‘It is safer to love a dog or a doll’. Introducing the tone level of Fear.



From humans BEST friend to humans ONLY friend.

In the current society, it is safer to fall in love with a pet then a human.

Pets DO not evaluate for you, they do not run away with your money,

cheat on you with your best friend

or try to kill you psychologically in order to feel more powerful.

Even goats and pigs grow deeply fond of their owners…

They would do anything to be with them.

Too often we find more humanity in animals then people.

Animal as opposed to men are not scared to love.

They love you with all themselves and they surely know what loyalty is.

The solution for people who have been abused and used,

(and this happens more and more as they get low on the tone scale)

has become to be with somebody that cannot hurt them.

Look around.

In a city as Milan, where apartments are quite small,

the majority of people own huge dogs….

Indeed, it is a beautiful thing to own a pet,

but it becomes odd when the pets it is there to give

the love, the security and feeling of family now

considered impossible to obtain from other humans.

True, a pet is always happy to see you once you return home,

it does not make you wrong for being late,

and loves you no matter what.

A pet, for those who live the frustration to be at effect in life

and like “the feeling of power”, could be the perfect solution.

After all pets can be quite obedient.

Dog obedience…


It is a sad society…

animals are used more and more like an electric blanket…

to warm up the cold emotional vacuum.

Pets have become a “safe” solution.

A little bit like these popular sex-dolls you could buy for $5000.

They look absolutely real and beautiful.

One of the proud owner of one says;

-“I know she will not hurt me, no matter what.

She does what I want and never complains…

I personally believe that to own an object

is definitely less creepy than to “own” humans, like some do.

Even if to the eyes of people to ‘own’ humans may seem more normal.

Look at the widespread psychological violence.

I consider that quite an indicator.

In a world like this, when I meet somebody

that has enough courage to look straight into another eyes,

and it does it with love and compassion,

I feel I have met a member of my group.

I do not care if he is a Mormon,

if he is a Buddhist or a psychologist…

He is a human….

and today to find a human is rare.





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e-mail: SKusada2010@gmail.com


e-mail: dianaclass8@yahoo.com


Silvia Kusada


Class VI (SHSBC), Class IV C/S and OT 8.




The happy world of the INDEPENDENTs

as free people!!





  1. Yes it is wonderful to share space with a pet of any kind. they are simply great to be around since they communication level is in different since they dont have the myraid of implants. They communication is a much higher tone, pets still have in they space beauty, affinity, Pets still have the magic which humans have lost which they yearn to find again. The closest a human can come to be where the space still have quality , unspoiled OT abilities is Nature where every flower, every tree , blade of grass emanates expresses beauty, innocence, purity. They transfer the soul , as they being experienced they lift the humanl, transport one to lighter level. Being in the space of a beautiful Pet is on escape to the Wondrous Magical Kingdom if only for a moment.
    Suddenly a small dog appeared front of me She stood rooted into the
    Earth Her short little legs wide apart grin on her face and laughter
    in her eyes. Joy washed over me as I looked back into her eyes,
    inquering. As I have duplicated her Universe suddenly there was
    nothing around us, The MEST Universe have vanished. There was
    nothing and no one. The invisible form opened up front
    of me and light poured forth. Soundless sounds formed words and I
    heard “I am what you are” my Universe opened too hearing that magical
    concept the greating of spiritual beings in the Cosmos, unfolded and
    the two light become one as I have heard my reply, the echo ” I am
    what you are” There were no more communication since none was
    needed. The wondrous sound of Affinity washed over the
    Universe. After eons apart two friends were united.

  2. I love snakes: They are beautiful animals, not neccesaryly pets, but they have strong attitudes and behavior: They know exactly what they want, they do what they want and you can´t drill them.They are not neccessaryly dangerous but they know HOW to appear
    dangerous.They are clever hunters, and they never make compromises. They let you know always if they like you or not. And they do it from beginning on when they meet you the first time. If they like you , you can even smooch with them.And they are able to produce more affinity towards you, than David Miscavige.

    • Hello Sidewinder. I have wondered where the name originated from. I like that. and I like what you have written. I have not met snakes in my recent life but have been one in the past, in different place were was no time, a python. But of a being I would like to write to you. A true OT in every way. In my articles I mentioned more than once Indigo night. Actually he was a stray cat, one day have shoved up at my door. middle of the winter. A most abused being, he lost most of his hair, and lost so much weight from starvation I thought it was a kitten if not for the size of his head. I looked at this pitiful little body and I have see beyond. I seen the real being. Magnificence ! His Universe is the Endless Space of the star studded indigo night. He have come home . We shared space for seven years before he moved on. Yet he have not left.

      • Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful story. I saw you live in BC Canada.
        When I was 12 years old, i read the book “Three against wilderness”. I loved all the stories written down by Eric Collier about wild animals, CN nature and surviving in a harsh environment. Maybe I read the book 10 times. It was so fascinating. I love wild animals an I would never take them out of their natural enviroment, just to have them “at home”. My experience with snakes refers to a young Tiger Phyton living in a friends terrarium. She was about 3 feet long, and thick like a thumb. He took her and deposited her on my outstretched arm. She started sliding right away directly to my shoulder. I could feel the power she generated with her body squeezing my arm so she does not fall down on earth. I was trying to figure out what she was going to do and she disappeared, sliding into my sweat shirt. *looool Suddenly I just saw her tail end. And nothing more happened. My friend started laughing. Her head came out of the shroud, directly
        under my chin, and there she stayed about two hours, listening to our chat. I realized the she felt very comfortable being in close contact to my warm body, she liked it very much. But I also realized that she liked me. This was the most impressive incident I ever had with animals. :-))

  3. This post is very true, a very good observation, Sylvia. Unfortunately you can see it all around, with humans more and more out of comm with each other. There is even a bumper sticker, “The more people I meet, the more I love my dog”. The 5th dynamic has always been important to me, but it cannot substitute for the other dynamics. Do you know the song by Dalida, Pour ne pas vivre seul ?


  4. Exactly. I ran into it again on the yahoo group. I give up on t hem.

  5. Hi Sylvia,

    Yes, even though I am blessed rich with family and love, I have yet kept company with the same pet for many many years. As a child, when I found my friend locked up at the humane society, I picked her up as a birthday gift from my father. Through numerous separations we have still found each other and maintain company even through my years in the S.O.

    Well, it seems so natural to me that I don’t often think about our unique relationship, but your thread here was also a natural place to reminisce.

    Worth mentioning also is the recent passing of my pet mouse, Goldy. Some will judge me as odd but I’ve lost a novel friend in her and miss her.

    • The size of the body do not matter The souls we love, they Theta presence!!

  6. Sidewinder. Kind of you to reply. Thanks for the sharing your experience. Yes I am in BC outside of Vancouver, In a small town named Maple Ridge. I settled here 4 years back, have come back from the State. WA. I have nothing but affinity for all critters great and small. Since most of my lives I have not lived as human but lived close to or be one as of those wonderful beings whom I have great love now, who do not have the need to become human. I have do have many recalls from the past, one of my first friend was a Sabre Tooth Tiger. That time my body was not solid just a muck up and would dissolve if i did nor have my attention on it. In my wanderings I stopped by this forest, ragged mountainside and deep valley where a lovely lively creek was flowing though. The body muck up was semi see though. but great fun. to have to control do things like walking or running. I was doing nothing but from above or what ever i experienced the whole valley that become a momentary anchor point for me. One sunny day I have observed a critter standing high on boulder looking around. The big pussy cat. I mucked up the body and he noticed he started to stalk me and I acted that did not see him. He wanted to catch me of course. So I become hunted, we run all over the place on the side of the mountain. hiding among the boulders. Finally I let him come close and as he taken a wild leap at me claws out to slash mouth wide open, he fall right trough me landed with great crash and from the violent landing he went over and over. he turned back in on instant you should have seen his face his eyes full of wonder because he missed, and started to slash at my body with his long sharp claws. than realising that nothing happening than he just set down and looked at me i believe the expression could have originated from here. He was speechless! I stepped to him and I touched his beautiful head. he purred and wanted to rub his head against me but he could not of course. He had great joy, become fun for him to walk or jump through the mucked up body. once as he was wildly chasing after me I let the body become more solid when cut me so he could experience the joy of having-ness, how he love that.!!! . we rolled about wrestled and we bitten, clawed the nothing. The valley rang from our soundless shouts and laughter. We had great fun, the joy of play. We loved sitting by the rumbling creek side by side simply doing nothing but sharing space with each other and the universe. I have remained in that place long as he was with his body. We where together when he finally left his body. Odd thing happened which was so un excepted to me taken me by surprise, soon as he left his body the mountain and the valley has disappeared.!! it was too a muck up which he has done for just the fun of it!! There we were two free beings looking forward a new game knowing what ever we do was ours, our own reality. For the love of the Game!!!

    • Thanks Elizabeth, super story, sounds like a fantasy novel. very asthetic flow.
      You could write books, im sure people would like it 🙂

  7. Breakfast in “Nowhere” I set in the hut and wondered what should I have. Front of me was a round table and three chairs. nothing fancy just on old wooden thing. The need to eat was not present but I known the meaning of food. But I wanted magic!!!!!!!!! I mucked up a bowl full with heavy cream. . There were no cows about but that is beside the point. After all on OT can muck up anything, a bowl of cream any time. on OT would not be on OT without such on important ability, I am sure you too agree! . I did not have to wait long. From the chair to my left pupped up a little head tongue testing the air. She pushed herself up on the table and in greeting twice she bobbed her head up and down She was a small snake her scales shimmering ruby red and green around her eyes deep yellow around her mouth. I too smiled at her. She started to lap into the cream. within a few minutes her whole family have showed up and happily slurping they breakfast. A cat appeared behind them and with gleam in his yellow eyes he reached over the snakes and snatched the bowl of cream away. I was waiting for this. The chase begin. Four snake against one cat. They were flying about the ruby bodies flying throughout the air like arrows, The cat dodging left and right to avoid the hits Holding up the bowl at all the time. . Than the cat stumble over one snake who stretched out her body low as the cat was flying across the room. for a moment stillness held all in space, as the bowl of cream set suspended in the air. not one drop spilled. The cat, flat on the floor, four sparkling ruby ribbons in the air held up by they own will to be there. The cat lifted his sprawling body of the floor picked the bowl out of the air and with mischievous smile he winked at me and placed the bowl into the center of the table. where by than all the four family members set coiled waiting in the circle, heads up, grinning at the cat. The cat set down too and put one paw into the cream lifting out a dripping blob with great enjoyment started to lick the cream. From the family of ruby snakes only the sound of slurping could he heard intermingling with purr from the pussy cat. A Python appeared on the other chair. He was grinning, wide mouth open, hissed Good Morning. huge he was. than he rested his big head on the table and looked at me waiting. So was I, since i have known his best friend would be joining him in any moment. A mouse came out of nowhere stood up front of the great head her tiny hand on her hips and was yelling top of her little longs. The Python blinked occasionally but did not say a word. The mouse jumped up on his head and was pounding and stumping on the beautiful green skin. having a lovely temper tantrum. The snake occasionally blinked looked at me than kept his eyes on the mouse when I have noticed he had beautiful long eyelashes. The mouse have noted that too. jumped over and with great vigor she pulled out one .She held up the eyelash victoriously and holding it high she marched to the Python nostril and bent over to it and with great enjoyment she tickled the inside of his nostril. The Python eye opened wide than his body convulsed shaken and wiggled, than he could not contain the sensation tickling caused he opened his mouth wide and shut his eyes he let out a huge sneeze. The cream eaters looked up and watched in amazement forgetting the cream as the sparkles from the sneeze were flying about,The little mouse stood contented with her arms crossed looking at the great head as the diamond tears rolled down on his face . Me, i watched the sparkles as they lit up the room and I smelled the fragrances of violets. instantly I known Python has been in my garden and gorged himself full with scents of flower!

  8. PS: To Sidewinder or any one else who care to open communication i would be pleased. endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com

  9. This is the modern definition of Squirrel as applied from DM church and few independents… :’We do not like him/her… therefore she/him is Squirrel…”
    Ha ! Ha!

  10. I have a “pet” peeve and it about our use of the term “squirrel.” Years ago, when the CoS began persecuting squirrels and putting the “evil” sqirrel stamp on all their mailings, you know the one with the circle and diagonal red stripe through it? I never much liked this back then. Today, as the Church of Scientology implodes, I dislike that term even more. I never understood its relevence as I always found squirrels to be beautiful and athletic – happy and industrious.

    I’ve never used the term squirrel in a derogatory sense and today I will put my wish out there that we all will stop referring to disreputable people as squirrels. This is just not an adequate adjective for these people and it’s demeaning to squirrels.

    • yes, squirrel is a beautiful animal… Today when you say Scientology you mean $cientology (or a tech to enslave) when you say Squirrel you just look to a way to black PR people…. we are all squirrel to someone else point of view… Ridiculous. But you will find the true master of spiritual knowledge do not fight… they get the show on the road and produce eccellents results.

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