. A lot of know best think there.

      • Fancy, I use the term because its ususal. If I use it its for sure no invalidation. Lets clarify for all Non SCNists.
        WOG means: Worthy Oriental Gentelman
        The term was originally created by citicens of the British Empire to mark Non British-citicens, especially in Asia (India). It does not include invalidation.The term was adopted by SCNists to mark Non-Scientologists. Its quite more comfortable (for me) to say “WOG” than “Non SCientologistst”.

    • Right you are, I too worked outside and it was fine, most cases better than fine. Best to you. Elizabeth

  6. I do know what the term means in Scientology but in the real world it is an insult and it is used in the church as one too. LRH said that it is a human not even trying. And it was used in other insulting ways in the church.

    That is all I have to say on the subject.

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